Swaragini ( where she went) twist promo


Hey guys..here’s a short promo of upcoming track of my ff.
After 3 years
A man is seen holding guitar with one hand and beer in another hand. He is angry, looking at a photo and shouting then he tears the photo and yhrows it in the air and shouts ……if only i knew where she went …….HIS manager comes and cools him down and tell him to go to stage..it’s time for the concert. He goes to stage..thousands of people are going mad on him…all we can hear is wistles and woo
Next scene
A boy is seen giving chocolates to kids and playing cricket….he gets a call and is surprised..he thanks god and wishes and hopes to find..where she went
Next scene
A girl is busy in meetings..she is very strict and can’t see mistakes..she gives them a piece of knowledge and storms out…her father looks at her worriedly.
The same girl goes to her home and runs to her room and hug a photo and cries badly and says SWARAGINI…swaragini is incomplete without swara and ragini..plz come back…i miss you..god plz tell me where she went..plz plz plz tell me WHERE SHE WENT….
So, will they find where she went…and will these 4 lives meet eachother…will they be able to sort out their issues or destiny has planned something else for them…
Thank you guys…will be back soon
I don’ t have time to write episode so thought to give a promo
Di comment your views about the new twist.

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  1. Ohhhhh great promo and twist. Can’t wait to read what happens after the leap and how all 4 of them will meet. It will surely be interesting due to the changes in the characters.

    1. Thank you fats

  2. Piya

    Nice promo

    1. Yhank you priya

  3. Yr plz poz give the next part soon plz plz
    We r wating

    1. Will post next epi tom or day after tom…my exsms will be over tom..:-) 🙂

  4. Anjaly

    good promo

    1. Thank you anjaly

  5. Megha123

    Awsm promo

  6. Superb yr.. I’m looking forward to where she went… Plz update soon yr..

  7. Soujanya

    awesome…its looks interesting

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