Swaragini ( where she went) Episode 11

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Episode 11
Outside venue laksh sees ragini running and holds her hand.
Ragini ; leave me laksh. She jerks him and leave.
Lucky; what happened to her….why was she crying.

Ragini reaches home and gets angry and throws things everywhere. Swara comes there and tries to console her and hugs her.Ragini tells swara to go for now as she wants to stay alone and not to worry she will be ok.
Swara says call me if you need anything. Swara leaves and goes to terrace and shouts I won’t leave you.

The flashback starts
Ragini is in her high school at Mumbai. she was not tom boy. She liked pretty dresses, colours. Sanky was their senior. She was really pretty but she didn’t talk with anybody.
Once sanky saved her from goons and then their friendship started. Then they became friends and ragini fell in love with him. Sanky used to do cute things for her.
It was sankys last day in school. Ragini heard sanky telling thet if a girl proposeto a boy..he is the most lucky person.
Farewell party
All are enjoying the party and then suddenly light goes and spotlight goes on sanky and ragini. Ragini bnds on her knees and says
Ragini; sanky I love you love you love to infinity. Do you love me
Sanky and all other laughs. Ragini is surprised. A boy comes and congratulate him saying he completed his challenge. You made ragini gadodia propose you.
Ragini; What is he saying
Sanky; yes he is right. I had a bet that I will make you propose me infront of whole school and look I did it and I don’t love you. Those goons I send them and those things I did to impress you all were my plans. How could you think I would love you…you are behenji type not for sanky.
Ragini ws shattered. She cried whole day.
A phone call came to swara. She immediately rushed to Mumbai. she was shocked to see ragini in hospital. She had cut her wrist. Swara didn’t inform it to their parents. She stayed a year with ragini in Mumbai. she took care of her..made her strong. Ragini moved on and changed to rags..a new ragini .
Flashback ends.

Swara thinks what you did with my ragu..i will do the same to you..Mr Sanskar Maheshwari.

Ragini goesto a park. Lucky is also there. He comes near her..wips her tear..kiss her forehead. Ragini hugs him and cry. Lucky cares her and ask to tell the reason ashe is her friend.
Laksh ask ragini if she remembers she had a special friend who used to met him at this park and he was fat like balloon. Ragini remembers and smiles and says yes I do…go..golu.
Laksh; yes golu and what he used to call his fat friend
Ragini; golu.
Ragini realizes and hug lucky. Then she shares everything to him. She is much relieved. Laksh gives her some gyan(I am bad at dialogues)
Ragini says you are right…I was a teenager that time..he was my crush and not love coz love is not a weak thing to be forgetted and I don’t love him now. I just remembered my past seeing him but now I have faced him..now it won’t matter me if I see him everyday.
They fall asleep in the open ground beneath the sky.

Precap: Music competition (Maha episode) …everything will change.
sorry for short update..my next episode will be longer one and there will be a major change in characters.
Thank you all foryour comments..keep reading

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  1. At last ragini realised that it was her crush ☺?

  2. Awsmeeeeeeee waiting 4 nxt part

    1. Thank you megha…next part will change their lives

  3. Superb.. Thnk god ragini got over it n realized he was just her crush.. I hope swara forgives sanky soon n raglak unites

  4. Very nice

  5. raglak scenes are awesome

  6. Thank you Ruhani, Ammu, Lovely and alia

  7. i am glad that she realised difference between love and crush. but i think sanskar should be punished, he has to understand the pain of ragini. he has to realise that everything is not a joke. i dont want to be harsh bt he has no right to play with any girls feeling.
    but your update is just awesome.

    1. Thanks akshata…i am happy that you all are liking it

  8. Awesome nd waiting when sanskar understand the pain of ragini… bcus a girl emotions is not a thing tht he can bet

  9. Awesome but pls I want sanskaar to suffer and realise his mistake

  10. awesome…update soon….waiting for the change

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