Swaragini – we will die for each other (Part-7)


Lets begin

Couple and rag reached the couples house

Couple:beta this is is our house..do u like it!!

It was not so big house bt it has upsrairs outside there was a big garden a table and 4 chairs it was totally a beautiful house

Rag:smiles u r like it..i loved it!!

They get inside the house

Rag gets happy

Rag:uncle u 2 only lives here in this house..wr r your kids

Couple gets sad

Ow:i couldnt give birth to kids bcs i had complications..gets sad

Rag too gets sad

Rag:this is not fair..

Om:wat nt fair?

Ow:ha rag wat nt fair?

Rag:i considered u both as my parents..i think u only said those dialogues..is i m nt ur daughter
She acts as sad

Couple both hugs her and smiles
She too smiles

Scene changes to big mansion
Cn hear a voice
Voice:wr vl i meet her oh god..plzz i m feeling so restless..without her..its our hero sanky
Plzzz..god..i want to see her once..no no i want to see her with me in my whole life..bt fr nw i want see her face saying this he falls on his bed

Couples house (it has big board Mr&Mrs Sharma)(so nw i ll consider them as mr.s&mrs.s

Mrs.s:i vl make food to u all

Rag:no maa i vl make food

Mrs.s:she has happy tears hearing maa word

Rag:nw no working & no crying till i m here

They feels sad hearing abt leaving them

Rag leaves to kitchen and makes aloo paratha and kheer

She calls them to eat..they comes she serves them
They eats it..they r shocked
Rag:its not good??
Couple:it is very yummy..wow..cn we get one more.
Rag smiles:sure
She serves them

Mr:ab mujhe bagwan se koi shikayath nahi hai..ab tho mujhe itni pyari beti mili hai
Rag smiles

Mr.s pov
Now..hw to find this sanky..i shld go to his office tomrw

Pov ends

Mrs:kya soch rahe the?
Nw rag ws in kitchen
Mr:sanky has confessed that he loves shreya
Mrs:wow..wat a great news..i think he vl take all her sorrows..bt wr vl u find him
Mr:tnrw i vl go to his office
Mrs:hmm..we shld hv to make shreya to fall for him ryte..and winks at him

Shre come: whom to fall for whom?

They both coughs hearing this..rag/shre gets worried..she offers them water

They gets happy seeing worried for them

They smiles and makes excuse

its morng
Sanky mansion

A girl was coming t with coffee to a sanky’s bed
She cals him bt no response she sits near him
Suddenly he pulls her he opens his eyes he says shreya she smiles mrs shreya sanskar maheshwari..she smiles..he gets close to her..she jerks him
He falls frm bed he screams and he opens his eyes he sees surrounding and smiles madly

To himself:shreya tumse milkar tho kuch hi gante hue hai..dekona kya asar ho raha hai mujpar..ab mein tumhe dhoondu tho dhoondu kaise

He gets ready for the office

Scene changes

Rag:uncle mein kuch karna chahti hun..apne pairon par khada hona chahti hun

Mr:ise tum ma bulati ho aur mujhe uncle

Rag:sorry papa..and smiles

He gets happy

Mr:tum singing teacher ban sakti ho?

Rag:its a pleasure!!

Mr:mere dosth ka ek orphanage hai..he ws saying me that he wants a singing teacher to the kids

Rag smilesm.uncle give me the add i vl go to him

Mr:no beta i vl talk to him i hv to go out for some today u take rest

Rag:ok papa

He leaves

Scene changes to sanky office he was sitting in his cabin

He gets a cl
Clr:sir someone named Mr sharma has came to meet you
San:ok send him
After a min there was a knock
San:come in
Mr.s comes in
Sanky looks up and smiles widely seeing him
San:love guru uuu..wat a pleasant surprise
Mr:love guru??
San:ha..u nly made me feel my love
Mr.s smiles
Mr.s:i want to talk to u..bt before that promise me u ll do that
San:ha sy uncle..u make an order…and its a promise watever u say i ll do
Mr.s:i want u to meet my daughter!!
San:he stands bt y uncle
Mr.s;u both shld knw each other befor marriage and smiles
San shocked:what
Mr.s:u promised me
San:uncle u nly made me feel my love
Mr.s:nw no talking cm to my house tonight
San shocked:bt uncle
Mr.s:not but vut..u hav to cm if u respect me this is my add..i hv a surprise for u
He leaves

San to himself:wats hpng with me..nw wat shld i do…my fate is making fun of me..and makes crying face

Precap:sankar in couples house

So guys wat u think abt this part.. your comments values me more..


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