Swaragini ( where she went) Episode 6


Hi guys I am back with yet another episode
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The episode starts like this
Lucky goes near ragini and is about to tell something but some girls pull him. He refuses them and turns back but she is not there.
Lucky (in mind); I missed to see her again. I need to find her.
Rags: I don’t know how I got lost in him. It felt like I know him.
Swara is scolding a girl who misbehaved with waiter. Sanskar sees it and smiles.
Swara goes to the balcony. Sanskar follow her. Swara is talking to herself.
Sanky; hello…can I join you?

Swara ; (smiles) yes
Sanky ; So you are talking to these stars.
Swara ; no actually I was talking to myself. I just got irritated with some pathetic people here so I came here to chill. Then, swara is just talking nonstop and sanky just keeps looking at her and smiles.
Swara ; I am so sorry. I talk too much. Let’s go in.
Sanky : But can you tell me your name.
Swara ; ummmm Ok but at 12 when we all will open our masks

Sanky ; ok so let’s go
Everyone start to dance. First Adarsh and pari start to dance and then all couples join.
Sanky ; Can I have the privilege to dance with you
Swara ; Yes
They start dancing. They are talking sweet things while dancing.

Meanwhile lucky is searching for that girl and rags is searching swara. They collide. Ragini falls on laksh arms. They compose and laksh ask for dance. Rags hesitantly agrees coz she is not used to dancing. They start dancing.
Rags; plz don’t mind if I step on your shoes. I actually don’t know to dance.
Lucky ; No you are good. But your singing, it’s just amazing. you’ve got a really sweet voice. You remind me of my childhood friend.
(one thing I would like to say is little laksh and ragini used to meet each other in park but they didn’t know each other’s real name. They met for like just one month and then they never met each other but they never forgot each other)

Ragini: you are also amazing. You will be a great singer one day.
Laksh ; I hope so.
They talk about music ad are lost in each other.
(They keep on talking) Suddenly light goes off And everyone are asked to open their masks.
Swara gets a call and run from there. Her bracelet falls. Sanky ask her to tell her name but she just go. Sanky picks the bracelet and keeps it in his pocket.
Ragini and Laksh are about to open their masks but swara pulls ragini. Laksh try to say something.
Swara ; we need to go. There’s something Urgent
Ragini; why? What happened?

Swara just pulls ragini. Ragini falls and her mask also falls.
Swara picks up ragini. She tells her something and they run from there.
Laksh:(Sees them) Miss attitude….. (Shocked)
Episode ends on laksh shocked face and swaragini’s worried face.
Precap ; Swara calls sanky thief. Lucky teases rags.
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Credit to: Moni

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