Swaragini-we will die for eachother (pt 40)

Let’s begin..

Function s going in full swing..

Rag:kuch kar ragini
Ragav comes
Rag:sissy still u are here come.. Lets go…
He takes her.. All looks at them.. And smiles..

She goes to naina who has applied mhndi.. She teases naina..
Ragav comes..
Rag:bhai search… Your name in bhabi’s hand…
Ragav:wat.. I hv allergy in smell of mhndi…
Rag:wow.. Wat a reason… Now search its an order…
He sits next to naina tries to search bt he couldn’t..
Ragav:can i ask help frm anyone…
Naina;better to accept defeat..
Ragav pouts and searches again…

Rag looks at time…
Rag pov:wat he said within half an hour he will..
Voice:thinking about me..
All looks at the direction… Its sanskar..
Ragav:ha yaar plz help me i cant find my name..
San looks at ragini
San:naina before searching his name in your hand can you find ur name which is with ragav
Ragav gets confused
Naina:ragav tumne bhi mehndi lagayi hai..
Ragav:dont joke
San:if naina you win then ragav vl search them.. Kyu ragav…
Ragav:yeh hua na… Mouke pe chauka… Batao naina…
Naina analyse him.. She gaves up…
San:ragav bata na..
Ragav gets confused…
Ragav then smiles and he points towards his heart….
Naina smiles…
Rag was suspiciously looking at sanskar.. San smirks at her..
She looks other side

She turns… Suddenly san comes and without anyone’s notices he bends and says still have 5 mins… She turns…
San wink:haaye mein marjawa… She glares him.. :over acting ki dukhan..
He laughs… :u vl see now in 4 mins.. He goes..
Rag:wat vl he do… She goes to raina.. Suddenly light goes off
All gets tensed..
Voice:jis din aap zameen par aaye… All couldnt see anyone in darkness.. Rag identified the voice and gets tensed…

Jis din aap zameen par aaye..
Woh aasmaan bhi khoob roya tha
Aakhir uske aasoon thamte bhi kaise
Usne humare liye sabse pyaara sitaara jo khoya tha…
Spotlight comes over rag… She gets goosebumps all over her body.. She looks at surrounding… Suddenly music was heard and spot light shifts to ragav and naina.. Music was heard then spot light shifts to sanskar he moves seeing ragini.. He was holding a guitar he gives it to someone and the guy plays it.. He goes to ragini.. She gets tensed… He forwards his hand she was shivering…. He smiles rag gets shocked as she sees that he took naina to dance floor.. All claps including ragav… He sings….

Kal the miley…
Phir kyu lage aise
He twirls her and pushes her to ragav… Raina smiles and they dances… He stands opposite to rag..

Tumse miley…
Arsaa hua jaise
He lovingly stares her… She feels his gaze on her… They remembers their first meet…

Ab tu bataaa
Jo ho pataa..
Raina were dancing romantically….

Tere bina lamha.. Lamha jiyenge kaise?
They remembers their confession

Tere baahon ka ghera
Badaa mehfooz lage hai

Badi bekhauf jageh hai ye…
They remembers their family moments
Oo.. Oo..

Inme hi rehna chaahe,
Teri panaahein..
Jab tak hai jeena chahenge
They remembers their promises to eachother.. He forwards his step to her and he reaches to her.. While all were busy adoring raina…

Oo.. Oo..
Tere hoke rahenge
Oo.. Oo..
Dil zid pe adaa hai
Oo.. Oo..
Tere hoke rahenge
Oo.. Oo..
Tere shauq chadha hai
He stresses this…

Ooo… Ooo… Ooooo… Ooo

Ankhon mein sapno ko rakh le mere

Inko na jag thod de

Phir meri kismath ko jaise ho dil

Waisa hi tu mod de..

Tu hi tho hai hausla

Chaahat ka tu hai sila

Jeete jee na jee sakein

Kahin ab jo tu naa mila..

They remebers how they got separated.. And now theg see eachother there was a eyelock whch tells the pain emotions and crave for eachother

Oo.. Oo
Tere hoke rahenge
Oo.. Oo..
Dil zid pe adaa hai..
Oo.. Oo..
Tere hoke rahenge
Oo.. Oo..
Tera shauq chada hai

Oo.. Oo.. Ooo.. Oooo..

They were still in the same position… They composes hearing claps…
He comes close to her..
San:see i completed my first challenge…
She sees him with lots of pain..
She then composes…
He too goes from there..

After a while all goes and raina goes to their respective rooms..
Rag was in her room…

Rag:he gave 3 days today he made me lose myself…now wat should i do..
Now his mind will be definitely made a plan.. This is listened by sanskar… He gives a victory smiles he gets in..
San:oo.. Ooo..mere hoke rahogi.. Oo.. Oo.. Dil zid pe adaa hai…
She glares him…
He laughs… :how was my confession.
San:hmmm… Ok bt tmrw will be a dhamaka…
Rag:sanskar plzz..
San:my name.. Wow… My name has charm by ur voice…
Rag:get out..
Rag:i said…
San:wait.. Wait.. I said tmrw we r going on date…
San:yes… U just wait and watch..
Rag:how vl u do this now..
San:surprise… Get ready.. He comes to her and pecks her in her lips she was shocked… He goes from there…
A curve appears on rags face… Then she get stern.. No no i cant be a selfish..


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