Swaragini-we will die for each other (pt 24)

Let’s begin..

San mansion…
San was imagining rag everywhere..
He smiles: i can’t stop thinking abt her for one min
Voice: thinking abt me?
San turns and was shocked to see rag there
San: u here??
Rag: why i can’t come
San goes close to her
Rag: wat ru doing?
San: wch i couldn’t complete till now
Rag: wat
He moves more closer..
Voice:arey bachao… Koi tho bachao muje
San looks straight he was shocked to see Adar.
San: wat ru doing here?
Adar: go away.. Wat r u doing ha.. Thinking me to be rag…
Lak comes there listening to the shout

Lak: wat is hpng here…
Adar tells him everything
Lak burst into laughter.. Adar too laughs

San: haha.. Hogaya..
They both stops..
San: Kaise dosth ho tum log..
Adar: dosth hote hi Isi Keliye..
Lak: i agree..
They again laughs..
San: don’t u miss ur wives..
They both laughs more..
San: arey..
Adar; missing and me.. Accha hua woh chalo hai
San; wat??
Adar: she always orders me..
San: and u lak
Lak: sm here
San: don’t u love ur wife
Ad:i love her.. Bt i love myself too..
San: wat?
Lak: in my case lil different..i can do anything for her i love me than anyone.. Today i m Feeling happy without her.. One day privacy is needed
San: bt i miss my rag..
Adar lak: so wat we shld do
San; u shld help me.. We r going to their place..
Adar lak: we vl not help u.. Why v vl??
San: by seeing this u vl definitely help me..
Both looks confused..
San shows them the vedio in wch they r talking abt their wife..
San: i vl send this to ür wives..
Both are shocked..
Adar: kaisa dosth hai tu
San: dosth hote hi Isi keliye.. Hai na
Now San laughs
Lak: now wat v shld do..
San: chalo mere saath..
Adar: plzz..unko mat dikana
San: sochunga
Lak: wat?

Trio goes slowly..
Ruhi sees them..
Ru: Chachu mamu..
Trio hides..
Ish: wr.. They are sleeping..
Ru: no i saw them..
Ish looks.. Bt no one is there..
Ish: i know u need ice cream.. Don’t change the torpic now
Ru: sacchi.. They were there..i saw them
Ish: icecream chahiye…
Ram: mujhe bhi
Ish:aap bhi bacche hote jaa rahe ho raman..
Ram smiles childishly..
Ru: papa i saw chachu’s and mamu there..
Ram: mumma is bringing icecream na then..
Ru: ruhi promise
Ram:ab tho dekhna padega
Trio panics
Ish comes ram ru come icecream..
They both goes
Here trio takes a sign of relief..
Adar: i too want to eat icecream..
Sanlak: wat??
Adar: nthng..

Then they leaves from there silently…
In car
San: really u both are not missing ur wife
Lak: u ryte..i missing.. Bt thought to tease u
Adar: ya.. Bt u teased us in back..
San makes his collar up..
Lak: vl they miss US
AD: ha.. Vl they miss US
San: let’s go and see..

They goes to sharma house..
They hear a song..
Adar: other raath ko gaana
Lak: ha yaar..
San: let’s go and see
Adar: arey hum aise nahi jaa sakte..
They see mr&mrs s are sitting outside and talking abt the Marg..
They then silently goes back side.. Without their knowledge..
Adar: lagta hai yahan party hi rahi hai..
Lak: ha yaar.. We r missing them..i think they enjoying..
San: let’s see

They then climbs to the balcony..
They see 4 girls are dancing..
Adar: arey.. They r enjoying without us..
Sanlak: sshhhh..
They then slowly opens the window and listens to them
Anj: we vl play something…
Swad: wat v vl play

Adar: dekho kitne khush hai..

SW rag: wat vl play?
Anj: one vl say a word..everyone shld say abt their loved one regarding that word…
Trio smiles: ok…

Boys looks at them interestingly..

SW: lak.. is my best friend he always supports me in my every decision..i m blessed to get him..

Lak smiles
Adar: haye..

Anj: swad

Adar smiles

Swad; adarsh..before or Marg we r best friends then lovers.. Like swara i m too blessed..

Adar smiles

Anj: now rag
San looks at rag

Rag: sanskar..
San smiles
Rag: nahi..
San looks at her shocked..
Rag: i mean he is world’s best friend..i can never ever get someone like him..
San smiles widely..
Adar: arey wah..maan na padega..

Rag: anjali arjun ke baare mein tho batao…

Sanlakadar feels someone behind them
Adar: who r u?
Boy:i m arjun..
San:san yeh bhi hamare tarah hi hai..

Anj: arjun.. He is not my fend..ek numbr ka buddu hai..

Here trio looks at him
Adar: don’t feel bad.. We can understand ur pain.
San lak; ha..
Arjun smiles: friends..
He forwards his hand
Trio hugs him..
They smiles: by this we got a new frnd..

SW: now my turn..obidient..

Swad: obidient..aur adarsh..will never meet…
All laughs

Adar pouts..
San: sahi kaha..

Swad: sometimes..i feel his work is my sautan..obidient is my sis Rag

SW: wow..
Swad: rag u?

Rag: obidient..i think papa..(mr.s).. jiju..
Anj: aur san..
Rag: no..
San looks at her shocked..

Anj: rag..

SW: rag..sometimes lak

Lak; wat do you mean by sometimes
Arj:dont worry..it hapens..


Anj:usko romantic shabd hi nahi pata..
Arj pouts

SW: laksh is unromantic
Lak looks at her shocked

Rag gets thinking

Lak:wat is rag thinking..

Rag: hritik

San:ab yeh hritik kaun hai..

Swad: who’s he?
SW: her fav actor hritik roshan

San: wat??
San Adar arj laughs..

Rag: i don’t know words..hmm…hmm
I don’t get any words

Anj: ok v vl chng the game..v vl play truth or dare..
All: ok

Anj spins bottle..
It stops near swad
Rag: i vl ask
Swad: ok
Rag: truth or dare?
Swad: truth..
Rag:wat is the thing u hate in adarsh jiju..

Adar: yeh.. Kya ques hai? She vl not hate me

Swad: hmm..u know wat i hate him totally.. Sometimes i only get confused how i love him

Sanlak arj laughs

Swad: bt ha.. He is my everything..i m complete bt him
Adar smiles

Bottle spins.. Stops near swara
Swad: whom u love the most?
SW: my mom dad.. Rag
Lak smiles..
SW: and lak.. He is love of my life
All smiles..

Bottle stops near rag..

Anj: who is your first love??

San looks interestingly..


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