Swaragini-Will you cross the skies for me? By Aditi Ayansh (Episode 40)

So presenting u the last episode of flash back…so i hope my favourite squad is doing very well ..so keep on smiling keep on reading keep on reading
Adi ๐Ÿ™‚
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Episode 39Recap: Ragini and baby at MM
Sanskar is not leaving the baby..
AP: Sanskar now let us also play with our cutie..u r not giving her to anyone..
Ragini looks on.
Ragini(in mind) : i am sry Sanskar..i knw it will hurt u a lot but ..i am doing this for her safety pls understand Sanskar…i love u….Sanskar
Voice: Leave me where is she..Ragini Rgini..
All looks on
Laksh: who is it?
Ragini: i dont knw let me see
All comes
Ragini is shocked to see the person
Ragini: Sahil !!!
Chandrakala is all shocked listening to his name
Sanskar: who Sahil?
Sahil: who are u?
Sanskar: i am Raginiโ€™s husband..
Sahil: oh Ragini how many husbands do u have
Sanskar: shut up dare u to talk like tht to my wife.
Sahil: ur wife.Ragini seriously..and she is our baby..
Riku: What r u talking abt?
Sahil: this baby is not urs..
Sanskar: stop talking nonsense
Chandrakala takes the baby from Sanskar
Sahil: ok dont believe me ask ur sweet wife..she is this babyโ€™s mother ri8..but u r not her father .
Sanskar: what do u think uโ€™ll come talk all nonsense abt my wife and daughter and iโ€™ll stand and listen ? get out from here
Sahil: Ragini tell him..everything na..tell him is he this babyโ€™s father?
Ragini remains silent
Sanskar: tell him Ragini tht this is our baby
Sahil: ok Ragini remain silent iโ€™ll show u all proof
Ragini looks on
Sahil: this is dna of baby..which clearly states tht baby is my brother Samarโ€™s
All looks at Ragini
Sahil: now speak up Ragini abt urs and Samarโ€™ affair at Mumbai.
Chandrakala is alo tensed.
Sanskar: what is he saying Ragini tell me na..he is lying ri8
Ragini doesnโ€™t say anything.
Sanskar shakes Ragini.
Sanskar : Ragini i am asking u smthing
Sahil: tell him Ragini this is Samar and urs daughter.
Ragini thinks Aliyas words : keep my daughter safe
Ragini: haan she is Samarโ€™s daughter..not urs Sanskar.
All are shocked.
Swara: Ragu u r joking ri8..
Ragini: Swara di she is my daughter
Sanskar: how could u do this with me Ragini have not i loved u..then how can u do this with me
Ragini: Sanskar
Sanskart: no i dont want to listen to u anymore i hate u u r dead for all of us..go away from me
Ragini: Sanskar ..i
Sanskar: our relation is over
Ragini: our relation started with a lie and good its ending with a lie…
Swara slaps her hard..
Swara: we all hate u Ragini go away from here.
Ragini: fine i just want my daughter.
Ragini takes Baby from Chandra.
Chandrakala: Raghu Jaan ask her to stop
Janki: she is now dead for us maa ji
Ragini walks..
Sahil: i warned ur friend Aliya..bada shauk than a use iss bache ko iss duniya mein lana ka ab dekho..
But Ragini somwhow escapes from Sahil..After tht see went to Delhi And never cam back to Kolkata she tried to contact Aliya but could not..Ragini raised tht baby as her own
Precap: Present


  1. Asra


    |Registered Member

    awesome dear…loved it alot…oh my poor ragu…feeling bad for her…eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

    • Aditi.Ayansh



      Thank u so much mk dr ..i agree with u dr..but there is a reason for which Ragu did this u’ll get to knw bt it in the nxt update ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Richa19


    |Registered Member

    awesome adii! !!!!! just read all thr parts now. .. amazing. . poor ragu ๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜ฃ pls update the next part soon n a bit longer one. .. take care.. love u! !โคโค

  3. Rehna

    Awesome dear, loved it. Feeling bad for Ragsan, why can’t Ragu reveal truth to Sanky. Please make them together soon dear. Luv u n sorry for late commenting, net was not available dear

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