SwaRagini-in other way (shot 3)

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You have to read shot 1 and 2 to understand this part…
Shot 1: shot-1

Shot 2: shot-2

SwaRagini-In other way 3

Sanskar is shocked with Swara’s words.

In Raglak room,

Laksh continuously smiling at her and comes near her. Ragini gives a confused look.
Laksh bends on his kneel and take her hand.
She looks at him amazed.

Lak: Ragini, I would like to accept you as my wife completely. I’m not telling these words from my mind. I’m telling with my heart.
He bends his face and kiss her hand gently.

Ragini becomes struck with that. She remains in frozen state not understanding how to react.

Laksh keeping his eyes down,
Lak: I’m very sorry for hurting you many times Ragini. I didn’t realize your love. But, you still excused me. Where I can find a nice girl like you. I want you back in my life.

Ragini looks on…

In Swasan room,

San: what our marriage? Is that true?

Swa: no..! I’m saying just for fun(sarcastically)

San: ok..i’m sorry. Now, what shall we do?

Swa: even I’m not understanding. If all knows, that we just acted Laksh may change his heart again.

San: so, we have to act up till Ragini and Laksh becomes one.

Swa: yes. But this marriage?

San: don’t worry. I will do something.

In Raglak room again.

A long tear escapes from Ragini’s eye. Laksh is about to wipe that tear, she turns her face other side. Laksh holds her chin and turns her face to him. She looks at him.

Laksh stretches his hands wide.
Lak: I’m accepting you completely Ragini. Come into my embrace and complete my name…
Ragini flatters with his cute proposal. She is hearing his proposal first time. (of course, it’s their first confession)

Laksh looks at her in moist eyes. But, Ragini gets down from bed from other side remembering the past.

Rag in low tone: Laksh, my heart was broke many days ago. When I knew that you were loving Swara my heart was broke once. And when I realized even Swara is loving you I was broke completely. Now, I don’t have any heart to feel this.

Lak: Ragini, that was all past. I don’t have Swara in mind anymore. She is my brother’s wife. And, you are my wife..!

Rag: I was your wife with the forced marriage. It was not done with my wish.

Lak: I know that Ragini. It’s fine. If you don’t accept me it’s ok. But, I will wait for you always..!

Laksh goes out of room. Ragini remains silent.

In SwaSan room,

Swara comes out of bath( she is wearing pink chudidar)
She is struggling holding her eye.

San: what happened?

Swa: ahh..! soap fell in my eyes Sanskar..! it’s burning…!!

San: are you a child swara? Can’t you be careful?

He holds Swara’s face and blows air gently into her eye.

San: now?

Swa: somewhat better.

Sanskar does it again. Swara realizes her position, their faces are too close to Each other.

Swa: it’s enough.
She turns away. Sanskar too understands the embarrassing moment.

San: ok, I will take shower.
He runs into wash room. Swara smiles but she doesn’t understand why she is smiling.

Swara comes out and passes through Ragini’s room. Ragini was struggling to tie dorries of her blouse. She looks Swara and calls. Swara about to come, Laksh stops her and he goes inside.
Swara smiles and leaves the place.

Laksh comes and holds Ragini’s dorries. She thinks it is Swara.

Rag: thank god Swara. You came. I’m struggling from long time to tie them.

Laksh smiles and ties them. He gently touches his little finger on her back. Ragini shivers but remains calm.

Rag: what Swara? Why are you not talking anything?

Laksh again takes chance and moves his fingers over her back. Ragini shivers a lot now and turns back surprised. She shocks to see Laksh.

She couldn’t control her smile. She wanted to control hard, but she was helpless. Laksh about to do some mischief thing again, his phone rings, he goes into balcony.

Ragini comes out in a run, holds a pillar and blushes in shy.

Swara looks at her antiques and gets extremely happy. She runs into her room shouting, ‘Sanskar..!’
Sanskar took bath just then and came out with towel as Swara was not there. Swara suddenly enters and holds Sanskar’s hands and rotates him.

She is not even realizing that he is in towel.
San: swara, swara….stop..

Swara rotates him happily and hugs him suddenly. Sanskar shocks and his face turns red.
Swa: I’m so happy Sanskar..!
San: but I’m towel Swara.

Swara realizes get shy and turns other side. Sanskar takes out his dress.

Swa: I’m sorry.

San: so, what’s the news?

Swara keeps jumping.
Swa: laksh and Ragini are in love. They both love each other.

San: ok.ok, please don’t turn back. I’m changing.
Sanskar completes his dressing.

Swara keeps telling: wow, I never thought they will love each other this soon..!!

San: ok, you may see.

Swara sees Sanskar is struggling to tie the tie. Swara takes tie and starts tying it.

Swa: don’t you know to tie a tie.
San: no. I don’t know to tie a tie.
Both laughs.

Laksh is sitting in hall, he is doing some work seriously in laptop. Ragini was working in kitchen and keep looking at Laksh from door. She gets mesmerized looking at his serious face. (yes know. Laksh looks more handsome when he is serious..!)
While Ragini is looking him, he suddenly raises his eyes at her resulting an eye lock. Ragini then bends her head when breeze touched her.

Laksh: why this Sanskar is not coming still?(thinks)

Just then Ragini comes with a coffee cup near him.
Laksh takes it.

Laksh: haa Ragini. Please call Sanskar know. We have important work.

Ragini just nods her head and goes upstairs. She feels bit disappointed as he didn’t do any mischief.

When Ragini goes to room, Swara was busily tying tie to Sanskar.

San: tell me truth. Do you know it really?

Swa: ya..! I know..!
She says and drags the tie, Sanskar neck presses. He shouts. Ragini laughs.

San: see Ragini. What your sister has done.

Rag: laksh is calling you.

Sanskar nods and glares at Swara in fake anger. She is laughing naughtily.

Sanskar goes away. Ragini feels happy with their closeness.

Rag: swara, are you going to come in this chudidar?

Swa: but, I don’t have saree. Even I don’t know how to drape it.

Rag: I will bring and I will help.
Here Ragini makes Swara wear saree. There, Laksh makes Sanskar wear tie.

Sanlak are busy in work. Swaragini come down. Sanskar gets struck looking at Swara in angelic beautiful saree. But, he turns away his face soon.

Everyone sit at dinning for breakfast. Ragini is serving for all. Swara is helping. Ragini comes near Laksh and serves something. She is about to go Laksh holds her hand. She shocks. he keeps rubbing her palm. She doesn’t know how to control before all.

Ap: ragini, you too sit and eat.

Ragini sits beside Laksh as there is no other seat. Now, Laksh gently rubs her leg with his foot. Ragini clutches spoons worried. She is taking gulps. Her cheeks are all red.

Swara: ragini? Are you okay?

Ragini shivering: no I’m not. I will eat later.
She runs to room. Everyone doesn’t understand. But Laksh smiles victoriously as if he has done a greatest thing.

Ragini sits on bed and starts crying.
Rag: why? Why fate is playing with me? When I want to be far to him, he is becoming close. And even I couldn’t resist him..! No, I shouldn’t accept him that easily. I’m a human. Even I have heart..!!

Sanskar and Laksh leaves to office. They happened to return late from office due to lots of works.

Swasan room,

Sanskar enters room with full head ace.
San: off..! it’s a total work day..!
He falls on couch.

Swara applies zandu bam to his head.

San: hmm, I want a head massage dangerously..!

Swara then takes oil, and starts massaging his head.

San: swara, I just said it for fun.

Swa: you are my friend. Can’t I do this much?

Sanskar smiles.

Sanskar murmurs: swara, do this every day…

Swara: what??

San: nothing. I’m just singing a song. (in himself–) sanskar..! control your mouth..!

In RagLak room,

Laksh falls on bed as soon as he entered. Ragini thinks that he has fall asleep. He didn’t even remove his shoes. Then she slowly removes his shoes. He knows what happening, but he pretends as sleeping.

Then she goes near his head to off the light, he suddenly grabs her by waist, she falls on him.
Rag: leave me Laksh.
Lak: ask me anything than it..!
He is about to kiss her, but a tear from her eye falls on his cheek. He looks at her and leaves.

Ragini stands wiping her tears.
Lak: ragini, I’m your husband.
Rag: but, I can’t accept you.

Lak: ok. How many days will you give me this punishment?

Ragini silently goes out from room.
Lak: ragini, I’m sorry. Come back..!

Meanwhile in Swasan room,

Swa: I will sleep on couch.

San: no..! it’s my place..!

Swara grabbing pillow from him.
Swa: Sanskar bass..! everyday you are sleeping on couch. Let me sleep today.

San: no swara. You will not feel ok. I can adjust.

Swa: oh..! do you think I’m a princess? Even I can adjust, give me.

They are dragging pillow with force on both ends, and accidentally it breaks. All fur comes out.

Swara laughs looking at cotton fur and starts playing with it. Sanskar silently looks her mesmerized. Swara stands on bed and keep catching and playing with that cotton, suddenly she comes to edge and slips.
(haa…we know what happens here..!)
When she slips, Sanskar holds her in arms. Both have eye lock. A cotton fur falls on swara’s nose and she sneezes cutely. Sanskar smiles with her sneeze and blows cotton fell on her face. She closes her eyes with his air. She suddenly realizes that they aren’t married. She gets far from Sanskar and stand in weird expression.

San: I’m sorry swara. I held you as you were falling.
Swa: there’s my mistake also Sanskar..! never mind.

Then they hear door knock. Swara opens door and finds Ragini in tears.

Ragini bending her head: swara, can I sleep in your room for today?
Swara: yes Ragini. Come…
Swara takes Ragini in.
San: ok, I will sleep in Laksh’s room. (Sanskar leaves.)

Swa: what happened Ragini? Is everything ok between you? Did Laksh said you anything again??
Rag: he didn’t do anything. But, I want to stay far from him sometime.
Swara looks on…

Sanskar goes to Laksh’s room and knocks the door. Laksh thinks it is Ragini and opens door in bright smile. He sees Sanskar with pale face. His face also becomes pale.
Lak: what?
San: shelter…
Lak: ask ur biwi to send my biwi back…
San: laksh bhai, shelter please..i’m sleepy.
Lak: aha…! Go out..!

Laksh closes door. Sanskar puts pout and returns to his room. He knocks door.
Swara opens: what?
San: let’s send ragini back.
Swa: my sister came with tears and you want me to send her back? You only get out..!
She closes door.

Sanskar: what is this bhagavan?
He says and keeps roaming here and there.

Laksh laughs looking at Sanskar, he is about to call him. But he sees Ragini is coming.
Rag: Sanskar, you may go into your room.

Sanskar nods his head.

Ragini comes to Laksh.

Lak: thanks for coming back Ragini.
Ragini is silent.

Sanskar goes inside and closes door. Swara feels uneasy.
San: so, I’m sleeping on couch. This is final..!
He sleeps on couch.
Swa in herself: this is not correct. We aren’t married for real, but still staying like this is not good. I have to do something soon..!!

Raglak room,

Ragini is setting bed sheet and pillow on floor.

Lak: why are you sleeping on floor?

Rag: I don’t feel comfortable on couch.

Lak: there is big bed. Why do you need to sleep down.
Ragini glares at Laksh. He gulps in fear.
Lak: I mean..

Rag: we are just wife and husband for name. not for truth. Let’s be far..!!
Ragini sleeps silently.
Laksh looks at her sighs and sleeps.

To be continued………..

Done done naa done with 3rd shot…. My dear people, drop ur comments & let me know your views. In next part, Swasan will be married.

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