Swaragini-we will die for each other (pt 20)


Let’s begin

Rt mansion
He sees the paper and calls nikhil to read
(Nikhil is playing positive. Whose parent took loan who couldn’t repay it.. Like bandwa)
rt: everyone is getting married nowadays..
Nik in lower tune: except yu
Rt: did u said any thing
Nik: ha.. If u get married it vl very good na
In mind: i wish u never get her..u never get her
She should atleast live a peaceful life..
Rt: ür ryte
He smiles weirdly

Rt: bring one cup Chai..
He nods
Nik to himself: Chai man tho Karta hai ki usme zeher Mila doon..arey nikil idea bura nahi hai

Lak: i thought to make him married to rag
SW: it’s all destiny.. And she is not with us..
Lak: and it is also mentioned that she is a mystery girl.. Tonight he is getting engaged..
Arey..i forgot.. Di called us ryte.. To the engagement function.. Get ready swara
Swara smiles and nods

Sharma house..
Mr: ü r doing work today also.. Shreya..
Sh/rag: why.. Any problem im doing this for my mom dad
Mrs: wat good thing we had done i don’t know that we got such a caring daughter
Rag cries: not u bt i should say this.. u both helped me to come out of trauma.. After losing my parents u born gave me the love for wch i craved..
They both hugs her..
Voice: this is not fair
Trio turns to the direction
It’s sanky
Mr: u.. Here.. Why u came..
San: i have ryte to come..

Mrs: arey he is our sil..
San gets shocked: wat..
Mr:u will..wen u marry her..now u r a outsider..
San:uncle..today we r getting engaged
Mr: tonight.. Still have.. Don’t dare to steal or family time..
San pouts..
Mrs: hey don’t dare to talk with my sil like this..
San smiles widely he hugs her from side
Mr: oh u changed the party..
Mrs: yes..
Rag:ok..u both in one team and we both in one team..
Voice: and me
It’s swadarsh
Swad: in which team i shld be..
Adar:and me..
Couple:u both too came..
Adar:actually swad came to take rag to parlour so shetoo me as a driver so we came..bt here is going team selection..
Swad:i hv decided i vl bein my sis grp
Adar:and i …vl be in my frnds gro..
Swad:oh..in the process u vl be my enemy
Pointing adar
Adar: wat.. Ok
They both turn their faces..
San gets call from ish
Ish; were are u sanky..? Today is ür engagement
San: ha..i vl come new
Ish: i want u to be in 5 mins..
San: ok..
He cuts the call he takes the leave and he turns and gives plain kids to rag.. Rag widens her eyes
Mr: can’t u keep all this after marriage..
San: now u don’t steal my ryte to romance..
Mr: wat
San smirkingly leaves
All laughs..

San mansion
Ish was giving instructions..
Ram was talking in the phone..
San comes and sees.. He slowly goes in
Ish: San wr were u
San: voh..i had imp meeting..
Ish: acchaaa..i think u have a hamshakal..i think.. He went to shreya house ryte .
Ram comes and sees this..
San acts as he got a call and runs frm there .
Ram: kabi kabi hame bhi bhav dida Karo
Ish: wat.. Stop ür nautanki and do arrangements
She goes
Ram pouts and goes to do arrangements..

2 people are standing at the door of San mansion
San sees them
San: sorry bt i didn’t recognise u.. Wait..u r
Ish comes: arey..u.. Came..
She comes and hugs the man..
San: u r laksh ryte..
It’s none other than swalak
Lak: this is my wife swara
Ish hugs her..
Lak: di.. Sanskar is
Ish: My devar and his engagement is only going to happen..
SW to San: congrats..
San: tanx
Raman comes
Lak: jiju..
Ram hugs him..
Ram: u didn’t call me to ür wedding
Lak: no..i called u..u didn’t came it’s not my fault actually i should get angry on u both..
Ish: sorry i couldn’t come.. swra
SW: yes di
Ish: somewhere u r looking like my future devrani..
Ram: yes i agree with u..
Ish: ok..u both take rest.. And Raman hey back to work..
Lak: no.. We don’t want to take rest.. We vl help u
Ish: no u r our guest..

Lak: wat di..u didn’t considered me as ü Brthr
SW: yes i agree with lak
Ish: ok.. Sorry sorry..
All gets busy.. SW mingles with all.. And sanlak becomes frnds..
Ish: u r soo sweet SW
SW: u too di

San: i don’t know bt i saw u both somewhere
Lak: bt..i came here first.. Even swara too
San however friends he forwards his hands
Lak shakes with him best friends
San smiles

San pov
Laksh this name is similar.. Ya i heard this name bt bhabi.. Bt still i saw him somewhere..
Where i saw them…
His pic is distributed by Adar .
Adar: where ru lost..
San:no where.. Meet him he is laksh
Adar looks at him..
Adar: arey lak tu..
San gets confused..
Lak: adarsh.. They hugs..
San:How u both know..
Adar: arey he is my bestie at boarding school..
San: oh…

Sharma house
Rag pov
Why i feel that di and jiju r near to me..

Here shows sanlak hugging ishsw hugging

Di today is the spcl day for me i wish u would be there bt i know that it cant happen..
Pov ends

Rt mansion
Nikil:if you put poison na then also he vl not die

Nikil brings tea for rt..(he didn’t added poison)
Rt: wat would hpn to me if u r nt with me
Nikil smiles fakely:in mind i don’t know about u bt i know that if i was not with u means i would be a free bird.. And i think that girl rag may be alive or dead she vl be a free bird definitely..

Precap: engagement…

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