Swaragini ( where she went) Episode 4

Hey guys I am back with another episode.
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The episode start like this
Its morning
Sumi ; Swara, Ragini get up. Get up otherwise you will be late for your office.( she keeps on telling them to get up while arranging their room)
Swaragini don’t give any response then she goes near bed and pulls blanket……
On park swaragini and shekhar are laughing thinking sumi must be trying to wake them up.
Sumi is shocked to see pillows there
Sumi: these girls will make me mad someday. They played a prank on me
Swaragini and shekhar reach home. They are shocked to see Sumi wounded.
Swaragini (together) ; Mom what happened? Are you okay?
Sumi ; No I fell from stairs. It’s really paining. your dadi is also not here. So girls you two need to prepare breakfast today. Your dad needs to go office so you two do your work fast okay.
Swaragini agrees seeing their mother but both of them don’t know how to cook.
Sumi goes to her room and laugh saying these two girls will know why I am their mother today. She takes out the bandage and wipes tomato sauce and start watching tv. Shekhar just enjoys seeing mother daughter trios drama.

Swaragini are really confused .
Ragini: swara you cook ok I need to practice. I have audition today in college.
Swara ; no ragini you cook..you don’t need to practice you are superb. But I need to prepare for my office.
Ragini ; ok lets just stop it we will cook together.
They take some flour and vegetables and argue in small things. Swara is putting water on flour ragini tells her that water is enough swara says it’s not enough. They keep on arguing then swara throws flour on ragini and ragini throws tomatoes on her. The kitchen becomes mess in few minutes.
Sumi comes and scolds them for making mess. They are shocked to see sumi without wound.
Sumi ; My plan backfired on me now I need to clean this mess.
Swaragini laugh. They both get ready , eat and leave along with Shekhar
In office swara meets Adarsh . Adarsh tells her that you will work under my brother’s supervision. He is engineer and you are architect I hope your combo will take our business to next level.
Swara; I will give my best sir.
Adarsh ; all the best. You go and met sanskar he is in his cabin.
Swara: ok sir. Swara goes to sanskars cabin. She knocks and open the door. No one’s there so she decides to wait. Sanskar comes out of the washroom and sees a girl there.
Sanskar : Excuse me miss…..
Swara turns. Both of them are shocked. She hurriedly picks scissors from table and
Swara: ki..ki..ki..Kidnapper (gulps)…why are you behind me what did I do to you?

She shouts help help.sanskar tries to calm her down and explain but in vain. Adarsh comes there and ask what is this noise?
Swara ; save me …This man is here to kidnap me.
Sanskar : just shut up…I am not here to kidnap you…Don’t you get tired shouting. Btw I am..
Adarsh: He is Sanskar Maheshwari. Your new boss.
Swara says but..
Adarsh: sanskar why is she calling you kidnapper?
Sanskar explain everything to both of them. Adarsh tells sanskar now that all misunderstandings are clear you both do your work. Btw she is Swara Gadodia your architect.(adarsh leaves)
Swara; How can you be so stupid….don’t you recognize your own sister?
Sanskar ; And you what did you do…you sprayed pepper spray on my eyes and now you were going to attack me with these scissors…I think I should empty my cabin don’t know when you will attack me with what (taunts)
Swara leaves angrily to her cabin which is just next to sanskar’s and start doing her work.
Rhedon college

Ragini makes a new friend vrushika . Vrushika is just opposite to rags vrushi is reserved and calm person.
Ragini and vrushika head towards audition hall.
Vrushika ; Rags why did you shift to this clz..i mean your previous clz was also good.
Rags: I love music and singing its my passion and this clz promotes singing also so, I came here.
Vrushika ; Best of luck.
Rags ; Same to you and may the best win.
Lucky : oh so miss attitude gonna give audition.
Rags ; yes Mr lakshya
Lucky ; no one calls me lakshya here. Only my family are allowed to call me lakshya.
Rags. ; I don’t care but I will you lakshya only not lucky coz you are really unlucky for me.
(Tashan type music plays in bg)
Rags and lucky heads toward opposite direction.
Audition starts
The host tells that one participating from this clz is lucky and the other one will get selected today.
All start to give auditions. Vrushika sings and then its raginis turn she sings
Sun sathiya mahiya from ABCD.

All students and teacher praise her. Laksh hears the voice from outside and runs to audition hall
but he is not able to see her. Suddenly phone rings…he picks up and runs to his home.
Screen freezes on Ragini’s happy face and laksh worried face.

Precap : Mask Party. Lucky again hears the same voice.

Credit to: Moni


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