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The episode starts with Laksh holding Ragini…..he is having mixed emotion. His eyes are happy to see her after three years but his brain is reminding him about the incident that happened three years back.
Rain gets much heavier. Laksh is looking at Ragini’s eye. They are drenched with rain but Ragini is looking straight…..she composes herself and says Thank you and smiles.

Laksh: Ra …rag
Anand comes there.
Anand: Ragya…you always leave without asking me and I have to search in whole city….you will get sick in rain.
(Ragya is ragini she changed her name)
Ragya:sorry uncle…you know I become desperate to feel it coz..
Laksh; ragya
Ragini’s heart becomes restless when she heard her name but she brushes it.
Anand: oh! Yes Ragya meet him. He is the rock star Lakshman…
Laksh is confused hearing the name ragya and anand calling him lakshman.
Laksh was about to speak.
Ragini: Hi lakshman….i have heard your songs…they are my favourite.
She forwards her hand to shake but it is not to the position where laksh is standing. Then she moves her hand slowly to where laksh is standing.
Laksh shakes hand with her. Ragini feels strange.

Laksh: but my name..
Anand stops him. Anand: Ragini plz go and change.she goes from there.
Laksh: Anand ji what is this? Why did you say my name is lakshman. And why is Ragini calling herself Ragya.
Anand; How do you know her real name? no one except me knows her real name here.
Laksh; we were in same college…but why didn’t she recognized me.
Anand; so wait…are you that laksh…coz two years ago when she heard your name first she got a panic attack..and then we didn’t took your name…here we called you lakshman as she gets headaches when she hears the name laksh. Mr laksh…Thank you you came here for us but plz go…
Laksh: What are you saying…I can’t understand..whe didn’t she recognize me.
Anand; pls laksh go…I can’t hurt her…..i don’t know what happened between you two..but plz leave her…I still remember the condition when I found her..I won’t tell you anything.
Laksh: plz anand ji tell me.
Anand goes from there.
Laksh stops him and says he won’t go until he tells everything.
Laksh stands there in rain..

At way to Shimla
There is awkward silence between swasan. Swara plays music. A romantic song plays. They both remember the old days…their first meeting, their dance. They both feel awkward. Swara stops music.
Sanskar’s pov: you are near me swara but you are much far. I don’t know if you believe me or not..but I don’t want anything from you…coz my love is pure and for your happiness I can do eyerything. I will unite you with your sister. It’s a promise.
Swara’s Pov; I don’t know if sanskar is saying truth or not…but my heart wants to believe him…I hope he don’t break my trust this time…I will forgive him if I find my sister.
Suddenly the car stops.
Swara;why did you stop the car?
Sanskar: look this rain is getting heavier..it’s not safe to ride and it’s already dark..i think we should stay here tonight..there’s a resort here.
Swara; But
Sanskar: sshhh.. I know what will be your sentence now..but plz understand…let’s go in.
Swara thinks she waited three years now it’s just a day and agrees.
They both go in. Sanskar books two rooms and they go to their respective room.
Meanwhile laksh is standing in rain. Anand sees it and calls him in.
Anand: you are so adamant….but why do you want to know about her..
Laksh: now plz tell me why didn’t she recognize me.
Anand; She can’t see laksh. She lost her eyes.
Laksh was shocked. It was like someone pinched his hear. He was dumbstruck.
(laksh was angry on rags but his brain stopped after seeing her as he had started to love her…)
Anand; she lost her eyes in accident…she was in a worst condition when we found her. I lost my daughter in the same accident three years back. I saw her there and brought her to my home .my daughter had small music here…ragini handled it. She lost her eyes…but not her willpower. She moved on. But actually she hasn’t, she cries in her room when she is alone.

When I found her unconscious I found her chanting two names; swara and laksh. Two years back when you released your first album, the childrens were taking your name but after hearing your name she fainted and doctor told us she is depressed and not to take your name..from then we are lying to her saying your songs are singer lakshman’s. she loves your songs and is always humming it.
Laksh has tears in his eyes. He has broken down. His heart is aching listening to all this.
Laksh thinks but why does she panic after hearing my name and what about the boy she ran with….
Anand: I don’t know the reason she came here but I know that the reason is you. I still remember her expression when she heard your name. I asked her about her family..she said her family treated her as princess. She sometimes talk about her sister nothing else.
Laksh: can I meet her. don’t worry I won’t reveal my name to her.
Anand; But why? What if you hurt her. I can’t trust you.
Laksh: I love her.
Anand is shocked.
Laksh goes towards ragini’s room. Ragini is in washroom. He sees her pictures and cries. He looks at her eyes in pictures and touches it.
He sees a diary there. He turns it and reads it. He is shocked. Now, everything is clear for him. He breaks down and thinks he is responsible for his condition. He remembers vrushi instigating him and thinks how did he believe that girl. He cries. He runs from there and breaks down in rain.(moh moh ke male sad version music plays)
Episode ends.

Precap: laksh in a mission. Cute raglak moments and swasan moments.

So, how was the episode. Did you all like it. Thank you so much for appreciating my story nowadays I am getting comments from new peoples…thank you all for your comments. Swasan misunderstanding will be cleared after they find ragini…so swasan fans need to wait a little more for their story and don’t worry about ragini as she will get back her vision soon.Do comment and yes you can also suggest me how the story should go on upcoming episodes.

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  1. ragini love u:)

  2. Ohhh the twist of Ragini loosing her eyesight is interesting, poor her. I’m glad Laksh found out the truth. The SwaSan moment was cute as well. Can’t wait for the next update xx

    1. Moni

      Thamk you fats..now you will see laksh love for ragini??

  3. Akshata

    laksh came to know everything, but feeling bad for ragini becoz she is the one who suffered alot compare to others, first sanskar, then vrushi, and then laksh who were equally responsible for her sorrow. outstanding update.

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  5. really super. i’m a silent reader.

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    love the new twist <3

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  7. Superb yr.. Omg ragini lost her eyesight.. She couldn’t recognize laksh but y? Thnk god laksh came to know abt the truth I hope swasan find out the truth soon n they reunite

    1. Moni

      Thank you ruhani…don’t worry swasan will unite soon..i’ll try to make it romantic

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  8. mony wonderful part dear

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  9. Feeling bad for ragini…atlast laksh understands every thing..hope soon every thing will be fine

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  10. Superb episode

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  12. It’s really good laksh knows everything now the story will turn romantic nice update

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    Really amazing just loved raglak scenes ❤

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  14. Stupid people…. writing episodes

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      Thank you sneha…i think you should not waste your time reading stupid people’s stupid episodes……if you had posted negative comments regarding the story i would have happily accepted it..you can pinpoint it and tell you don’t like the story..but you are insulting writers here…there are so many writers here..it’s like a hobby to write ok. you can tell the story stupid but the writers here are not stupid. #NO OFFENCE

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