Swaragini-Will you cross the skies for me? By Aditi Ayansh (Episode 42)

Hi everyone i knw its been long very long..but what to do was busy with many many things…ok now here goes the nxt episode..and i have also posted a Ragsan OS Unfinished hope..do read it and comment….and let me knw through ur comments abt this chapter..Well i missed u all..
Love u all sooo much ..so keep smiling keep reading keep smiling
Adi 🙂
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Recap: Sanskriti missing

Sanskar comes with 2 packets of food.
Sanskar: Ragini have this.Ragini looks.
Ragini: no i dont want anything.
Sanskar: Ragini u r weak if u dont have food then how will u have energy we have to look for Sanskariti ri8.
Ragini looks him and nodes her head in yes.
They both have food.
Sanskar gets a call.
Sanskar: hlo
Voice: How is food Mr.Maheshwari?
Sanskar looks around.
Sanskar: who is this?
Voice: i am not important to u Mr.Maheshwari but i think Ragini will be able to understand me much more..much better..so give the phone to her
Sanskar: what?
Voice: give phone to Ragini Mr.Maheshwari
Sanskar: Ragini its for u

He forwards his phone to her
She takes the call
Ragini: hlo
Voice: Hlo Ragu
Ragini’s face changes her face clearly shows tht she is scared…smthing bad is happening..
Ragini: Sahil..
Sanskar looks on.
Voice: oh my god..Ragu u still remember me..i am so happy
Sanskar: Sahil?
Ragini: so u r behind this..
Sahil: behind what Ragu…
Ragini: where is my daughter?
Sahil: ur daughter?..really Ragini..u lost her..sad..
Ragini: so its u
Sahil: well just tell she is ur daughter in which relation?
Ragini: pls dont do this..
Sahil: no no i’ll not harm her..afterall she is my bhanji ri8.
Tears come from Ragini’s eyes.

Sahil: so wat r u waiting for Ragini come fast nd remember dont try to b smart and if u try to be smart then i’ll also start being smart..u knw me ri8..and nobody including ur Sanskar..
Ragini: ok.
Sahil: thts like a good girl now come to xyz godown fast..me and ur daughter will be waiting for u..
Sahil disconnects the call
Ragini looks on
Sanskar: was it Sahil who called now.
Ragini gets up
Sanskar: where r u going wat did he say..Raginmi
Ragini: why r u behind me..i need to go.
Sanskar: i’ll be coming with u..
Ragini: i dont need ur help.
Sanskar: i said i wont go
Ragini: why r u behind me i am dead for u ri8..
Sanskar looks on.
Ragini walks aways..
Ragini(in mind): pls forgive me Sanskar…but ri8 now i have to save my child.

Precap: Aliya

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