Swaragini – we will die for each other (Part-8) SPECIAL EPISODE


Lets begin

sank office

Sanky to hmslf:i shld go to uncle’s house..watever may be the consequence
He leaves his office frustrated

Sharma house

Ragini was setting her room

Ow comes there sees her folding her clothes
She too helps her
Then a book falls down
Wch has designs of beautiful dresses

Mrs:u made these designs
Rag:s maa..i m a fasion designer
Mrs:then y r u going as a singing teacher go to any company and u vl get a good job
Rag:no maa i dont knw anyone here it then finding job..
Mrs:u make ur own boutique..v vl help u
Rag:no ma nw i need a small job..no further talking..rag leavez frm therr

Mr.s comes he asks mrs.s wat hpnd

Mrs.s:she tells everything abt convo

Mr.d:in this v cn make sanky anf shreya close


Mr.s:u knw sanky also has a branch of fasion desng

Mrs:its great news then v shld

Rag comes wid juice for both of them

Mrs.s:u r workng wen u entered d house..u r our daughter..nit a servant dont do these works

Rag:for parents i cn do anything

Mr.s:u cn do anything


Mr:wen time cones i vl ask u


Mr:tonight someone spcl is coming cn u cook some tasty dishes

Rag:smiles y r u asking order me

She leaves to kitchen
they take her design books and leaves

At night
Sanky mansion
He gets ready uninterestedly

He leaves to sharma house..thinking abt his shreya

Sharma house

Mrs.s:vl he come..by ur prank i dont think so he vl come to our home
Mr:he vl definitely come
Mrs:hw u knw
Mr:i knw

Mrs.s leaves to shreya and gives her a yellow dress
Rag:y dis dress
Mrs.s:for my daughter i am giving do you hv any prblm..i want to see my daugtr in dis drs nw
Rag smiles:ok

Mrs.s comes out of her room and shows thums up to him

Here sanky reaches sharma house..

Mr.s sees him coming and cls mrs.s shows it to her
She smiles

He goes to san and hugs
San face was pale
Mr.s smiles seeing his pale face

Mr.s pov

I want to see ur face wen u see shreya..he smiles
Pov ends

They gets inside the house

San:ur house is beautiful
Mrs.s comes:our daughter is more beautiful then this house..this house is nothng in front of her
San smiles fakely

Then san hears a similar voice
Voice:papa ur spcl guest cme

Sanky to himself:i heard this voice some where

Then she comes with snacks and juice

She didnt see him..
He feels a strong air passing by..he luks up
Her back was seen to she was talking smthng to mrs.s..
Mr.s winks at him
He couldnt understand wat is happening with him

Mrs.s points her finger to sanky
She turns…
Sanky was shocked to see shreya or i must say his shreya his lady love

He was smiling childishly..as he got his missing part

Couple smiles at his aticks

Rag too smiles seeing him
She comes forward..his heart beat increased..
She offers snacks to him but he was in his own world smiling like a mad
To gain his attention attention couple coughed
Still he was in his own world
Rag shakes his hand
Current passed through his whole body
He suddenly comes out of the world
Rag smiles seeing his crazy atics


mr:i m talking abt her only to u and winks at him

san feels happy..as he got his life back

Rag:plzz take snacks nw i tiered nw holding in front of u

Sanjy suddenly takes d snacks

She goes in

Mr:wat u thought haa?..winks at him

Sanky:shreya ur daughter..hw?i m confused

Mr.s:its a long story..vl explain u..nw onwards u vl cm here regularly rytee..winks at him

Sanky smiles

Mrs.s:do u want shreya to with u..

Sanky:wat..he smiles..how..actually

Mr:ha ya na


He gives rags desgn book

Sanky:wats this?
Mr.s:u open it and see
Sanky opens it and sees the beautiful designs of the dresses
He smiles:wow..wat a design whose design is this

Mrs.s:it is shreya’s

Mr.s:nw say vl give her job

Sanky:ofcourse why not?she is talented!!and i shld respect her talent

Mr.s:teasing is it her talent orrrr..

Sanky:no no uncle..its abt talent..i keep personal and professional in its place

At the time rag comes:dinner is ready

She sees her desng book with sanky

Rag:it is my book

Sanky:ya its ur book bt i vl return u nly one condition

Rag:smiles wat condition

Sanky:u shld join in my office

Rag smiles widely:sure..bt uncle singing teacher job

Mr.s:daily one hr that evng..and weekend batches..if u r interested u cn do that too

Rag:i vl do that too

San feels happy seeing her smile bt he cn see that she hided her sorrows..wch is reflecting inher eyes

Rag:lets go dinner vl be cold

Couple:ya lets go

Rag serves food to everyone

Mrs.s:rags prepared food

Sanky:hw much talent u hv ? U r good designer.. good singer..good chef then wat all u hv

Rag laughs by his comment

Rag:sanskar ji u r too funny

Sanky:was in cloud 9 hearing his name by her mouth frst time

Then they talks like dis..

He then takes leave

End of this chapter

Precap:ragini in sanskaar’s office

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