Swaragini ( where she went) Episode 3


Guys, here is my next episode
And yes I forgot to say Neil is played by Karan jotwani of KYY and Yug by Arijit Taneja of Kumkum Bhagya
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The episode starts with sanskar and yug’s shocked face. They are shocked to see Swara instead of Uttara.
Swara ; how dare you kidnap me. My father is policemen (lies) , he won’t leave you. Sanky and yug are still shocked but before they utter any word swara takes out pepper spray from her bag and sprays it in their as well as drivers eyes and run from there.
Sanky ; (shouts) Hey you……arghhhh
Rhedon clz
Neil: Bro you don’t know what happened to me today, there was a girl..(laksh breaks the sentence)
Lucky: Leave it bro, that rocky told me a girl is transferring here so, let’s welcome her properly, the environment should be friendly for her to adjust (gives evil smile)
Neil: ya bro let’s do it.

Ragini enters college in her bike. She removes her helmet. All the boys stare at her. She just ignore everyone and goes inside. She goes to washroom and removes her bikers suit and wear a white loose t shirt and blue shorts.she has black bands in her wrists. (she is looking really cool)
She just enters the common area and all students surround her makes a circle. Then our lucky enters . all starts to wooooo
Lucky ; wow you look pretty cool. And yes welcome miss….
Neil (interrupts entering the area) ; Gadodia….Ragini Gadodia
Neil is shocked seeing her
(Ragini just keep staring at them)
Lucky: Ok so Miss gadodia. Here, in Rhedon College we have a special way of welcoming newbies
Neil interrupts; Bro…I think we should go (scared)
Lucky; what ok but first we need to see Miss gadodia dancing…ok so miss please dance (all laugh)
Ragini ; (making fake scared face) Ok I will but first let me put my bag down there in the corner.
(She goes and put down her bag and picks something from floor , hide her hands and go near lucky)
Ragini ; music please
Music plays she walks toward lucky dancing and then she suddenly pulls his shirt and puts lizard inside it

Laksh ; (screams ) Save me lizard. He hurriedly takes out both his shirt and pants.
(All laugh at him)
Ragini: Aww look what happened to you so called Mr Cool of this college….hahahaha you made me dance so I made you open your clothes publicly. Now we are equal equal
Lucky ; you….(angrily) just shut up
Rags: Why should I? This happens when someone mess with me if you don’t believe then ask your best friend (smirks)(Neil is all red)..you know what people call me..they call me rags and sometime raga vai.
Ragini walks from there turns toward lucky and says thank you for welcoming me and winks at him.
(she picks her bag and heads toward her class)
Laksh is fuming. He wears his clothes and looks at Neil. Neil tells him what happened to him.
Laksh vows to teach rags a lesson and head towards class with Neil.
Other student also leaves from there.
Scene shifts
Swara is waiting for her interview. Her name is called she goes inside and gives her interview. Adarsh maheswari who was taking her interview congratulates her and ask to join tomorrow. She leaves happily from there. Sanky is also there but they miss seeing each other.
Later in Maheshwari house Laksh tells what happened today to Adarsh, Sanky, And Uttara. All of them laugh at him. Laksh gets angry. Sanskar also shares what happened and then Laksh laugh at him.

In Gadodia house swara scolds ragini for spoiling her fav jeans and don’t talk to her. Ragini cheers her mood by singing “phuloka tarokaa sabka kehna hain ek hajaro me meri behna hain” Swara smiles and the two sister start dancing together. Swara and Ragini share each other’s story of bravery that happened today and they laugh pitying on the boys they met today.
Screen freezes on laughing faces of our leads.

Guys you may have noticed my title is “where she went” The story relating to title will be shown later.
Thank you guys for liking my ff and keep reading it and do comment
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Credit to: Moni

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  1. Awesome yaar no words to say update everyday plzzzzzz DAT spray and lizard scene WS awesome if possible update one more chapter plzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Thank you Aditi…I won’t be able to uptade today coz i have lots of assignments to do but i will update tomorrow for sure

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  2. Swara is awesome yaar…ragini super yaar….make itswasan yaar

    1. Thank you Anusha 🙂 and yes it will be swasan and raglak

  3. now only i read al d 3 parts at a time….ita interesting dr….

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  4. nice ff

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  5. Awesome. I love Ragini’s character and also the pairs are superb

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  6. raglak scenes are awesome

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  7. Ragini is superb and raglak scenes are awesome dear

    1. Thank you ammu and yes thank you so much for regular comments

  8. superb dea rags rock….

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