SwaRagini-in other way (shot 4)


SwaRagini in other way 4

“Swara, Sanskar..open the door..!” Ap is calling knocking the door. Swara wakes suddenly and wakes Sanskar. (we know right, how Sanskar wakes suddenly..! I used to laugh then.)
With her gesture, Sanskar sleeps on bed. Swara opens the door.

Ap with wide smile,
“today we are going to surprise you..!”
Swara looks on.

“Ragini, Laksh..bring those cloths.” Ap says.

Ragini and Laksh comes with two plates. They keep them in room. Parineetha and Adarsh comes with jewelry.
Swasan thinks gets some bad feeling.

Laksh and Adarsh drags Sanskar into other room.
Parineetha and Ragini stays with Swara.

Ap: get ready them fast and bring them down.

Pari and Adarsh goes away with other work.

Ragini is making Swara ready.

Swa: ragini..what’s going on?

Rag: shh, you will know..!

Laksh is making Sanskar ready,

Lak: wow..! my brother looks handsome..!

San: kya horahai lucky?

Lak: you will know bro..!

Ragini completes making Swara as bride. Swara shocks.

Swa: ragini, are they going to do our marriage?

Rag: arey, as soon as I said about marriage, your cheeks tuned red.!

Swara runs out of room to meet Sanskar. Ragini doesn’t understand.
Sanskar too gets to know and he comes out.
They both stand before each other, they look at each other then they see mandap and all marriage arrangements.

Sharmista Shekar and Dadi dadaji has also arrived.

Swa: now what Sanskar? What shall we do??
San: it’s not late. Let’s say to everyone.

Sanskar and Swara go to Dp.

Ragini is busy in arranging something. Laksh comes. She is making some rangoli.
“ragini, here pink color is missing..” he says sitting near to her.
“where??” she asks looking at rangoli.
“there..” he says and holds her hand. Ragini gets struck. He holds her hand and moves her hand near a bowl, he moves his face near to her head, smells her hair. Ragini smiles. Her hair falls on his face due to wind, he gets mesmerized with her. Sujatha smiles looking at them. As they were observing, Ragini moves away.

Swasan says their marriage drama to Dp. Dp shocks. ap listens to it and starts scolding them,
“you may have not married for truth. But, you have to get married now..!”
San: but maa..
Ap, “so many guests have come. Do you want to make this family fool in front of them? There is a girl in this house to be married. If you do any mischief now, our reputation comes down and uttara has to suffer later…!”

Dp: but annu, how can they accept this marriage without liking each other?
Ap: I don’t know all this. I’m elder bahu of this house. And I have to take care of mm. if this family shouldn’t bend head before guests, swasan has to get married. If this marriage doesn’t happen, I will die..!

Swasan shocks and agrees for marriage.

Ragini was trying to put a fallen garland in front of door, she was trying to reach up, but couldn’t reach. Then Laksh comes and lifts her up. She looks at him shocked. Laksh gestures her to keep it. Ragini raises her hand and puts the garland. When he lifted her, her tummy was correctly at his face. Due to breeze her choli goes aside and he sees her thin tummy. Without thinking anything, he kiss her tummy. Ragini shocks at once. She gets frozen.
Laksh puts her down and pins her to wall. No one can see them. He starts kissing her neck. She clutches him tightly near unknowingly.

Suddenly, they hear sounds of drums and music. Ragini pushes him back and runs.

Swasan come to mandap. Ap is in anger on them as they lied. Swara is looking sad at Sanskar. Sanskar too looks at her calmly. They get married according to rituals.

They come into their room,

Swara cries.
San: why are you crying swara? Are you sad that you have married a bad man like me?

Swa wipes her tears.
Swa: no Sanskar. You are a nice boy. But we were just friends know.

San: let’s become wife and husband now.
Swara gets angry with his words.
San: I love you swara…
Swara looks at him shocked.
San: whether you feel anger on me or you think whatever, I love you Swara.
Swara becomes dumb struck.
San: I won’t force you on anything. But, I just said what is at my heart.
Swara remains calm.

In raglak room,
Laksh was getting crazy over Ragini.
“laksh, don’t come near me..!” she is warning.
“what can you do?” he says coming towards her.
“I will shout and call everyone.” She says.
“you are my wife. No one listens to you.” He says.
She was moving back, she gets struck with bed and falls on it. laksh smirks. He comes over her.
Ragini closes her eyes in fear.
“why are you afraid of me ragini? I’m I nothing to you?” he says.
She opens her eyes and looks into his eyes getting melt.
Laksh keeps hands over her hands. “why are you hiding your feelings if you love me?” he asks.

He bends towards her. ragini closes her eyes again and moves her head aside. Laksh is about to kiss her neck,
‘dab…dab…dab’ the door knocks.

Laksh gets up from her. Ragini gets free from him and runs to wash room.
“don’t think that you are escaped from me Ragini..!” he says and laughs.

He opens door, Sanskar was standing in tensed mode.

Lak: what happened bhai?
San: I said love you to swara. I don’t know how she will react.
Lak: why? Don’t she love you?
San: how yar? We were married on force.
Lak: so, why are you afraid if you say that?
San: I said couldn’t control my mouth.
Lak: just silently go and convince her. don’t disturb me.
San: but lucky…
Lak: good night…
He says and closes the door.

Sanskar nervously goes to his room. He closes door. He shocks looking at Swara, what she is drinking. He runs and grabs bottle from her.

San: why did you drink this?
Swa: why it’s a cool drink know. (she twists his cheek winking at him)
San: who kept this drink here?? No one drinks in our house.
Then Sanskar remembers keeping one with him to give party to his friends. He beats his head.
Swara starts slapping Sanskar.
San: swara…what happened??
Swara bends him and beats him in his back.
San: what’s wrong with you swara?
Swa: why did you take my bottle? Give it back..!
San: no..! kill me instead of it.
Swara keeps beating Sanskar with stick. He runs from one end to other end of room.
San: swara, plz stop.
Swara gets tired running and sits in a corner. She starts crying, ‘I want that bottle’ just as small baby.
Sanskar smiles at her cute antiques and comes near her. he empty’s the bottle throwing all drink in sink.
San: here you go.
He gives empty bottle. Swara takes it and lifts bottle she keeps her mouth at lid.
Sanskar just smiles at her. she puts bottle aside. She is thinking that she has drank.
‘thanku Sanskar..’ she tells & hugs him grabbing his neck.
Sanskar remains calm.
Swa: u r my best friend…
She says and kiss his cheek. He shocks.
Swa: y did you shock. Is this not enough??
Then she starts kissing his cheek more and more. Sanskar closes his eyes.
San: no..! this is not correct. She is not in sense.
He says and lifts her to bed. He makes her sleep on bed, but she pulls him, and he falls on her. she is laughing wittily.
Sanskar gets too attracted with her cuteness. He kiss her forehead.
San: now sleep like a good girl. Ok..!
Swa: you have to be beside me teddy bear.!
San: teddy bear?
Swa: yes, you are my teddy.
San: no..! I will sleep on couch.
Swara cries again.
Swa: I want talking teddy.
She has clutched his collar tightly. So for a while he decides to sleep beside her.
Swara places her head on his chest. He rubs her head.
Swara keeps singing, ‘twinkle twinkle little star… hw I onder…onder… haaaaa…’ she sleeps silently.
Sanskar tries to get away from her, but she has clutched his shirt tight. Sanskar remains calm and sleeps like that only.

Next morning,

Ragini is still in wash room.
Lak: ragini, I promise. I won’t touch you again. Come out…

Rag: no..! you liar..! bcz of you, I stayed in bathroom all the night.
Lak: ok, I’m sorry. Come out now. I have to pee….

Ragini then opens the door. She points a stick to him.
Rag: if you come near me, I will stab you with this..!
Laksh laughs.
Lak: this is a big sword and you are going to stab me..!
Rag: yes. I will..!!
Laksh grabs stick from her, breaks it to two parts and throws it aside. She looks shocked at the stick.
Laksh grabs her near by waist suddenly. She looks him shocked again.
“you promised me..”
“I never stand on promises…”says Laksh and moves near her lips. He makes a passionate long lip lock for which she too responds brushing her hand in his hair.

She then suddenly push him back.
“you are a liar..!” she shouts.

In Swasan room,
Swara wakes and finds herself in Sanskar’s embrace. She shocks and wakes.
She tries to remember what has happened. Sanskar just wakes then. Swara suddenly slaps him. He looks at her shocked.
Swa: how can you cheat me Sanskar?
Sanskar smiles painfully then explains her what has happened. Swara feels bad. She looks at the stick beatings marks on him and gets very sad.

Swa: I’m sorry Sanskar…
San: no. it’s ok.
Swa: I will apply medicine…
San: no problem.
He goes into wash room. Swara looks on.
Swara: he didn’t take advantage when I’m not in conscious, that means he is very kind.

Sanskar just comes out of wash room. His neck has a stick mark. Swara feels guilty and goes near him to apply ointment. He holds her hand.
San: I said it’s ok swara.
Swa: I’m sorry Sanskar..(in tears)
San: sorry always doesn’t work swara.
He says and goes out. Swara remains sad.

In raglak room,

Laksh gets upset with Ragini’s behavior.
Lak: it’s enough Ragini. It has become much..!
Ragini looks at him in anger.
Lak: I said you sorry many times and I tried to approach you, pour my love on you, you kept rejecting me..!
Ragini becomes calm.
Lak: how much should I bear? Even, I’m losing my patience. You don’t want me to come near right..! ok, I’m leaving now.
Laksh is about to go, Ragini holds his hand, “Laksh, I’m sorry…”
He brushes her hand away…
“sorry always doesn’t work ragini..!” he goes away upset. Ragini looks on…

Sanlak both leave to office having anger on their wives. Now, Swaragini in mission to make them chill.

Author’s note:

So, when did the villain entries happened? Ragini is positive in my ff so there is no her villainism. Because of her kavitha and Kaveri track happened in serial. So, if Ragini is not negative, they wouldn’t have come out ever. If they came also, swaragini together solve the problem.
Next villain…ragini’s maasi. So, her problem also over comed easily, bcz… swara supports ragini always.
The 3rd villain… kavya and karthick. Laksh has brought kavya because of Ragini. Now, there is no need of taking revenge on Ragini. So, no kavya and karthick track also.
4th villain… Raajat. He came because of Uttara. But, his work became easy due to parineetha. But, Parineetha is also positive in my ff. so, no Raajat problem also.
5th villain…. Sahil. While escaping from Raajat swara accidentally falls in river and Sahil finds her. we know what happens there. So, if Raajat problem is not there, then.. Sahil problem also not there.
Here only sharmista’s pregnancy problem comes. So, Dadi is not negative in my ff. so, Ragini never acted for her mom.
6th villain…..pari and adarsh themselves become enemies to maheswaris. But, they are also positive.
The last and final villain… mansi and nikil.
If parish were never negitiave, then sanlak would have never fighted. So, laksh would have never missed. If he missed also, swasan wouldn’t have broke.
So….at last there are no villains in my ff. it’s purely a romantic ff of swasan and Raglak.

So dearies,
Tomorrow I’m going to present the romance track for swasan and raglak
And that’s last one tomorrow. Tomorrow means not tomorrow, next shot. Next shot is final shot..don’t miss it….
So, I always wished SwaRAgini should have been like this….

here is the previous shot.

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