Swaragini-we will die for each other(pt 15)

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So lets begin..
He smiles..
Boy:ha mein..luks lyk u hv forgotten me..no calls no msgs..
San:no no..i got to knw that u r married..

Lak to sw:wat vl hpn…he vl to smthng..
Sw:lak..i believe in god..he vl definitely help us
Lak:ya..i hope ragini has moved on..

Rag luks confused
Boy:yes..luks lyk we also hv to attend the wedding..
Sanky smiles
Boy forwards his hand..to rag..
Boy:hi i m Adarsh sinha..(frm deheleez)
Rag shakes hand with him..she smiles
Girl:hi i m swadeenta sinha..adarsh wife
Sanky:this is shreya mehra..
Swad:hi shreya..
Rag:hi swadeenta..
Adar:aur bata..public mein romance and all ha..
San blushes
Adar:luk who is blushing
Rag gets call frm mrs.s
Rag:ok ma..

She cuts the call
Rag:i hv to go..
San:ok..my car is lil far away..bye swadarsh..
Adar:wait v vl drop u..u take ur car..coming back frm her house..
Adsan are sitting at front..
Swadrag are sitting at back
San:kaisi chal rahi hai police ki duty..
Ad:acchi chal rahi hai..
San:uncle aunty kaise hai..
Ad:they r good..
San:take right..
Rag:swadeenta..come to our house..
Swad:no..vl come next time
Rag:i consider u as my frnd so u hv to
Ragsan and swadarsh goes..

Mr.s:who r they
San:uncle he is my frnd..adarsh sinha and his wife swadeenta sinha..
Swadarsh takes blessing frm them..
Rag takes swad inn
They were gossiping somthng..
Adsan sees this

Ad:magnet hot hai kya
San:wat?r u talking abt?
Ad:look at them
San looks at them
Ad:they r talking like..2 behenein mele mein kho gayi ho..aur kuch saal baad mile ho
San laughs..
Swadrag sees them
Swad:wat hpnd..
Rag:u remember me of my sis
Swad:oh..then i m nt ur sis..
Rag:no not lyk that..
Swad:then..consider me as ur sis..
Rag smiles hugs..
Adsan smiles seeing them..
Swadarshsan takes leave..

Mrng 6
Mr.s:i vl call to san and ask him wat hpnd btwn them

Mrs.s:call him fast curiosity is killing me..
Mr.s calls san:wat hpnd btwn u both ?
San:uncle u..sadly nthng..
Mr.s:is she rejected u..
San:sadly mein kya batau..
Mr.s:ek ladki ko nahi pata sakta..nikamma kahika
San laughs…
Mr.s:i think u gone mad by the rejection..
San laughs more..
Mrs.s:kya hua..speaker on karo
Mrs:beta why r u laughing..
Mr:i think i hv to admit him to mental asylum..
San stops laughing..

Mrs:wat hpnd tell us
San:she accepted my proposal..
Couple:wat a great news..?so wen is wedding
Couple:wat..we asked u wen is wedding..
Couple:then u dont want to marry..ok v vl search a groom for her..
San:no..today i vl come..to ur house..
Mrs.s:humara damad aa raha hai aaj
San smiles..

Mr.s:ok..then meet u at 10 am..tell my daughters boss that she isnt coming..as her mrg is getting fixed today..
Mrs.s:bring any elders..
They cuts the call

San:oh..no..i didnt said to bhai bhabi..hw vl i say to them..
He calls someone
San:hello bhabhi..mujhe apse zaroori baat karni hai..
San:apko kaise patachala..
San:adarshhhh..mei tumhe chodunga nahi..kal raat ko mila that itni jaldi bata bhi diya..bhabi bai ka kya reaction..
San:ab tho mein gaya…

San;bhabi..unhone hume aaj 10 baje bulaya hai..
San:tankyou bhabi…

He smiles

Precap:san his brthr bhabi and swadarsh at sharma house


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    Fantastic update πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ i would suggest gurmeet n drashti…keeep rockng n stay blesssed dr πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

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