Swaragini ( where she went) Episode 8


Hi everyone. I know I am late, I have exams now but I somehow managed to write a episode today.
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The episode starts with ragini coming to know that lucky is her childhood friend and swara realizing sanskar is the one she met at party. Days passes swara and sanskar are busy on their projects along with their sweet nok jhoks. Whereas, in Maheshwari house preparations are on full swings for adarsh and parineeta marriage.
Ragini and laksh are also engaged in practice as well as their upcoming final examination.Their tashan continues but now they don’t have hatred towards each other.Vrushi is really annoyed seeing their closeness.
Ragini and lakshya’s college have organised one week compulsory trip for survey. But, it collides with marriage function. Ragini apologise to pari as she won’t be able to attend their wedding. Lucky convinces his teachers to join them after two days. Ragini and other students leave for excursion.
At bus, rags is searching for lucky (ragini don’t know lucky is adarsh brother). She is disappointed not seeing him but acts like she don’t care. The bus leaves. She wants to ask others about him but her mind is not allowing her to do so.
Whereas, sangeet ceremony is celebrated at pari’s house. Sanskar and his family enters there. He sees a girl dancing gracefully. She is swara.
(sanky doesnot know swara is shekhar’s daughter. he thinks she is parineeta’s friend)
Swara sees sanskar.
Sanskar comes near her and says not bad.
Swara ; What?
Meanwhile all girls from bride side come and challenge the groom sides.

Lucky enters and says challenge accepted.
At first sanskar and swara dance on song “ duppatta tera nau rang da”. Sanky gets lost in swara and forget the dance steps. Lucky scolds sanky and start to dance. Lucky and swara have a tough dance face off. They both stop dancing announcing it as a tie. All other members also dance.
At excursion, All student reach the destination. They are doing this project along with another college; Xavier’s college. Ragini is struggling with luggage. A boy gives hand to her. She looks at him and carry her bag and leave from there ignoring him. The boy is Kabir from xavier’s college. He is really popular in his college. Kabir smirks and says, ‘I like her attitude’.
Lucky calls Neil and ask about trip. He indirectly ask about rags.Neil tells him looks like she is busy handling a new prey seeing Kabir and rags together. Lucky gets impatient hearing that.
Next day,marriage function has started. Both Adarsh and parineeta gets married. Everyone congratulate them. Swara Sanskar are busy on pulling each other’s leg. Meanwhile, rags is missing lucky and lucky is continuously calling Neil and asking about rags. Kabir is trying to be friends with ragini. Ragini also talk nicely thinking its just for few days and she don’t have anything against him.Neil sees them laughing and informs lucky.
Next day, lucky leaves for trip. All the students are given work. Kabir and rags are in same team. At night, all are playing truth and dare. Rags is not interested but vrushi and kabir insist and she compiles. The bottle stops at rags. She chooses dare. Vrushi sees someone coming. She smirks and challenges rags to propose kabir. Rags says No but then she is ragini she don’tlike loosing so, she decides to do it. She gets upgoes near to kabir and bend on her knees and keeps his hand on her hand.

Lucky sees this (misunderstand) and is fuming.
Rags; Kabir I love……
Suddenly, lucky throws his bag, runs towards them. He catches Kabirs collar and punches him. They start fighting and start beating each other.
Ragini is annoyed. She tries to stop lucky but he is uncontrollable. Suddenly she pulls lucky and gives him a tight slap..chadyaaam. silence surround them. Then, angry lucky pulls rags hardly towards him and kisses her.
Episode ends.

Precap ; Love confession of a couple
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Credit to: Moni

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