Swaragini-we will die for each other (pt 25)

Silver jubilee episode

Swaragini-we will die for each other (pt 24)

San was eagerly waiting for her answer

Rag: hmm
San was smiling
Swalak smiles as they know her answer

Rag sadly smiles: shekar…
San was shocked: ab yeh shekar kaun hai
Lak: arey.. Shekar is her father..
San: oh..
Adar laughs..

Swad: who is…
SW: our dad.. She loves him a lot.. She loves him more than
Tears are falling from both swarag eyes..
Swad hugs both swarag

Sanlak feels bad..

Anj: see my ques made u both cry..i m sorry.. Can i also join ur hug..
They all hugs..
All boys smiles

SW: bohoth dher ho gayi..
Swad: ha.. We have to do shpng too..
Then they all sleeps..

San: let’s go..
Adar: wr..
San; back to home
Lak: till here we came.. We can meet them.. Na
San: wat.. No
Arj: yes..

Room lights are of.. They all gets in without making nice..

Adar: inme se.. swad kaun hai..
Lak: ha yaar..
Arj: here there is only 3 girls..
San: ha yaar..
They hear a for steps..
They 4 hides
They couldn’t get who it is.. It’s totally Dark

Adar: i think it’s swad..
San: if not..
Adar:Let me check..
He goes and holds her hand..
She screams..chor chor chor…
Adar runs

2 are hiding behind curtain and 2 went out of the room..

Rag on’s the light
Rag: wat hpnd
Swad: chor kahan
SW: anj

Anj: some one held my hand
Rag: wat??
Anj: and i saw someone running outside the room

Rag: chor.. Ab kya Karenge..
Mr&mrs.s comes
Mr.s: why did u scream..
All 4: ghar mein chor..
Mrs.s: wat..??
Mr.s: search them.. We shouldn’t get scared..
Rag& swad: yes uncle..
SW anj: bt it vl be risky wat if they had revolvers..
Mr.s:nthng vl hpn we vl dwvide ourself..
Come with me..
They all goes..

In window sid lak and arj were present
Lak:wr is adsan..
Arj :dont u think first we should save ourselves..
Lak: i think u r ryte..

Mr.s gives broom to swad and rag
Stick to anj and sw..
Anj and sw u both search down.. In hall
Swad rag search upstairs..
We vl search outside..

Lak: arj v r partners in crime we shldnt leave them alone..
They again gets in..

Swad and rag goes with their broom
It was dark..
Swad: agar chor mere haath mein agaya tho mein usko..
Rag:pehle chor mile tho sahi..
Adsan listens this

Ad: San.. They thinks us to be chor..
San: now wat..i said that..
Add: don’t put blame.. If u didn’t blackmailed me then..
San: ok ok now wat..

Swadrag sees shadow..
Swad slowly: rag see there..
Rag: ha..
Swad: hamla..

SW anj were scared
Anj: wat if they stab us..
SW: no no we have stick..

Lak and arj were hiding behind sofa
Lak sees sw anj approching with stick..
Lak shows it to arj..

Here swadrag slowly goes to them and beats them…
Swarag: hamla…
They both beats adsan..
Rag beats San
Swad beats Adar
Rag while beating: sorry..dard ho raha hai..
San: ha
Rag: tho aur lo
San: wat..
She again beats

Swa anj listen the voice..
Hearing this lak arj(they think they saw them ) they gets scared
SW: chor yahan nahi wahan hai.. Chalo..

Adar: arey swad..
Swad:chor..tu mera naam kaise jaanta hai
Rag: i heard this voice some where..
Swad: don’t come in their voice.. If he know my name.. Then he can also make us confused
San: ragini mein hoon..
Rag: ya swad.. See he is taking San voice..
San: arey.. Mein San hi hoon..

Her anj see shadow of arj lak
Anj: sw..chor hamare peeche bhi hai..
SW: daro mat..
They turns and beat them…

Mr&mrs.s comes and sees sw anj beating someone they on’s light .
SW anj gets shocked..
Swa anj: tummm…

Rag: joote..
She again beats..
Adar: swad.. Mein adarsh..
Swad: adarsh.. Nahi..chor.. She beats them
They then screams: koi tho bachao

All comes there and light on’s
Swad rag r still beating..
Adsan: ab tho dekho..
They both sees and are shocked..

Raman get call wat?? OK we vl come
He laughs..

Adar: arey swad chor bhi insaan hote hai..
Swad and rag r still shocked..
Mr&mrs.s laughs..

Lak: thanks to you uncle..u came at right time.. Nahi tho..
Arj: ha.. Lak..

Swad rag then touches adsan
Adsan: ahhh…
Swad rag: sorry sorry..
Adsan: kya sorry ha

Mr.s:why u all came..

Ishra comes..
They burst into laughter seeing adsan condition

Ram: wow.. Kis maate ne inko maara..unke charan dona chahta hoon..
Swad rag raises their hand..
Ishra mr&mrs.s laughs loudly..

Rag: San r u ok..
San: wat ok..u beat me mercylessly..
Adar: tum bhi swad..

Ram: breaking news.. The great sanskar maheshwari and adarsh sinha.. Got beaten by their lady love..

All laughs..except ragsan swadarsh..


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