Swaragini ( where she went) Episode 7


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All of them reach home. Sanky looks at the bracelet and remembers swara and thinks about her. Swaragini reach home and get to know that their dadaji got a minor hearattack. They ask him to take care. Dadaji tells them not to worry.
Lucky can’t believe the girl was his miss attitude aka ragini. How can she be her. Lucky thinks is she really my golu.
Next day shekhar at dining table tells swara they have given the construction of their next venture Swaragini hotels to Maheshwari group. I had a talk with Mr DP Maheshwari yesterday.
Swara ; Ok Dad this means I’m gonna design it.
Shekhar ; yes my angel. Why don’t you open your own company After all you are my daughter. You don’t need to work under somebody.
Swara ; Yes Dad I will but later now I need to learn so many things.
Shekhar : As you wish.
Ragini comes chewing there takes an apple and says bye to everyone and leave for college. Swara also leaves for office.

At college,Some boys teases ragini. Lucky sees it and gets angry and is about to go and beat them but Ragini herself give one of them a round kick and all other boys runs. Laksh laughs seeing it. Ragini turns
Rags ; what? Why are you laughing? Do you want a kick
Lucky ; Awww my cute miss attitude. I heard you got selected for singing competition.
Rags ; yes and you Mr not so cool get ready to loose.
Lucky ; We will see.
Ragini is about to leave.
Lucky ; byee golu
Ragini ; what…what did you called me. Did you called me golu.
Lucky ; Golu? Why would I call you golu. You are not fat or were you fat and people used to call you fat.
Rags ;No I was never fat. (laksh smiles)
Lucky is about to go but he sees confused rags and then goes near her. She moves backward, he comes nearer. She sticks to wall. Lucky comes really close and takes his mouth near to her and says.
Lucky ; You were looking absolutely stunning in red and yes you stepped on my shoes but I liked it …golu
Ragini is hell shocked and somewhat blushing
Laksh smiles and goes from there, Ragini is numb for some time.
(vrushi sees their closeness and is jealous coz she has crush on lucky. This ragini is snatching both my love and my place in singing from me. I will need to do something).
At office.

Sanskar calls swara in is cabin to discuss. Swara reach there.
Sanky ; We have a new project and dad gave me the responsibilities. We need to make a design of kolkata’s biggest hotel.
Swara; Ok
Sanky ; don’t take it so easily. The owner of the hotel is my dad’s friend so we have to give our best.
Swara smiles.
Sanky ; Don’t laugh.it’s not a small hotel. It’s SWARAGINI five star hotel and it needs to be grand.
Swara(in mind) ; He is describing me about my dad’s hotel. But I won’t tell it about him.
Swara ; ok. I will give my best.
Swara is about to leave but she sees bracelet on table and says
Swara; Thief….
Sanky ; What?
Swara ; yes you were kidnapper but you are also a thief..why do you need to steal when you already have everything?
Sanky ; Shut up. What are you talking about?
Swara; That bracelet..it’s mine….i had worn it yesterday. How did you get it?
Sanky ; it’s yours (he thinks so that girl its swara…) umm I found it in party. It was my bros party. You can take it.
Swara takes it and goes. Sanky stops her and says you dance really well and yes white suits you.(teasingly)

Swara is nervous hearing that and she quickly rushes to her cabin.
Swara ; so he was him Mr kidnapper.
Precap ; Fun moments and growing love and a twist

Guys did you like it and yes it is short but I’m really sorry, I am really busy so can’t write long updates. Do comment.

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Credit to: Moni

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