Swaragini – we will die for each other (Part-3)


I think its not good ff if you dont like plzz imform me in you comments i will disclose the pairs in this pt

Lets start

Guy:hi i m…he sees that she slept

Couple asks him what happened
Guy:he signs them that she slept
When he was goin to return a file from her bag falls he takes it and it has a name SHREYA MEHRA he gets shocked
He shows it to the couple and says that her name is shreya then why she wore burqa
Couple too looks confused and says may be something is bothering her
Guy also gets tensed
Couple says take rest we will reach in few hours
He sleeps in the sitting position


A girl is shown running behind her some of them are running with gun in their she is ragini
They held her took her to the big mansion there she saw her sis swara and her jiju are tied at the time from behind a voice

Voice:where were u ragini..see today is our marriage i have to take my saali like this to our marriage see if u run like this who vl protect ur jiju and sis

Sw:ragini tum chale humari chinta mat karo

laksh:ha ragini tum jao yahaan se

Rt:arey you 2 vl divert my fiance’s mind..come raagu we vl marry..he holds her hand

Sw&lak shouts:leave her hand

Rt:ye dono tho bohoth chillate hai..i msorry raagu tumhe inke bina hi shaadi krni padegi he take the gun in his both hands and points it to swalak
Ragini screams
she holds guys hand he gets up and he sees she is holding his he feels happy
Ragini:plzz mere shona di laksh jiju chod mein kuch bhi karne ke liye tayyar hoon plllzzz

Guy feels bad seeing her condition at the he sees the couple they had tears in their eyes they tells him may she has horrible past..
She holds his hand more tighter

He then shakes her she gets up she has tears she leaves the place

He gets tensed he again planned something with the couple

She goes to washroom and and removes burqa and washes her face and remembers her dream she cries again washes now she is nw removed the burqa and says herself u should be brave she keeps the burqa in bag and goes back

Back to the seat
Old wom:we shoul nt ask abt dis to her
She may feel bad..is it clear..
Both:s mam
There some people says he loos like the famous buisinessman SANSKAR MAHESHWARI
hearing dis trio laughs
Another man:y he vl come in dis train he vl travel in flights
Hearing dis trio smiles at the time ragini comes

Sanky sees her an gets mesmerised
Sanky pov
She has a angelic face her eyes in which i fall for her..sanky wats UR saying I M IN LOVE WITH HER no its just a infatuation
No sanky till now u feel dis much for anyone..some connection is..may be i like her
His pov gets disturbed by the couple
They winks at him
He even cant take his eyes off from her he feels her pain
She comes and sits next to him

Sanky thinks of a plan

Sanky:hi shreya

Ragini is least bothered abt him
She even doesnt remember her changed name
Sanky again cals her bt no response so he touched her he feels current passing through whole his body

She sees him he smiles..couple smiles seeing his crazy atics

Sanky:hi i m sanskar

She ignores
Couple introduces themselves to her
They ask her u r the sm girl who is in burqa few mins back
Sanky:s she is!!
Couple:hw u knw?she covered her face ryte
Sanky:by her eyes(he replies in one go)
Rag sees him shocked
Couple winks at him
Sanky feels embaressed and makes excuse and leaves



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    No need to discontinue here all are allowed ok

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      I m thinking that it vl b boring so i mensioned it

  4. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Yeyy,thanks a lot dear for swalak and ragsan.. I am big fan of swalak..About chappy, excellent…Hehe, sanky became attention seeker for his ragu??.. Keep it up dear…it’s not boring… Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  5. LovelyAliya

    Hey why you should discontinue your story? because some people won’t read it? Don’t you believe in your writing? Dear even if you get less comment or bad comment take it as a challenge, to make a better chapter next time! And coming to your story I like the concept, do continue and believe in you 😉

    1. A12345

      Tankyou LovelyAliya..tankyou for ur encouragement

      1. LovelyAliya

        It’s nothing dear 🙂 But yeah I would advise you to bring a long update next time 😉

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