Swaragini ( where she went) Episode 2


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So, my next episode goes like this

Maheshwari House:
Two ladies are doing bharatnatyam,suddenly, someone changes the music (its Uttara SanLak’s Sister). Both Sujata and Annapurna give a stern look and then they all laugh and start dancing on that song (Dil me mere hai derde disco). suddenly Sujata remembers something and ask where is sanskar its his first day in office. He is taking responsibility of our 2nd branch in Kolkata. Where is he?
scene shifts to a boy.
He wears his blazer. He choose a watch from his collection of watches then shoes and finally sunglasses. He looks at the mirror and says Wow! sanky how can you be so dashing (smirks). he sees time and then goes downstairs and calls his both mom.
Sanky; mom where were you? i am getting late. oh ya you two must be busy in dancing coz dad an big dad went to mumbai for meeting So, you two were enjoying your freedom, right?
sujata and AP: yes we were any problem my dear son? (they all laugh)
Sanky: ok i need to go i’m getting late BTW where is Uttara I’ll drop her
AP: she already left
Sujata feeds sanskar curd and wish him good luck. Sanskar takes blessing from them and leaves for office.

scene shifts to main road.
A bike is at its full speed. suddenly, other bike overtakes it. the person in the first bike gets angry and vows to teach the other person a good lesson. Then, the person in first bike takes the speed to maximum level and makes round of 2nd bike.(all the dust in road is scattered) then the bike stops and the person opens the helmet.The other person is shocked to see her and says A girl….. Yes, the person was non other than our Ragini aka rags.
Rags: Hey you…just look at your face…this happens when someone challenge me (she laughs at him)
Other boy leaves in shock from there
(the other boy is Neil lucky’s best friend He had came out of clz for some time in lucky’s bike)

At the way to office
Swara stops her car near temple and goes to take blessings, Uttara is also in the temple.
Sanskar sees her from his car and ask his driver to stop the car. he tells his bestfriend yug that uttara didn’t wish him good luck. he says today is april 1st so let’s make her fool. sanskar tells his plan to Yug and smirks.
Swara and Uttara both are near to sanskar’s car. yug suddenly, puts hankerchief in Uttara’s mouth and pulls her inside the car.She shots Leave me…Who are you (The car is in full speed).Then, she turns to them and suddenly, Sanskar , Yug and Swara scream at the same time…Who are you.
The episode ends at their shocked face.
Precap: Ragini and laksh first meeting. Neil’s scared face.

Credit to: Moni

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  1. Awesome yaar…make it swasan plzzz yaar

  2. Awesome yaaar….

  3. nice….make it ragsan n swalak…..if u already decided pairs as ur wish…..

  4. Plzzzzz make it swasan yaaar…. Plzzzzzz

    1. Sorry Its raglak and swasan but keep reading it…If i get time i will try writing a ff on ragsan 🙂 🙂

  5. Thank you Rakhi, Kavya, Anu, Kriya, Anusha and … for commenting. Your comments inspire me to write.

  6. Very nice

  7. Thank you megha and ammu 🙂

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