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Swaragini in other way….

Hai guys, we already know how Ragini was turned negative in starting of Swaragini series. I’m just writing the ff, what would have happened if she never turned negative. This is just my imagination; forgive me if I wrote anything wrong…(swasan & raglak will be given equal importance)

We know what has happened in the serial.
Laksh proposes Swara, but Swara rejects him. Shekar, Dadi misunderstand Swara, that she is trapping Laksh. Dadi says all bad about Swara to Ragini. Ragini runs out of the house being depressed to commit suicide. Swara and Shekar come out in search of her. a car hits Ragini, she is admitted in hospital. Laksh feels sad, that it was happened because of him. Dadi won’t allow Laksh or Swara to see Ragini. Ragini is feeling ok now. Sanskar, who is acting mad comes near Ragini. Sujatha leaves him alone there.
We know, how Ragini comes to know about truth of Sanskar.

Now, into my fiction….

Sanskar shouts on nurse: you will know the value of life when your loved one’s are lost…!!

Ragini shocks. Nurse leaves. Ragini looks at Sanskar shockingly. He comes and sits beside her.

Ragini: are you not mad??

Sanksar: no..! I’m acting to take revenge on my family.
He narrates how Dp killed his kavitha. (however, it is just his assumption and false)

Sanskar: now, I want to take revenge on them also. Ragini, it is Swara and Laksh for your condition. You can join with me to take revenge on them.

Ragini remains calm.

Sanskar: Ragini..?

Ragini: Sanskar, my sister may have cheated me. Laksh may have betrayed me, but the truth is Swara is my sister and I love Laksh forever…! There wouldn’t be change in it.

Sanskar: but….

Ragini: don’t be scared Sanskar..! I won’t tell your secret to anyone.

Just then Sujatha and Dadi comes back. Sanskar leaves with Sujatha.

Laksh takes the whip beats for his mistake as he was reason for Ragini’s condition. (we all know that incident..)
However, Dp comes on time and takes Laksh back to home. But, Laksh was stubborn in his decision about loving Swara.

Ragini is discharged from hospital, she comes back home but not willing to talk with Swara. Swara gets upset.

She comes out and finds Laksh out of house.

Swara: y r u here Laksh? Did u come to see the fun? U r the reason for Ragini’s condition.
Laksh: I’m really feeling sorry for Ragini. But, the truth is I love you..!

Swara shocks.

Laksh: I came to say sorry once to Ragini. And, I will never show my face again to you both.

Ragini who stands at door listens to their convo.

Swara: get out of here at once laksh. Plz, don’t make mess again. Let us live peacefully…

Shekar just comes out and scolds Laksh to go away. Laksh looks at the door sees Ragini. She was looking at him in teary eyes. He goes away looking at Ragini sadly.

Swara comes near Ragini and holds her hand.

Swara: believe me Ragini. I never meant to cheat you. I didn’t love Laksh or I will never love him again..!!

Ragini looks at Swara.
Swara: don’t you believe your sister??
Ragini cries and hugs Swara. Swara too cries. Shekar and Sumi smiles. But Dadi goes away in disgusting face.

Swaragini becomes one again. It’s day before Swara’s birthday. Ragini goes out to buy stuff for Swara’s bday party.
“This is Swara’s 1st bday, we are celebrating together. So, it should be too fun..!” she thinks.
While going on road, some van comes and door opens. One man drags her into van. Ragini shocks. Before she would respond, she is made unconscious.

Later, Laksh gets phone call and he is shocked. Swara gets the same phone call from private number.

They both come to a place. Sanskar looks them from side.

Swara: what r u doing here?

Laksh: swara? U r here??

Then Laksh gets the mms. Where Ragini is tied. They shocks.
{here we know what Sanskar demands them. And what they does.}

Laksh shows his complete feelings to Swara and she too grows feelings towards him. {yes, we know that..!}

They brings ragini home, people will taunt Swara and Laksh, swara proves Laksh is innocent
{the same incidents repeats but without involvement of Ragini. Sanskar alone does everything.}

Swara expresses her feelings towards Laksh to Ragini. Ragini feels sad in heart, but she decides, “Maybe I’m not destined for Laksh. May be swa lak are made for each other. I’m just a so called object..!” she cries. And accepts everything killing her heart.

However Ragini grows suspicious towards Sanskar, as she knows his real face. Once she meets him secretly.

Rag: Sanskar… I know you are doing all this.

San: yes. It’s me. But, it’s my revenge.

Rag: Sanskar, u remember one thing. Swara is my sister and I can’t bear if you harm Laksh. You can betray your family but I can’t betray them. If you do anything more, I will expose you before everyone.

Sanskar amazes with her attitude.

San: how Ragini? How?? They all betrayed you..! cheated you..! but, you still..

Rag in tears: they didn’t cheat me Sanskar. I dreamed a lot. To say frankly, even you cheated me..!
Sanskar bends his head.

Rag: no one here gives importance to my feelings. Then whom should I hate? But, still all are my family. And I can’t bear if anyone cries.

She runs away in tears. Sanskar looks on.

Swara also comes to know truth about Sanskar. She brain washes him. Sanskar too changes. Now, no villains are there. Sanskar accepts that he has acted as mad. At first Laksh and all gets angry on him. But, Swara and Ragini involves in the matter and make family accept Sanskar.

Now Sanskar changed.

Family accepts Swara and Laksh marriage. Ragini keeps her heart weight in herself and participates in all marriage works. Everyone thinks that she has accepted it. but, only Sanskar knew her sadness.

So, on mehendi day all were busy. Ragini dances happily…and she happens to slip and fall in Laksh’s arms.
She keeps looking at him in tears.

Laksh: arey Ragini… be careful..!
Ragini smiles and nods and soon runs away from there.
Swara doesn’t understand why she ran away.

She goes near her and surprised to see Ragini is crying badly. Swara just stands at door. Suddenly Sanskar comes and drags Swara aside.

San: you are a sister…! And you aren’t understanding her heart..

Swa: what is it Sanskar?

San: ragini still loves Laksh. And she is sacrificing him just for you..!
Swara shocks and cries.

Swa: I never thought that. why I will snatch away my sister’s happiness from her? there is only one solution for this.
She says and looks at Sanskar.

The marriage day,

Swara and Sanskar are missing. All were feeling tensed where they went. Ragini keeps calling to Swara’s mobile.

Then SwaSan entry happens with married attire. They have garlands. And swara’s maag is filled with sindoor.

All shock.

Laksh goes furiously near Swara.
Lak: what is this Swara??

Swa: me and Sanskar are married.

Laksh about to scold Swara, but Sanskar stops him telling that she is his wife.

In anger Laksh forces Ragini to marry him. Ragini says no straightly no..! but, Laksh fills her maang with sindoor forcely.

All shock again.
Laksh holds Ragini’s hand and faces swasan. Swara feels happy. But, Ragini keeps crying.

Everyone are angry with Laksh, Sanskar and Swara.

In swasan room,

Swara: till Laksh and Ragini becomes one, we shouldn’t let anyone know that we have married fake.

Sanskar: ok. And I have also got chance to wash my sins. Poor Ragini, she loves Laksh a lot. But swara you…

Swara: hmm…leave it. when I came to know Ragini loves him. I forgot him then itself.

Sanskar smiles and sleeps on couch. She sleeps on bed.

In RagLak room,

Ragini is standing in corridor lifelessly. Laksh stands beside her.

Lak: I’m sorry Ragini. I have married you on force. What to do? I was angry on Swara. How she can betray me like this..!!

Rag in tears: betrayal..! who didn’t betrayed whom? At first, you have lied me for your brother. He just cheated telling duppate wali dosth.. and at last this forced marriage..!

Laksh takes Ragini’s hand and gently takes her near. She keeps looking him surprised. He will kiss on her forehead. She amazes.

Lak: ragini, I have cheated you. Yes, I have lied to you..! but, not now. you are my wife…! I’m giving you all rights for being as my wife. I’m yours.

Ragini smiles.

Lak: I will come just now.
Says Laksh and goes out in tears. He drinks being upset.

{the same drink scene and laksh losing mouth on swara happens}
He enters room in drunken state. Ragini shocks and comes to know he still loves Swara by his words. ragini gets sad.

Next morning, Laksh wakes and sees Ragini.

Rag: good morning Laksh..(in bright smile)

Lak: good morning Ragini(amazingly)

He tries to hug her. she stops him.

Rag: you need not act Laksh. I know that you love Swara still.
Laksh bends his head.

Rag: I will ask Swara today, why did she marry Sanskar? And I will change her mind. I will make you both together again..!

Lak: no need of that Ragini. She betrayed me shamelessly and how can you ask her again. I will be upset on you if you do that. you are my wife..! this is final..!

He goes away.

Rag in herself: but truth is you still love her Laksh. And I can’t accept my sister’s love…

Ragini furiously goes to Swara’s room.

Swara was still sleeping and Sanskar was sleeping on couch. Ragini knocks the door.

Swara wakes and hurriedly wakes Sanskar and asks him to sleep on bed. When everything set, swara opens the door.

Swa: ragini..?

Rag: I have to talk something. Get ready and come….

Ragini leaves.

Swa: at any cost, our drama shouldn’t be out.
Sanskar nods.

All family were supportive to Ragini, but not Swara. Ragini feels bad as everyone are treating Swara like that. but Swara simply moves on with a smile.
However, at end Dp and Ap appreciates Swara.

Then Ragini takes Swara into kitchen.

Rag: why did you do like this swara?

Swa: I like Sanskar than Laksh…

Rag: no..! you are lying. My sister can’t change heart that easily. I know about her.
Swara looks at ragini.

Rag: did you sacrifice for me??
Swara looks at Ragini in tears and hugs her.

Rag: accept Laksh back swara. I will talk to him. He still loves you.

Swa: no ragini. I don’t love him anymore. Laksh is yours. I’m the one who came in middle.

Rag: but…
Swara closes Ragini’s mouth.

Swa: tell me truth, don’t you love Laksh still..

Ragini becomes calm.

Swa: let’s start fresh life now…

Sanskar smiles looking at their bonding. He goes near Laksh. But, both gets into fight. Swaragini stops them.

Swara scolds Sanskar in room.

But Ragini is silently applying medicine to Laksh.

Swa: mistake is our’s..!

San: I know, but I couldn’t tolerate when he said negative about you..!

Swara looks at him for his words.

San: I mean, you are my friend. How can I tolerate?
He slowly goes out to prevent embarrassing situation.

Sanskar was already in love with Swara.

Rag: why did you fight with Sanskar?

Lak: I said truth about swara. He got angry and bet me. I bet him back.

Rag: what did you say on swara?

Lak: she is a cheater..!

Ragini strongly: she is not a cheater..! she has done for me..!
She narrates what actually happened. Laksh shocks.

Lak: I’m such a stupid..! I have to say sorry to swara..!

Swara who listens to their convo shocks.
Swa: no..! laksh is coming back to apologize to me. This shouldn’t happen. He has to accept Ragini. Not me..! what should I do now??

Swara runs to Sanskar who is roaming in garden thinking about Swara. Laksh just comes.

Swara runs and hugs Sanskar. Sanskar shocks and even Laksh.

Swa: I love you Sanskar…!
She says loudly.

Laksh’s heart breaks. Looking at his heart break Ragini feels extreme sad.

Sanskar feels amazingly happy.

To be continued…..

Hai everyone, did I give importance to both of pairs equally? If not, plz tell me. We are missing Swaragini. Aren’t we? Mainly swasan and Raglak. I love them equally.
But, I don’t like showing anyone negative. Bcz, I love everyone… plz drop ur comments.

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