Swaragini ( where she went) episode 21

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Episode 21
The episode starts with sanskar leaving. Swara is heartbroken.She cries a lot
Swara’s POV; ragini was right…I am late..i have lost you….i have lost you sanskar…(she cries)…
Laksh comes there.
Swara; (she wipes and hides her tears)..Laksh you here..
Laksh; sanskar called me and asked to drop you home.
Swara; it’s ok lucky..i’ll go.
Laksh;swara..you said we are friends so pls..
Swara agrees. They reach home.
She comes out of car and walks lifelessly.
Dadi comes and says; what is this swara? I told you to be early today..they are waiting for you since 2 hours.
Swara; dadi pls leave me alone and who have come..i don’t want to meet anyone.
Dadi; groom’s family. We have fixed your marriage.
Swara; (shocked) no I won’t marry anyone..i’ll stay single whole life. She runs crying.
Swara runs..ragini stops her in hall and hug her.
Ragini; congrats di..i am so happy for you
Swara; ragini you also..
Ragini; ohooo leave all this..come meet my jija ji. Ragini moves.
Swara is shocked.
The boy winks at her and smiles. Swara opens her mouth in shock. Laksh comes from back smiling.
Swara; san..sanskar.
Sanskar smiles and come towards her. Swara is nervous.
Sanskar comes infront of her and bends down and takes the ring(which he had kept with him all three years) and says; will you marry me
Swara is blushing. She says yess yes yes
Sanskar puts ring in swara’s finger. Everyone clap. Ragini jumps.
Laksh: ragini…don’t worry your turn will also come.
Ragini; me..marriage..no way..i won’t marry atleast for 10 years.
Laksh goes near ragini’s ear and says.
Laksh; oh cool! But I am planning to get married soon.
Laksh: dad this is unfair…you should have searched a girl for me too.
Everyone laugh.
Dadi: sanskar you had already bought a ring but we hadn’t plan anything.
Sanskar; No dadi don’t worry..(teasingly)…swara is fast..she have ring
(swara feels embarrassed and blushes) she makes sanskar wear ring. Ragini teases both of them. Everyone smiles.
They have dinner together.
Sumi ask ragini tobring everyone’s fav rasgulla..
Ragini goes inside. Laksh follows without any one noticing.
Ragini takes out bowls. She puts a rasgulla in one bowl. Laksh comes and eats it. He sits in slab.she neglects it. Ragini puts rasgulla in another bowl. Laksh eat that too. Likewise, laksh keep repeating it and eat 6 rasgullas.
Ragini is really irritated now. Laksh again takes a rasgulla and is about to put it in mouth but ragini stuffs sliced chillies in his mouth. Laksh screams. Ragini takes jar of rasgulla and runs. Outside ragini starts laughing. Ragini serves everyone and goes to kitchen.
Laksh has opened his mouth and kept it in running tap water. Ragini goes near him
Ragini; Awww mera bachha…don’t cry (haha I made this dialogue ragini’s). she wipes his tears and leaves smiling.
Laksh; aww..mera bachha..i won’t leave you attitude kumari.
Everyone leave. Swasan look at each other. Laksh looks at ragini with fake anger and leave.
At night.
Swara calls sanskar at 2 in night and ask him to immediately come at her home secretly.
Sanskar gets worried and goes. He calls swara. Swara goes outside. She goes towards him.
Sanky; are you ok swara..why did you call me this time..
Swara: (she hugs him) I wanted to hug you..we got engaged and I wasn’t able to hug you so…
Sanskar; awww..(he ugs her back)
They spend the whole night talking.
Next day; laksh goes to ragini’s home early in the morning. He greets everyone and ask about ragini as they have to go for a meeting. He goes to ragini. She is sleeping. He gets an idea.
Laksh; ragini wake up.
Ragini; no dad…let mesleep.
Laksh;Dad? I am not your dad. The great lucky is here and you are sleeping. (he raises his collar)
Ragini; ahh unlucky lucky..go from here.
Laksh picks her up and puts her inside bucket of water. Ragini gets annoyed and is about to hit him but he runs.
Raglak leave for meeting. They sign contract for a album. The owner of music company’s daughter comes and ask laksh for a date. He sees ragini fuming. He agrees.
At evening. Laksh is ready for the date. Ragini follows him silently. Laksh reaches a restaurant. He goes and a beautiful setup is made there. Ragini sees it and fumes. She silently goes and locks the girl in her changing room.
Laksh is waiting. Ragini goes there and says..laksh you here?
Laksh: I was invited for a date…what are you doing here?
Ragini; wo..i also came here for date but that man…
Laksh understand she is lying but acts as he is believing.
Laksh; oh! My girl also didn’t come..come lets eat
Ragini; no..it’s ok..i am going
Laksh insist. Ragini acts as if not interested and then agrees. They both have dinner together. Suddenly music starts. laksh ask ragini for dance. They dance..they forget everything forsometime and are lost in each other. They dance on song ishq wala love.
Screen freezes on them dancing.
Precap; swasan marriage…vrushi comes back…a grand proposal last episode.
Sorry everyone I promised to take it upto epi 25 but unfortunately some imp work has come up….so i thought to end it rather than making you all wait for a long time. But as I promised I’ll come back in mid july with season 2 which will be a sequel to this story. I hope you all forgive me. Thank you for all the comments and love you gave me.


  1. Neha

    Omg..raglak is too cute..just loved them and waiting 4 the proposal..moni, u r such an amazing writer..iam a big big big fan of ur’s…plz come back soon

    • Moni



      Thank you so much neha..you called yourself my fan..that’s a big thing? but call me your friend rather than your fan…thanks once again ?

  2. milky

    Omg last epi…I m commenting first tym but ur ff is really superb…actually I read all epis today itself and dey r awsum…plzz show swaragini bond more tomorrow..

  3. Fats

    Awww SwaSan are engaged. And LOOOL Ragini is just too funny by putting chillies in Laksh’s mouth and by locking up his date ??. Oh and I loved how you used ‘Aww mera baccha’, how cute ?. Can’t wait to read the next part xx

  4. fairy

    wowwwww awesome dear…bt d bst part is “awwww mera baccha”..hahhaha jst loved it dear…raglak rocks….wtng for nxt update.. 🙂

  5. Ruhani

    Amazing epi.. Wow swasan reunited… Rasgulla scene was too cute.. Oof this raglak is s adorable yr… Omg so soon but its ok I will wait for season 2

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