Swaragini ( where she went) episode 17


Episode 17.
The episode starts with thunders and lightening. Swara in her room is chanting god’s name. The thunder becomes much stronger. Swara wraps white blanket and close her eyes. She is not able to sleep.

Sanskar in his room has fallen asleep. He had forgot to lock his door. He feels like someone is in his room. He hears the sound of door opening..chuiii..sanky gathers courage and opens his one eye slowly but his face buried in blanket. He sees a white figure. Sanskar jumps from bed shouting chudail and catches it and throws it in bed and is about to punch but the figure shouts..sanskarrr…it’s me.
Sanskar fist reaches her nose. He stops.
Sanskar: Swara..you are chudail
Swara; You called me chudail…you good for nothing frog.(she makes an angry cute face)
Sanskar: Sorry But you scared me..wait a minute….what are you doing here…
Swara ; I…I..she notices something and shouts ahhhhh and turns back and closes her eyes
Sankar: Why are you shouting now
Swara: wear your pants sanskar…(sanky realizes he is in his boxers. He urgently wears his pants and feels embarrassed).
Swara; Can’t you wear proper clothes and sleep.
Sanskar: Oh! Hello this is my room and I can do whatever I like…but you tell me what are you doing here?
Swara: oh! Me actually..actually I am afraid of thunders..so I thought to come here and sleep in couch.
Sanskar (starts laughing)..hahah hahaha…you are afraid of thunders..Miss swara gadodia is afraid of thunders. He starts laughing. Swara gets annoyed. He sits laughing. His eyes falls on something..he shouts….bachaooo
Swara; now what happened..
Sanky: lizard..he stands on his bed.
Swara; (now she laughs)…haha Mr sanskar Maheshwari topbusinessman is afraid of lizards…you are still a kid. (she throws same dialogue)
(haha both sanky and lucky are afraid of lizards..you guys remember raglak first meeting 😉 )
Swara: OK now let’s sleep..we need to leave early tomorrow. She starts to sleep on couch.
SAnskar: you sleep on bed..i’ll sleep on couch.
Swara; ok..your wish (shows fake attitude). She sleeps.
Sanskar is amazed. He sleeps on couch

Laksh wakesup. He got cold and is continuously sneezing. He gets up and is about to go somewhere.
Neil: lucky..we will leave to Mumbai after 2 hours OK.
Lucky: NO neil..i’ll stay here for few more days.
Neil: No lucky..you have concert after a week in Mumbai and lots of work and practice remaining. You have a meeting tomorrow for your new album.
Lucky: NO neil cancel everything. You too go on holiday. WE have forgotten to live neil. I need a break.
Neil: Ok lucky. I’ll tell my PA to handle everything. I’ll stay here with you. You are my bestfriend yaar.
Lucky; ok (smiles) I need to go somewhere.
NeiL thinks suddenly what happened to him.he used to indulge in work everytime..it’s good. He needs to live too.
Laksh goes to music academy. He is searching ragini. He hears a voice. He goes to a classroom. There Ragini is singing..she is teaching her students. She is wearing a white churidar…wither haur open. Laksh is mesmerized. He slowly enters the class.
Ragini: who is it?
laksh: wo..wo..I am laksh..i mean lakshman. But how did you know I am here.
Ragini: I am not fully blind..i see blurr figures. Mr lakshman..i know you are a star but you should learn to knock. (laksh thinks somewhere inside she is the same raga )
Laksh: sorry…actually your voice..it’s so good.
Ragini says class is over. She walks out of class. Laksh follows her.
Laksh: ragi..(he hits his head) Ragya wait I need to talk.
Ragini; Mr Lakshman..i have lots of work now.i’ll meet yu afteran hour ok.
Laksh: call me laksh…lakshman doesn’t suit me.(laksh crosses his fingers)
Ragini is frozen. She closes her eyes..and says laksh.
Laksh gets tears of joy hearing his name from ragini’s mouth.
Laksh: so Friends?

Ragini: (she Thinks) and says ok Friends. (ragini thinks laksh has helped by doing free concert for music academy and he may be a good person)
Ragini: ok bye La..k.s.h (she says laksh with heavy heart)
Ragini goes but she slips. Laksh run and hold her. A small wind blows. Laksh is lost in ragini .(moh moh ke male beginning music plays)
They compose themselves and ragini leaves but she feels strange.
Laksh sees Anand and goes towards him.
Laksh: Mr Anand..i need to talk something important.
Anand; yes laksh
Laksh: Ragini..she said she sees blur images this means her eyes can be treated.
Anand: yes…doctor said her vision can be recovered but we need 25 lakhs for her treatment. I had collected money from years for my daughter’s dream of music academy. I had planned to do her surgery from that money but when ragu knew about it she clearly refused..she said she had nothing left to see in this world now.
Laksh; It means my ragini can see..Mr Anand I’ll give money..let’s do her surgery.
Anand: she won’t agree..she is stubborn. Her self-respect won’t allow her.
Anand leaves.
Laksh POV: I know how stubborn she is…but there’s someone more stubborn than her..it’s me. Now my mission starts to bring old ragini back. He smiles and go in search of ragini.
Laksh meets anand again and share his plan.
Laksh calls neil and asks him to organize a music competition in three days. Laksh calls doctor, sends him ragini’s medical report and takesdate of eye operation after a week. He thinks..everything is done except one thing i.e. to convince Ragini.

At garden raglak bumps into each other.
Ragini: Lakshman…I mean laksh
Laksh: how did you know it’s me.
Ragini: your perfume..BTW aren’t you going back today.
Laksh; no coz we have organized a music competition for females and the winner will get to perform with me on my Mumbai concert and a prize of 25 lakhs. I think you should take part as I would be lucky if I get a co-singer like you.
Ragini; Thank you but I won’t. I hate competitions. For competitions, people become selfish, sometimes they even betray and hurt peoples. (Ragini is in deep thought and have tears in her eyes)
Laksh understands why she is saying so. He feels like saying truth to her but thinks not now. He would tell everything after her surgery.
Laksh; ok leave all these..let’s have icecream together for our friendship.
Ragini: OK.
They have icecreams and laksh tells her many jokes. Ragini laughs whole heartedly after long time.
Ragini: you remind me of someone.
Ragini: there was a person whom now I hate fromcore of my heart.
(laksh gets hurt). He betrayed me. Leave it. Let’s go
Laksh drops her home.
At home Anand tells ragini about the music competition. Ragini denies but he emotionally blackmails her by saying he will sell music academy for her operation if she denies. Ragini after a long discussion agrees.
Anand calls laksh and says plan successful.
Swara and sanskar reach Shimla.

Precap: laksh becomes ragini’s mentor…music competition…swaragini meet.

How was the episode. Plz comment. I spend hours writing as your comments bring smile on my face so plz do comment.
sorry for spelling mistakes..i don’t have time to revise it. and thank you all for comments on my previous episodes.

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  1. Amina2000

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  6. Akshaya

    awesome. i think swara is gonna burst out on lucky and sanky

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  7. Awww Laksh’s plan is just too sweet and cute. I can’t wait to read about their musical journey. Oh and SwaSan’s part was funny. Loool at how both Sanskar and Laksh are scared of Lizards. Thanks for the quick update xx

    1. Moni

      Thanks fats ☺☺

  8. Megha123

    It’s just really awsm!

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  9. Superb epi dr.. Thnk god ragini will be back to normal but she has so much hate buried in her for laksh.. Swasan scenes were damn cute n funny. The way they were scared of thunder n lizards n that chudail thing Hahaha

    1. Moni

      Thank you ruhani ☺☺

  10. Nami

    Awesome.Loved raglak scene

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  11. Akshata

    really nice….. i know nobody is at fault but the situation is not good. still my all sympathy and empathy goes to rags becoz she suffered alot.

    1. Moni

      Thank you Akshata??

    1. Moni

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  16. waiting for more raglak scene next part soon

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      just posted next part..will get updated after 2-3 hours 🙂 🙂

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