Swaragini ( where she went) episode 18


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The episode starts with swasan arriving at house in Shimla.
Swara; Why are we here in this house?
Sanskar: This is my house..our holiday home. We are staying here.
Swara: I am not staying with you here alone in this house.
Sanskar: I knew it…don’t worry my brother is also here for his work.
Swara: and why do i trust your brother.

Meanwhile laksh comes there with earphone in his head.he has just drape a towel. He is busy in his own world.
Swara: Ahhhh…
Laksh becomes shocked and jumps shouting.
Swara: You brothers are same..can’t you people wear clothes
Laksh runs and wear clothes.
Laksh: Hello miss…this is my house I can do anything I like.
Swara; forget it…I am swara
Laksh; la..
Swara: laksh Maheshwari…singer…frankly saying I am your fan.
Sanky is jealous.
Laksh: Thanks swara…so now that you are here…Friends?
Swara: (excitedly) yes friend…now I won’t get bored here
They both laugh. Sanskar is annoyed.
They have their breakfast together. Swalakbond really well.

Laksh: so swara are you bhai’s girlfriend.
Both sanskar and swara are shocked.
Swasan : no
Laksh thinks I know bhai…your eyes are saying something else…but it’s good I’ll get a bhabhi I can bond with and my ragu will get good jethani. He laughs.
Laksh: ok I have some work in music academy I’ll leave. He leaves.
Swasan also leaves in search of ragini. They plan to visit nearby polic station and enquire to locals.
Music academy
Laksh goes to ragini
Ragini is practicing her song. She is being irritated as everything is not going right.
Laksh : may I help
Ragini: NO…it will be cheating
Laksh; No, it won’t…coz I’m not the judge..i’m here just to know who’ll be my co-singer. So ragi..i mean ragya..can your friend be your mentor.
Ragini agrees.

They start
Laksh sings and then ragini sings
Tu hi ye mujhko bata de
Chahun main ya naa
Apne tu dil ka pata de
Chahun main ya naa (x2)
Laksh sings
Itna bata doon tujhko
Chaahat pe apni mujhko
Yun tto nahi ikhtiyaar
Phir bhi yeh socha dil ne
Ab jo laga hoon milne
Poochhu tujhe ek baar
They both sing together.
Tu hi ye mujhko bata de
Chahun main ya naa
Apne tu dil ka pata de
Chahun main ya naa

It’s next day now. Laksh has taken ragini to a beautiful place. She smells the flower there and is happy to feel the cold breeze.
Laksh takes his guitar and starts
Aisi kabhi pehle hui naa thi khwaahishein
O.. kisi se bhi milne ki
Naa ki thi koshishein
Uljhan meri suljha de
Chaahun main ya naa
Aankhon aankhon mein jataa de
Chaahun main ya naa
Ragini starts singing. She reminiscenes laksh while singing
Mere chhote chhote khwaab hain
Khwabon mein geet hain
Geeton mein zindagi hai
Chaahat hai, preet hai
Abhi main na dekhoon khwaab woo
Jin mein na tu mile
Le khole honth maine
Ab tak the jo sile
Laksh taps her shoulder. She continues
Mujhko na jitna mujh pe
Utna iss dil ko tujh pe
Hone laga aitbaar
Tanha lamhon mein apne
Bunti hoon tere sapne
Tujhse hua mujhko pyaar o o..
Poochungi tujhko kabhi naa
Chaahun main ya naa
Tere khaabon mein ab jeena
Chaahun main kyun naa!
They both sing together
Tu hi yeh mujhko bata de
Chahun main ya naa
Apne tu dil ka pata de
Chahun main ya naa.

SWara is crying. Sanskar comes there. He taps her shoulder. Swara hugs sanskar and cries. A tear escapes from sanskar eyes. They realize their position and compose themselves.
Swara: it’s been 2 days but still there’s no clue about ragini…are you sure she is here.
Sanskar; yes swara my friend yug came here for vacation and in his vacation pics I saw ragini in background. Don’t loose hope swara…I promise I’ll find her.
Swara leaves.

At anand’s home.
Laksh: all the best ragini…you’ll rock tomorrow.
Ragini; I hope so …I need to win otherwise uncle will sell academy for my surgery.
Laksh says bye to her but
RAgini: laksh..wait
Laksh: (happy) yes ragu
Ragini: Thank you so much laksh….you are my only friend…you are such a big rockstar but you are so grounded….thank you for everything.
Laksh; No sorry..No thank you in friendship..they both laugh. Laksh is happy seeing ragini laugh.
Laksh returns home.
Sanlak, Neil and swara have dinner together.
Laksh: swara tomorrow why don’t you come to music competition….you look tensed
Swara: No Lucky….i need to do search my ra…
Sanky interrupts we’ll come lucky. Laksh leaves
Swara looks at sanskar.
Sanskar: swara..look ragini loves music so she may come there…we should not neglect it.
Swara :yes you are right…she may come there.
Swara’s POV; I can’t understand him….first he hurt her and then he is helping me to find her..it’s so complicated.

Next morning.
Swara prays to god to unite her with her sister. Ragini is also doing aarti. A hand picks laddo from the plate.
Ragini: lakshhhhh..what is this?..are you a kid?
Laksh makes puppy face and says you always catch me. BTW are you ready for today.
Ragini: yes I am.
The competition starts.
Laksh is honoured as chief guest. Laksh is confident that ragini will win.
Swasan also reach there.
Swara and sanskar are searching for ragini….the participants are singing now only one is left.
Swara is depressed not seeing ragini in audiences as well as participants.
The host calls last participant.
Host: let’s welcome our next participant…rag…(swara’s heart beats faster)..ya….welcome ragya.
Swara looses her last hope..she runs crying from there.
Ragini sings…chahun main ya na
The song gets completed. Everyone gives standing ovation. Laksh is overwhelmed.
Host: the results will be announced by our special guest laksh.
Laksh hearbeats faster. He sees the name and is overwhelmed.
Laksh: the winner is the most deserving…ragyaa.
Everyone clap.

Swara is just outside the hall. Sanskar is weeping seeing her condition.
Ragini is happy. She thanks everyone and says..she wants to sing a song coz she is missing someone badly today…coz there was a person whowanted to see her win desperatelt. She says she is not here in Shimla but this song is for my sister.
She starts.
Jeevan yeh suro se sajati
Rishtey yeh suro se banati
Bajti hai to pyar ki dhun
Swara hears it. She reminiscenes both of them singing this song together.she runs inside. She is overwhelmed. She wals towards ragini slowly weeping.

Ek dhup[ chanchal hai
Ek chandani
Phir bhi hai ek duje ke liye bani
Dilo mein hai pyar bhara
Suro se saji hai swara
Rago se rachi hai ragini
RAgini’s voice stucks as she was crying while singing it. She hears someone continuing the song.
Swaragini swaragini
Swaragini swaragini
Swaragini swaragini.
Swara runs and hugs her.
Ragini: sw….swa…swara
Swara: Ragini…Ragini
They both cry their heart out.
Sanlak are shocked.

Precap: Mumbai concert…ragini’s surgery..swasan unites.

How was the episode and thank you all for your comments. and guys i want a suggestion. Should i end it on episode 20 or maybe 25 and come back with a new season later with a new twist or continue with more episodes.

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  1. Akshaya

    very nice dear;):)

    1. Moni

      Thank you akshaya ☺

  2. Akshata

    wow!! awesome, love the way you unite swara and ragini…. simply outstanding.

    1. Moni

      Thank you so much akshata ☺☺

  3. AWWWW This was such a nice update. Swaragini are united and the way you united them was so sweet. Also im so happy Ragini won the competition, the way Laksh helped her was cute. Can’t wait to read the next part
    P.S: I don’t mind either suggestion, a new season would be cool and interesting if you finish this at the 20th-25th part 🙂

    1. Moni

      Thank you fats….glad you liked it and thank you for the suggestion ☺

  4. Aww..ragini is too cute..waiting for next update dear..hope ragu gets her vision back and swasan unites..its realy nice.

    1. Moni

      Thank you neha…all your wishes will be fulfilled in next episode ☺☺

    1. Moni

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  5. Megha123

    Aww…moni u’ve literally killed it yar …
    I loved this part very much ❤ ❤ ❤ especially swaragini reunion

    1. Moni

      Thank you megha…happy that you liked it ☺☺

    1. Moni

      Thank you s ☺☺

  6. Nami

    Finally swaragini met. Hope ragini gets her vision back

    1. Moni

      She will get it back nami…☺☺….looks like you’re Nami’s fan

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    Awsm part

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  8. Wow yaar mind blowing…..seriously awesome…..super se u per

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  9. superb, raglak scenes are nice

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  10. SPP

    Awesome Superb Mind blowing one
    Please make it up to 25 dear
    Waiting for the next one……..

    1. Moni

      Thank you spp….i’ll try my best to keep it upto 25

      1. SPP

        U r welcome

  11. awesome both raglak and swaragini scene

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  12. awesome no don’t end it continue with new twist

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  13. Amazing dr.. U rocked it as usual.. Plz continue it till 25 n plz cme up immediately with a new season.. Plz yr moni

    1. Moni

      Ok ruhani..i’ll be ending this season at 25th epi and will come back with next season in mid july

  14. Superb dear

  15. Joyful Jessica

    Nice give more raglak seen

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