Swaragini-we will die for eachother (pt 39)


Thankyou dears i am overwhelmed seeing your comments keep supporting me… Ur support means a lot to me and in todays part you will see a different sanskar…

Let’s begin…

Voice:you didn’t forget my handwriting… My words my challenge bt u forgot me….
Rag:sanskar….. Tears flow from both of their eyes
She turns…
He comes and hugs her tightly as dont wanna leave her ever.. She didn’t hug him back..
San:u know everyone was saying that u are no more… Bt i never believed them.. See i found.. Chalo ragini… Humare duniya mein.. I dont know without u i was like a lifeless body…
She cold heartedly takes his hands away…
He abt cup her face bt she stops…
Rag:go away…

Rag:i said go away i dont want to come in your world…
He gets shocked : rag i love you… I cant live without you… Plzzzz dont leave me…
Rag:if i live with u wat u will get ha… Ntnhg then hurt.. Even u only said that u r like a lifeless body… The reason is me for your state… Now u can see that i cant walk i vl be burden to you… I just want to say that move on… Marry a girl who can give u happiness neither sadness… I just want you to stay happy… She rubs her tears and turns to go..

He holds the wheelchair and goes in front of her angrily..
San:kehediya.. Ho gaya… Now u r sacrificing… Ohhh look at the great work of ragini… U should be awarded for ur this move… Why are you doing this wat is the prblm… I love u… And u love me… The problem is ur mind setting.. Wat u thought without u i can be happy… U only thought abt u… Not even involved me… Ur state doesnt matter me bcs i love u more than anyone.. We both vl together fight the situation…
Rag:no… I cant…

San:oh so you want to leave me…
She looks at him…. With painful eyes..
San:go now.. U want to leave me na… Go… I said go…
She turns to go…
San:bt one more thing meine abhi tak haar nahi maana hai…
Ragini:sanskar… Tum kyun nahi samaj…
San:samaj ne ki baat tum na hi karo tho behtar hai..
Rag:plzzz.. Leave me… And stay happily i dont want to become your sadness
San smiles sarcastically:ok.. I vl leave you
She turns to go…

San:meri baath abhi khatam nahi hua hai..
She has unstoppable tears she thought she cant control in front of him and will fall weak so she didnt faced him…
San:3 days… In 3 days.. I vl make sure that u would come back to me…. If not i vl leave you forever…. Bt i know tum meri baahon mein hogi
Rag turns:plzz sanskar go far away..
San:why.. Are you feared that u vl come back to me… Its the challenge of Sanskar Maheshwari
Rag:its just the waste of time.
San:dekhte hai.. My love… Time starts now… U just wait and watch…he smiles…
She goes….

San:puraana sanskar ban kar accha lag raha hai.. Ragini ur saying that u r the reason of sadness and see tumse mil kar kuch der kya hua paagalpanti shuru.. Bt this time u vl see a new sanskar… If this is not paagalpanti then now u would be in my embrace
He goes from there…

Rag goes to naina’s room…
Naina sees rag whose eyes got swallowed
Naina worriedly:rag wat hpnd….
Rag to avoid the situation :kuch nahi… I had head ache bt now its ok…
Naina:are u sure..
Rag nods..
Naina:ok then i vl do your makeup
She brings rag to the mirror and does her makeup..

Rag pov..
I know sanskar will do something… Bt how will i stop him.. Kuch soch rag..
Pov ends..

Then they comes out…
Sanskar comes infront of them… He smiles…
San:wr is raghav..
Naina:why anything important…
He looks at rag:ha.. Mujhe kuch batana tha… Aur poochna bhi hai..
Naina:kya poochna aur batana hai.
Rag pov..
I think he is going to say abt us…. Now wat vl i do…
Pov ends

Ragav comes there..
San looking at ragini with wink:ragav i want to talk to you..
Ragav:ha sanskar say..
San:can we go in that room…
Ragav:ya sure
They goes…

Naina: chale…
Few girls comes and takes naina..
Rag:u go i vl come in 5mins
Naina nods and goes with the girls..

Rag goes to the room.. She sees them in window and talking something…
San sees her and smirks..
Rag:i think he said to bhai…
They comes out…
Ragav sees rag and comes to her….
Ragav:yeh tumne accha nahi kiya…
She looks at san who was smirking
Rag:ky… a acch… a nnnna… hi kk.. iyaaa…
Ragav:tumse meine yeh ummeed nahi rakha tha…
Rag gets scared:wat bhai..
Ragav laughs… :i was joking rag… He pokes her cheeks and goes….

San laughs:dont tell me u thought i was going to tell abt us…
Rag gets angry:uuu…
San:haa.. Mein… One more thing mein jo bhi karoonga na tumhe bata kar karoonga… No no not this
She glares him..
San;jo mein boltha hoon woh mein karta hoon jo mein nahi bolta woh tho mein definitely karta hoon.. ????
Rag:why.. Plzzz

San:kya.. Rag ab tho tumhe soch na chahiye… Ki ab mein kya karne wala hoon.. ????
Rag:kya karne wale ho
San:bata doon…
He bends comes close to her.. Ears:sabke saamne apne pyaar ka izhaar karne waala hoon….?? tum dekh thi reh jaogi.. I vl see wat vl u do..
Rag widens her eyes:waaatttt??? No no….
San:yes yes… Yes yes??☺
Rag:no.. Plzzz??
San:yes… He look at watch and says within a half an hour..
San:i will do wat i said…

He smilingly goes from there..
Rag:now how vl i stop him… ??

Precap:wat sanskar is upto..???

Guys how was the episode plzz comment your comments means a lot to me….!!!
Whom you all want to win in this challenge sanskar or ragini…?
Do you like sanskar’s change of behavoiur.. His paagalpan… For rag??

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