Swaragini-we will die for each other (pt 21) engagment special


Let’s begin

Sharma house
Mr.s: we have to reach at 7.. Now it’s 6:20
Mrs: ok.. Let’s check rag

Rag wore orange and golden colour lehenga.. She is looking beautiful

Mrs. S: my daughter is looking extremely beautiful
Mr. S: yes.. Bt i m tensed
Swad and anj comes there
Swad: y r u tensed uncle..
Anj: yes uncle.. Why r u tensed
Rag: papa..r u ok
Mr. S: arey..i m tensed abt sanky
Mrs. S: why
Mr. S: if he see shreya then he vl definitely faint.. How vl he control..
All laughs.. While rag blushes..
All leaves..

San mansion..
Adar: San how much time vl u take.. Even girls won’t take this much time
He was standing outside of San room
Ish comes
Ish: San wat r doing come fast..
Ram comes: soch lo.. if u won’t come.. now rag vl definitely reject u…
He suddenly opens the door..
All laughs
San was wearing golden colour sherwani San: an i looking good
Adar ram goes round round around him..
Adar: kuch tho kami hai..
Ram: ha.. Thera chehra..
San touches his face: mera chehra
Ish: stop.. Everything is perfect.. My devar is looking hot..
San smiles
Swalak comes there
Lak: di is ryteee..
San hugs him.. Lak smiles he too hugs back..
San: dosth yeh hote hai.. Seeko kuch
Adar pouts..
Lak smiles..
Ish: sw..i need ur help.. Can please check the food…
Sw smiles: sure di..
Both leaves..
Ru comes running
Ram: ru why didn’t u dressed
Adar: u took 5 dresses then also
San: i think she got confused..
Ru: Chachu.. Nobody is helping me.. To dress..u know wat chachi swad chachi all came.. Still i m not ready..
Ram: wat they came..
Ru: ha
Lak: chalo ru i vl say to sw to make u ready ok
Ru: ok
Lak takes ru..

San gets excited and was abt to go
Adar: arey tum kaha chale
San makes a baby face
Ram: chalo ab..

Lak: sw..u hv a big work to do
Sw: wat
Lak: u hv to make my princess ready
Ru: mami plzz
Sw smiles: ok
They leaves to room

All welcomes rag
Rag enters
Both swarag feels strange

San gets mesmerised seeing rag
He stares her lovingly
She sees him
He acts as fainting..
Adar holds him: control Mr. Maheshwari
All laughs..

Mr. S: dekha..i said na
All laughs.. Rag blushes
Anj takes rag in..

All goes except San Adar ram..
Ram: Adar.. Did u do ur work wat i said
Adar: yes bhai..
Ram: and swad
Swad comes: bhai..i done
San: tanx swad.. Sorry bhabi
Swad: tanx…?i done this for my sis
San Side hugs her..
San: now i vl see wat vl that Rt do?
He smirks..

Swara: itni saari dresses.. Wat vl u wear now?
Lak: my princess shld look angel..
Ru: mamu..!! Love u
Lak: Love u too beta..
Sw sees this and smiles..
Sw takes a pink gown
Ru’wow.. My chachi’s selection..u also selected the same
Swara smiles
Swara then make s ru ready

San comes and stands near rag
San: u r looking gorgeous..
Rag blushes
Rag:u r looking handsme
Swadarsh coughs
San: cough syrup laun
Swadarsh: no.. Thanks
Swad: i heard my sis sings well.. So now my sis vl sing
Rag: no
Adar: plzz
Swad: atleast for my future jiju
Adar: my sali cum bhabi please maan jao..
Rag remember lak
She smiles
Swadarsh: plzz
Rag: ok

Sw: i feel that rag is around
Lak sadly smiles

Swad: ladies and gentle man.. To make this ftn bright..
Adar’: Mr sali cum bhabi
Swad: bride.. Future mrs. Maheshwari will sing a song
All claps
Spot light comes over rag..

Swalak hears a voice..

Dhanak ka rang hai bhikra
mere dupatte pe
Saari khushboo
meri bahon mein simat aayi hai

Paav padte nahi Zameen pe mere
Mujpe ajeeb si masti yeh umad ayi hai

Swalak gets shocked
Tears start to flow frm sw eyes..
San smiles everyone encourages

Aaj lagta hai mein hawawon mein hoon
Aaj itni khushi mili hai
Aaj bas mein nahi hai mann mera
Aaj itni khushi mili hai

Swarag both remembers their moment
Tears starts to flow frm rag eyes

Aaj lagta hai mein hawawon mein hoon
Aaj itni khushi mili hai

San comes and holds rag hands as he understands her pain


Haya ki shokiyan lipti mere aanchal se
Haya ki shokiyan lipti mere aanchal se
Haya ki shokiyan lipti mere aanchal se

Rag remembers rt..
San was holding her hand everyone sees this and smiles
Sw sits in bed and cries
Lak consoles her

Aisa lagta hai mein dulhan hoon bani
Aaj itni khushi mili hai

She sees San and smiles through tears
San to smiles and rubs her tears

Aisa lagta mein dulhan hoon bani
aaj itni khushi mili hai

Rag remembers her family time
Lak consoles swara

Woh ek pal ki mulakath rang laayi hai
Woh ek pal ki mulakath rang laayi hai
Woh ek pal ki mulakath rang laayi hai

Ragsan both remembers their first meet and all their moments

Umr bhar ke liye meheman bani
Aaj itni khushi mili hai
Umr bhar ke liye meheman bani
aaj itni khushi mili hai

Ragsan looks at each other and smiles

Aaj lagta hai mein hawawon mein hoon
Aaj itni khushi mili hai

Sw: ragini
She runs to hall lak too follows her

Rag twirls around San
San smiles

Aaj itni khushi mili hai
Aaj itni khushi mili hai
Aaj itni khushi mili hai

She was abt fall San holds her in his arms

San pov
I vl never make your tears fall this is my promise..
Pov ends

All claps
They both composes..

Swadarsh comes to them
Swad hugs her

Swara comes
Rag back was faced to her..

Swad: wow.. Wat a singer u r..i was lost in ur voice
Adar: yes.. How can someone like u select a joker
San stamps
Swadrag smiles..
San: i can also say the same line to u
Adar pouts..

Lak comes
Swara takes a step forward

Precap: will swaragini meet?

I wrote a full song first time..i don’t u all vl like it or not.. Bt i tried my best..
And it got deleted 2 times.. This is the 3rd time
Plz comment ur comments means a lot for me

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