Swaragini – we will die for each other (Part-9)

Lets begin

Sharma house
Rag gets ready for the office..
Mrs;all the best beta for ur job
Mr:beta i vl take u to the office
Rag smiles:ok uncle
They had tgeir brkfst..and they leaves

Sanky mnsion
Here sanky was still sleeping..dreaming the same dream abt shreya..this time no falling bt gets up in jerk and smiles
Sanky pov:
Wat has hpnd to me?!!!shreya shreya shreya..
Wat magic u hv done to me..i cant even remove ur thoughts for a second..if she accrpt me..wat vl hpn to me i think i m going to die in happiness sanky dont dream more…if she rejects..
No no sanky u cant lose her..

Pov ends

He gets ready and leaves to office

In office

Rag enters office..
Rag pov
Di jeeju bcs of u i m starting my new life..if u were nt der then..i cant even share u that i got the job
Pov ends

Recep:hw cn i help u mam?
Rag:sanskar sir
Rec:mam..he didnt cme..
A girl cones running
Gurl:r u shreya mehra??
Gir:come with me..by the way i m anjali..vl u become my frnd i hv no frnd here..if u become my frnd u cn cl me anji(in a one go)
Rag was shocked bt smiles:ofcourse..even i too doesnt hv any frnds..anji u r soo cute
Anj:tanxx..shre..lets go to ur cabin..by the congrats..u r appointed as senior designer of our company
Rag:tanxx..rag feels her behavior as swara’s
She smiles
Any:vl gt back u soon..i hv work

She sits in her chair twirling like a kid

Jst then sanky enters..he sees her twirling..& gets lost in her
Jst then rag sees him & quickly stands

San(strictly):wat is dis?

Rag gets scared:sorry sir
Makes a puppy face

San laughs seeing her puppy face

She too laughs seeing him laughing..she is lost in his laugh

San:enough of jokes..get back to yhe work

Rag:ok sir..

He again turns and says..this office needs the chair..laughs and leaves

Rag slightly beats her head and laughs..then she gets back to her work

Rag pacjed her stuffs..she was moving to the door..suddenly someone pushes the door..
Rag was goin to fall..bt smeome holds her in his arms..
Its sanky
He was lost in her angelic face
Nw even she too lost in his eyes(frnds wat do u think)she is staring him lovingly they both then composes

San:come..i vl drop u
Rag:its ok sir i vl manage..
San:sir?i m ur frnd rytee
Rag:nw u r boss rytee
San:it is in working hrs..nw u cn cl by my name
Rag:no sir..
San:watever u want u cn cl bt.nw cme..
Rag:no sir its ok
San holds her hand she feels current passing through her body(till nw it only hpnd to sanky..nw..)
Sanky:who is bosd
San:then come

They both enters car
Rag ws trying to put seat belt bt she couldnt..
So san helps her moving to her side..she was breathing heavily
He then moves back to seat

Sanky:ha shreya batao
Rag:i hv to go to orphanage..y this tension for u..i vl go by myself
San:i knw that u r going to orphanage..and who told u abt my tension..its pleasure for me as i m wid my frnd
Rag smiles:ok
They leaves

Ragsan enters orphanage..
Lady identifies her as new teacher she shows rags clsrm
Then all children gathered there..
She intriduced herself to them..they liked her company..she was making both teaching and playing
Sanky was watching her frm out side

Sanky pov:
I knw shreya somthng is bothering u badly..
I want to knw ur past..plzz shreya..share ur past with me..i want to remove all ur pain..i vl b always wid u watever may be the consequence.
I vl never leave ur hand

Pov ends

Then all kids come out and plays..
Rag sees sanky waiting..

She goes to him
Rag:sir u didnt go?
San:y shld i go?
San:who r u to me?
San:before employ
Rag:frnd..and smiles
San:exactly..i m waitng here for my frnd do u hv any prob..(strictly)
Rag nods no
San:gud girl
Rag smiles
Till then all kids surrounded them..
Kids:shout..didi kareena ke gaana gaavona plzz
Rag:kiske gaane..no
Kids;baiyya plzz didi se kaho na!!
Sanky:ab tho tumhe gaana padega
She sings:kehte hai kudane is jahan….
Sanky stares her lovingly..in one place sanky too starts singing..meherbaani jaate jaate mujpe…nw ragini is staring him lovingly soon the song ends..
San was playing eith kids
Rag stares him lovingly

Rag pov
Wats hpng with me?wen u r near me i forget my pain? Ye dil ki kaisi feeling hai..
Ragini dil?wat?feeling?..then she remembers rt’s words
Her was disturbed by sanky

Sanky:lets go..
They bids bye to kids
They leaves

In car:
Nw rag puts seat belt
There was a pin drop silence

Sanky broke the silence

Sanky:i vl introduce myself..my name u kne..in my fmly..i hv a brthr and a bhabi

Sanky:wat abt ur fnly

Tears fall fron her eyes hearing abt famly

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