Swaragini-we will die for each other (pt 26)


Part 25

My college has reopened and i m busy as my college has a fest so i can’t be regular.. Still i will try if Possible

Sharma house..

Rag puppy face: sorry sanskar..
San smiles
Rag: sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry
San: stop now..
Rag: i m sorry..i vl do anything u say.. Sorry
All are laughing
San: u vl do anything
Ram: don’t fall in his trap rag
Ish: u shut up.. They both vl solve..
Adar: wat abt me??
Swad: why u came as chor.. It’s not our fault?
Adar: lak can u help me.. Plz
Ad lak arj goes..

San: u didn’t said vl u do anything for me…
Rag: wat should i do
Anj: i m getting sleepy..
Swadanjsw leaves..
Ram: rag..
Rag: wat i hv to do..
San: first u say.. That u can do anything.. And bhai plz give us lil privacy..
Ishra smiles: ok..wn u fininsh tell us..
Mr&mrs.s too goes..

Rag: ya..i can do anything for you… Now u r my life..
San smiles…
Rag:i even can die for you..
San keeps his finger on her lips
San: don’t dare to say those words.. Again.. He turns his face..
Rag hugs him tightly: thankyou for coming into my life..
He too hugs her..
He then kisses her forehead.. She closes her eyes feeling his touch

San: u said u vl do anything for me so..
Rag: so..
San: so..u…
Rag: me??
San: i vl tell u tmrw..
He goes..
She smiles

Rag gets a msg frm sanskar
San:be ready!!
Rag: anything for you… My dear fiance

Rt mansion
Rt: nikil bring today’s news paper..
Nikil sees news paper and was shocked to see ragsan engagement pic
It mention: Sanskar maheshwari engaged to shreya mehera…
He gets confused..
Rt comes and takes the news paper..
Rt: i said to bring.. Bt u r..
He sees the paper and was shocked..
Rt: meri ragu..
Nikil was shocked..
Nikil; she is not…
Rt: wat??
Nikil: she is sanskar maheshwari fiance.. That too her name is shreya mehera..
Rt: no.. She is my ragini..
Nikil; no.. You know wat ragini marchuki hai..woh kabhi wapas nahi aayegi..
Rt slaps him

Men: bhaiyyaji nikil is ryte..

Rt: nooooo.. She is my ragini.. And i will bring her back to me..

Nikil: bt she is shreya.. She is going to get married to Sanskar maheshwari.. In 6 days she is not.. Ragini.. Bhaiyyaji she is not..

Rt: bassss… She is my ragu and i will bring her back.. And i will go today itself..

San mansion
San: ab dhamaaka ho chuka hoga..
Ram: definitely..i think he will come today itself..
San: you think.. Bt i m sure..
Adar: so..
Lak: so he vl directly come here..
San: ha..bhai bhabi
Ishra smiles..

Swad calls ish
Swad: we r waiting wen u vl come.. We have to do lots of shopping
Ish: We vl come in 15 mins..
SW: ok
She cuts the call..

Ish: San we should leave for sharma house..
San: ok..
They leaves..

Sharma house
Ish San ru comes there..
Ru plays with rag..

Ish: swara.. Plan has started..!!
SW smiles: ya i know.. Di..
Swad: so swara be prepared..
SW: i m just waiting.. Wen that rt vl come here…
San:he will now definitely search you both.. Hope.. He comes fast.. Don’t take time
He smirkes..

Sharma house
Men: bhaiyyaji.. Swalak r not here.. They went to Delhi..
Rt: see nikil they went there
Nik: how can u say that? They must have any other work too..
Rt: ok..i want you to come with me.. then u can get the truth
Nik: hmm
Rt goes frm there

Nik pov:i vl definitely come with you if you want or not because..i want to see you become mad.. Mein tho chahta hoon ki yeh buddha wahipe pagal hoke marjaye bas..tab nikil teri zindagi..
Wah..and abt them it is not so easy to bring the fiance of sanskar maheshwari..yeh budda tho zaroor pitega..marne ki umar mein yeh sab..
Mujhe kya..bina ticket ke mufth ke pitchure dekhne ko milega..agar mujhe bhi usme iss buddhe ko maarne ki role aajaye tho wah..teri tho naseeb khul jayegi..first think wen go there is to be friend of that girl shreya..bcs if this old getting beaten then wat is they beat me thinking that im his men.. No no nikil u can’t take the risk..
Wat shld this film bhi named?
At the time he hears rt voice..
Rt: nikil let’s go..
He goes..

Precap: rt meeting sanskar..

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