(Swaragini) A Whisper In The Wind! – Prologue ~Am I Wrong?~

A Whisper In The Wind!
~Am I wrong?~

Hey guys Butter here! After reading a LOT of stories and almost drowning myself with them, I want start one now. I have no idea how this is going to be, just trying to write something which will please you all, on our heavenly couple. If you like it, Do comment! As I am excited to hear it from you’ll ..

Sanskar Maheshwari, just like any other teenage boy: rich, carefree and in search of a girlfriend. When one day, his all time favorite celebrity and crush, Ragini Mehta, likes him back, and they meet up. But then he realizes they have nothing in common, rather its her PA who he is interested in …

Love is not for you, she reminded herself. Inside, just like any other girl she wanted to be loved. No one ever loved her because she hided …
But now, when she opens up to the world, will someone love her?

Life takes a drastic turn when she decides to make a change and realizes that just like everyone else, even she is just one decision away from an entirely different life.

Will she take the risk and make the change or break his heart and hide again?
While he breaks her cocoon and makes her come alive, she holds his hand hopes to die.


She did not love Sanskar and she knew it. But what if it eventually turns into love?
The one she actually loves can never be hers.
What will happen when secret she been hiding all this while, the secret that can shake her existence, comes out?

And then it comes out, at the most inappropriate moment, when the things were already so messed up. But Ragini knows, she can do anything to protect the secret, even if it costs her life or…someone else’…

The question is, who is that someone? She or anyone else?
And the answer she gives to sooth herself is,’ You are not bad at heart.’

Hehe! Now don’t kill me for such a horrible prologue and for creating suspense. Guess who is the PA and the girl in the second scene, are they the same?

Who is Ragini’s true love?
To know stay tuned, guess and comment.
And as always, about the pairs, wait to know…

Till then bye and don’t forget to comment if you want an early update.
Love you!

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  1. Aarushi_99

    Chotu!!! The prologue was amazing and tooo interesting!???
    Is Swara the PA and also the one with whom Sanskar falls in love? And one more thing, in the end, SwaSan are the couple and not Ragini, right?
    Anyways, loved the prologue!
    Update soon, take care! Love you!!??

  2. Jazzy

    Amazingg dear and what r the couples???

  3. Phoniex

    Amazing dear

  4. nice..is it swasan?

  5. Fairy

    Superbbb dear…loved itt????omgg rags part is mysteriousss!!!waitng eagerly for nxt part…keep rockng n stay blessed?

  6. Asra

    superbbb dear…

  7. Bela

    I like your name. Butterscotch ??

    Anyways, a very interesting prologue and don’t worry, you gonna rock the story!??

  8. Seebu_s

    very interesting?p.a is swara?hope my guess is right…continue soon…

  9. Pramudi

    Hope it’s swasan & raglak.

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