Swaragini-we will die for each other (pt 19)

Let’s begin

Sharma house
Ish: tmrw we kept engagement.. So we should go to shping..
Swad: ya..u r ryte bhabi..
Ram: ok.. Sanky u go with them and i and adarsh hv work..
Rag: wat work
Adr: preprations..
Sanky: ok come na..
Ruhi: i want 4 dress
Ish: y4 dress..
Ru: one from ür side.. One frm Chachu.. One frm rag chachi.. Oh i missed 5..
Adar: how..
Ru: u and swad chachi..
All laughs..
Adar: y 5.. Tmrw u vl wear 5 dresses.. Or u want to marry before ü Chachu..
Ru: if i get someone tmrw..i vl marry
All looks at her shocked
Sanky: ok ok let’s go
All leaves..
Mr& Mrs Sharma.. Were doing preparations.. So they didn’t want..

They all shops.. And all leaves.. Now ragsan were alone as he dropped them in their respective houses..

While driving he taking glances of rag.. Rag noticed this and blushes..
San: don’t blush i can’t control..
Rag blushes more..
San smiles..
Rag: see straight and drive otherwise..
San interrupted: ok..
Rag: this is wrong way..
San: yes..
Rag: where ru taking me
San: can’t u keep quite..
Rag pouts..
San smiles…
Then they reaches to the place which is decorated beautifully..
Rag gets shocked..
Rag: u made this for me
San: no i made this for my neighbour..
Rag: acchaaa.. Ok then i vl go..
San holds her hand: wat i thought abt u.. Ür double naughty..
Rag: my jiju used to say this..
Her face goes pale..
San: i know ur missing them bt..i should thank them bcs they sent u here. No they sent u for me..
Rag smiles..
San forwards his hands: ok.. My queen shall we.. She gives her hand..
They both sits..
San: so hws it
Rag: it’s beautiful..
San: wat and all ü jiju used to say..i want to know..
Rag smiles..
Rag: he used to say that..i get a good careing husband.. And also irritate me… Never let my tears fall.. And u know wat.. He used to say.. With my sis..
San smiles
Rag: he used to say.. She suddenly stops and smiles
San: wat he used to say…
Rag smiles widely
San: wat rag now im curious..
Rag: sok listen..

Rag: ur marriage completed 14days..
SW: hmm.. So
Lak: nthng she remembering us that she is also ready
Rag gets confused
Rag: for wat jiju
SW: for marriage..
Rag: wat?
Swalak laughs
Lak: so i hv searched a guy for u
SW: wow.. Who is it
Rag: no one
Lak: he is a great business man..
Rag: wat great in that u r also a business man..
Lak: no he is celebrity type..
Rag: then he vl marry any celebrity..
SW: y
Rag: is that a ques.. He vl definitely..
Lak: he is not like that.. He never shows attitude.. He is kind hearted.. He achieved in such a small age
Rag: enough enough.. Before u continue i vl leave frm here.. Tell to SW
Lak; y if SW accepts u vl accept
Rag: no make her remarried.. With that businessman.. She leaves..
Lak: wat
SW: laughs
He runs to her SW too follows..
Lak: wat u said?
Rag: o..o..o..
SW laughs seeing their cute fight
Lak: now why u r laughing.. Did i joke
SW nods no..
Lak: u know he is a must eligible bachelor
Rag: so
Lak: r u ready
Rag: is he ür relative or friend
Lak: no
Rag: no then u r saying like.. if u say to marry me he vl definitely marry me..
Lak: may be
Rag: wat..
Lak: i don’t know him.. Bt i have a strong feeling that there is some connection..
Rag: watever
SW: u r praising from part 2 hrs be didn’t said his name.. Rag: why u want his name..
SW: if he became my jiju..
Rag: wattttttttt
Lak: his name is SANSKAR..M
SW:u r talking abt him
Rag: i m not interested..
SW: hey he is handsme.. Most stylish cute.. He is
Lak was shocked
Rag: see your wife.. Now u better don’t take this matter..
SW: y.. He is best for u..
Rag: his name is only boring
Lak: just see his pic atleast
Rag huffs and leaves
Swalak laughs
Fb ends..

Rag was laughing..
San: wat ür jiju selected me
Rag: no he didn’t said it’s u.. Bt sanskar.. There vl be many
San pouts..
San: u made my fun
Rag: wat fun
San; u made my name a fun.. Ryte.. Now u should bare punishment..
Rag: wat y i should.. At the time i even didn’t know u..
San stands
Rag gets scared..
She to standes
He comes forward..
There was a inch gap..
He was abt kiss her rag keeps a flower in between.. He opens his eyes.. And sees rag laughing.. Before he could hold her tightly she runs..
He to runs..
Then they leaves

Lak gets call
Lak: hello di..
SW gets confused..
Lak: ok di..
Lak: we vl definitely come..
He cuts the call..
SW: who is it..

Lak: she is my sis mean like sis.. She helped me in my studies..
While he was talking he takes news paper and was shocked
SW sees him shocked so she to sees the news paper..
She too gets shocked..

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