Swaragini ( where she went) episode 19

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The episode starts with swaragini breaking their hug….swara slaps ragini
Swara: How could you do this to us…how could you leave us alone….didn’t you think about Mom, Dad, dada and dadi…didn’t you miss us..
Ragini: sorry swara…I missed you all…pls forgive me…I wish I could see you now..
Swara; what do you mean..
Ragini ; I can’t see swara..
Swara is shattered. She lovingly touches ragini’s face and hugs her.
Swara; but how?
Anand; we’ll explain you..ragu sign this contract and then we’ll go home and talk..
Ragini signs the document. They all leave.
At anand’s house..anand tells swara about how he found ragini and her accident.
Swara: this all happened and you didn’t come to us..
Sanlak enters.
Swara is scared. She tries to stop sanskar but..
Sanskar goes near ragini..
Sanskar: ragini
Ragini; san..sanskar (she happily hugs him)
Ragini; did you both get married…should I call you jiju..
Swara; what are you saying ragini…why will I marry betrayer…you left us because of him..
Ragini; what are you saying..sanskar is not thereason I left…didn’t you read the letter I left?..don’t tell me you took revenge…I had read your diary….i had forgiven sanskar
Sanskar looks back. (sanskar bg music in show plays)
Sanskar comes to meet ragini the day after they saw eachother..sanskar found address through guest list.
Ragini; sanskar what do you want now? Why are you here?
Sanskar; ragini…pls forgive me..where had you been..i searched you everywhere.
Ragini; you insulted me infront of everyone…you hurted me…you could have said no to my proposal but you betrayed our friendship
Sanskar; I know ragini…I didn’t love you but my friendship was true ragu…I regreted the moment I said those things to you…we were teenagers and I did a big mistake. Ragini…you were my best friend and always will be…sanskar sits and folds his hand and ask forgiveness…(he has tears in his eyes)
Ragini; it’s ok sanskar..i forgive you but there’s a condition.
Sanskar; I’ll do everything for you.
Ragini; marry me
Sanskar is shocked..he had started loving swara but now he didn’t wanted to break ragini’s heart.
Sanskar; I’m ready
Ragini laughs and says ; buddhu, I was joking..i don’t love you..you are my friend…best friend.
They hug
Sanskar tells ragini he loves a girl. Ragini teases him that first she needs to approve that girl.
Flashback ends.
Swara is teary. Sanskar becomes emotional..he makes an excuse and goes out.
Swara; then why did you leave us.
Ragini tells her part of story. She says one laksh destroyed me and one laksh helped me overcome it.
Swara; thank you laksh
Laksh smiles sadly
Swara tells ragini to pack her bags as they are leaving for Mumbai early morning. Ragini goes.
Laksh: swara..
Swara; yes lucky
Laksh; both the laksh are same.
Swara turns towards him angrily; how dare you
Laksh; pls listen to my part of story..believe me it was all misunderstanding.
Laksh tells his part of story.
Swara: I understand laksh…these misunderstanding changed our life upside down…but we all learnt a lesson that we should trust and give a chance to explanation before hypothetically deriving a conclusion. I think you should tell the truth to ragini.
Laksh; I will but after her surgery.
Laksh ; swara..one more thing…bhai loves you truly…I have never seen him like this before.
Swara ges towards window and looks at sanskar lovingly. Sanskar is sitting alone in garden.
Laksh goes towards him and they both leave.
Next day
Ragini donates the amount she won to music academy. She thanks anand for treating her as his own daughter. They have a emotional goodbye.
At way there is awkward silence between swasan. Swara wants to talk but she is not able to.
Ragini’s POV; I’m going back after three years. after a week I’ll go to Kolkata..i hope that person doesnot come infront of me
They all reach Mumbai. sanlak and swaragini go to their respective home.
Shekhar and sumi are busy in their talks. Sumi suddenly feels restless.
Swara enters and runs to them and hugs them. She catches their hand and begin to spin.
Shemi( shekhar and sumi); what happened to you shona
Swara asks them to look at door. They are shocked. Shekhar runs to ragini and hugs her.
Sumi falls on floor and cries.
Ragini: ma won’t you hug your shaitan. (cryingly)
Sumi goes to her, hug her and kiss her. Three of them hug together.
Swara; look now that your fav daughter is back..you forgot me.
They smile and all four of them have emotional hug. (swaragini bg music plays)
Swara tells them about ragini’s eye, her accident.
Sumi becomes emotional and kisses her eyes.
They all spend the night talking.

Operation day
Laksh: ragini..be cool..nothing will happen..operation will be successful and we’ll rock in our concert after two days.
Ragini; I hope so..i am eager to see everyone. Thank you laksh for being with me.
Swara comes there and smiles seeing raglak. Sanskar enters with bunch of flowers.
Sanskar; pretty flowers for my best friend.
Ragini; thanks sanky
Sanky; sorry ragu..i’ll need to leave as I have urgent work in Kolkata..will meet you there..i’ll call you in evening.
Ragini; it’s ok.
Sanskar leave. Swara feels bad.
Ragini; mom,dad, swara, laksh..i want to see you all first after my surgery.
Laksh is nervous.
Operation starts.
lAksh is praying for ragini.
Operation is over. Doctor comes out and says operation was successful.
All of them are happy.
After few hours.
Doctor opens her bandage.
Ragini slowly opens her eyes. She looks at her mom and dad first. Then at swara. She searches for laksh.
Laksh slowly enters.( moh moh ke male song plays in bg)
Ragini is shocked. She turns back with tears in her eyes.

Precap: Dp tells sanskar about his marriage being fixed to someone. Swara decides to propose sanskar. What will happen to raglak?

How was the episode. there is less raglak and swasan but from next epi it will be swasan and raglak only. i’ll end it in epi 25 in interesting point and come back with season 2 after july 15. do comment.

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  1. SPP

    Awesome Superb Emotional one
    Lovely one too
    How Ragini is going to react
    Waiting for the next one……….
    Thanks that u will come back again……..

    1. Moni

      Thank you so much spp…and yes i’ll come back till then enjoy…6 more episode left ??✌

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  2. more raglak scenes please

    1. Moni

      I’ll try to put more raglak in next episode lovely??

  3. Awww it’s nice that most the misunderstandings are clear. And I’m so happy Ragini got her vision back and she’s reunited with her family. Can’t wait for Swara’s proposal and RagLak’s encounter ??

    1. Moni

      Thank you fats…i’m so happy you all are enjoying my ff ☺?☺

  4. Megha123

    It’s really tooo……..Emotional ?????
    So tensed how will ragu react when she sees laksh fingers crossed ???waiting for nxt part eagerly try to update it asap otherwise I would die of anxiety…..???

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  6. Superb dr… Finally swasan misunderstanding is cleared..

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  7. Akshata

    its lovely….. i am glad that ragini got her vision, swasan’s misunderstanding got cleared.
    waiting for raglak confrontation…..

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  8. more raglak scene and waiting for raglak love next part soon

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  9. Awesome episode

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