Swaragini-we will die for each other (pt 23)


Let’s begin…

Rag: di…
She goes and hugs swara tightly…
She cries heart out
San comes in.. And sees her hugging swara he gets confused.. Then suddenly he remembers them(as he saw the pic in her dairy)
He smiles..
Lak to san: thankyou sanskar..
San smiles: thanks i should say..
Sw: really laksh is right.. We r very thankful to u
San: no im very thankful as u both sent her here.. Then how should i supposed to get her.. All comes..
Ish: surprise Kaisa laga
Rag hugs her: thanks bhabi
Rag then holds sw face: nthng hpnd to u na..
Sw: nthng hpnd to us bt.. Nw smthng vl hpn to rt..
They all then discuss smthng..
All smiles.. San: now vl see who vl win..

Rt mansion..
In the rye time nikil changes channel..
Rt: hato
Rt; put the news channel
Nikil: why.. No.. We will see salman movie..
Rt: ok.. Do watever u want.. Bt atleast put some channel…
Nikil then puts sulthan movie..
Rt:me and ragu vl look together like this only hai na
Nikil in lower tone: Dada poti ki tarah..
Rt:did u say something..
Nikil:ha..i said u vl look better then this..

San mansion..
Ish:ok..lets complete the ritual here..
They complete the ritual infront of swalak..
All claps

Then they go out except swalak..

They again do the ritual in front of the people..

Then all leaves..
Rag goes to sw..
Mrs. S: swara beta
Sw looks at her and remembers of sumi
Sw: yes aunty
Mrs: aunty..??
Rag smiles: do she is saying u to call her ma
Sw cries: ma
Mrs hugs her
Mr.s:wherever u go..u make beautiful girls cry..
Mrs: u won’t understand..
Sanlak comes there..
San: wrong time
Mr: tum kabi sahi time aye ho..?
San pouts..
Mrs. S:chalo beta ghar chalo
Sw:aun..sry..ma..no. It’s ok
Mr:ma kehti ho..apne ghar nahi chaloge.. We have craved for kids love now see we have 2 daughters
Voice: this is not fair..u forgot me
Mr: sorry..3 daughters
It’s swad.. he goes and hugs swarag swad and Mrs. S
Adar San lak: can we also join
Mr:yes..except san
Adar lak goes to them
Mr:becs..they r my sil..u r still on the way..
San pouts:these all met u later..i met u first..
All laughs..
All has a group hug…

All r busy.. San slowly takes rag to terrace..
Rag: wat u r doing? If anyone sees us..
San: if anyone sees us means what? I m ur fiance..7 days mein shaadi hai..
Rag: so..
San: i want to listen the 3 magical words
Rag: woh kya hota hai
San: smart.. Don’t waste time say..
Rag smiles: i….
San: i..
Rag: i…love…
San: i…love….
Rag:i love ruhi.. She is very cute..
San: accha.. He turns his face
Rag: ok ok.
He smiles
Rag: i… Love
San: hmm
Rag:i love
San: hmm…
Rag: i love…

Voice:gaadi choot jayegi..

Ragsan both turns it’s swalak..
Swalak both laughs
Rag feels embarrassed..

Lak:saali sahiba ab pata chala kaisa lagta hai..
Rag: Jiju
Lak: kya jiju ha.. Don’t u remember wat u done to us..
San: in ur REVENGE..u took my privacy
Sw: itni bhi jaldi kya hai…jeejaji
Swadarsh ishra comes: ha Itni bhi jaldi kya hai?
San: plzz 5 mins
All laughs: ok..5 mins

All leaves

San: an kaho..
Rag: i.. Can’t
San: wat.. Don’t u love me
Rag: ok ok..i love..
Lak: gaadi choot jayegi..

San hits his head

Lak: sorry sorry..

Rag then runs from

San: ragini.. This is not fair

Rag: i love u mr idiot maheshwari..
She kisses his cheeks and runs..

All then leaves to their house..
Swad & swa goes to sharma house..
Lak&adar sits at San mansion

Precap:night romance..fun.. And..Rt gretting to know abt rag…

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