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Hi everyone, I am Moni and i am totally new in writing fanfiction but i really hope you guys will like it and yes do comment

all the characters are same as in the serial but here swaragini both are sumi,s daughter
Shekhar, Durga prasad, Ramprasad all are businessman
Story starts like this……
Rhedon college, Kolkata

It,s 11:00 A.M. all the students are gathered near a notice board. They all are really excited reading it. suddenly, a girl scream in excitement seeing
a boy approaching her.the boy comes near her, slightly touch her shoulder and ask her to read notice for him. The girl reads it happily. All the other girls are really jealous. Neil, the boy’s best friend gives him signal he nods and they start to leave. all the girls scream lucky i love you, you are the best. yes, the boy is Laksh Maheswari, but all call him Lucky. laksh is the most famous student in whole clz. The notice was about a state level
intercollege singing contest.

Today it’s 2nd day of last year for them.He is a BBA student.
Neil; Lucky, i heard this time two students from our college will take part in the contest.
lucky : yes, but who cares. No one dares to compete with Lucky. its obvious i will win the contest but its ok i got bored being the only one good singer it will be fun having a competition and will be much fun making him/her loose (smirks). But i was wondering who will dare to take part in the contest, girls they all are crazy on me and boys they are just afraid of challenging me
(both the friends laugh and go to canteen area).

A girl is playing cricket with kids and laughing withe them, she gives them all chocolates and ask to to wish her good luck coz its her first interview for job, she waves them byee and go inside the house running. she collides with dadi who was carrying a basket of clothes. All the clothes fall on her. she removes clothes and make fake angry face.(Her face is shown in this scene)
DADI ; What is this swara. You are always in hurry.
Sumi ; yes ma your granddaughter she can’t do anything in time(teasingly)(sumi is sharmistha swaragini’s mom)
Swara: ok now both of you stop i have interview in an hour, I need to change (she hurriedly goes to her room)

swara goes to her room and she is shocked she shouts mommmmmmm
Sumi : what happened now why are you screaming, my ear drums will burst
Swara: Mom look what she did to my favorite jeans
sumi is shocked to see te pant torn in thighs the jeans was now grunz
Sumi : hahaha look she took her revenge. The day before you made her wear your pink dress so she did this to you. haha you two sisters will never stop pulling eachothers leg. Ok, i’ll go I have lots of work to do .Go get ready fast.
Swara :Ok but i will see her BTW where did she go.
sumi: its her first day in this new clz where she transferred. so,she went there.
forget it i will teach you a lesson my sweet little sister. (smirks)
(swaragini love each other unconditionally but they keep on pulling eachothers leg)
Swara leaves for interview. she takes blessing from her mom,dadi, dada and her Dad


Credit to: Moni

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  1. nice dear and please make it swasan and raglak

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  7. thank you all I’ve written my next episode it will be uploaded soon…do read it and yes do share your views.

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