Swaragini…The Way You Are… Season-2 (Promo)…

Hello frnds I’m back to bore you all with promo of “The way you are” Season-2… 😀 😀 how many of u remember..??

Note- this one is Continuation of “Delivery-OS and The Way You Are… ” Swasan and Raglak will be pair… nd yeah May be it’ll be SS.. ☺☺


Ragini parted her lips and started bite nails in tension… sanskar holds her hand and assures her… she nods nervously…

Sans: Cutie you knw its not at all suits ur face.. if at all ur shona… he stops in between. .. word shona make his face pale… Ragini place her hand on his shoulder… he gives her “I’m ok” smile…

“Sorry for late Mr and Mrs.Maheshwari..” Principal enters his cabin…

Rag-san stands and give him a warm smile : it’s ok Mr.verma..
They starts thr meeting…

Principle: I never ever seen such an irresponsible parents in my life… kids are same as thr parents … your kids are just spoiling other students… he starts to complaint about thr kids… Ragini anger roses in peek, sanskar held her hand to control her…


Sanskar was busy in his lappy… calling bell disturbs his work… he sighs and stand…

“Papa Wait will open door” one beutiful 7yrs Chubby naughty girl runs before him…
Sans: princesses slow… he shouts and walks towards door…

Girl open door one man stands with parcel….
Man: beta Mr.Maheswari…
Girl: arre uncle tell thr name… Which maheswari u want… you know(she counts using her finger) 1…2…3… 4… 5.. Mr.Maheshwari here… one is my dadu Maheswari… u know everyone afraid of him even my papa angry bird Maheswari and Papu Dude Maheswari… but my dadu is afraid of me…his heads also blad like play ground … he he he… (she chuckles)second one is my papa Sanskar Maheshwari…

Sanskar rolled his eyes in disbelief… “just like her mom, no no morethan her” he thoughts and sighs remembering the incident of sanskar first gift to swara…
Sans: Iniyaa beta… sanskar calls her… Girl grinned widely looking at sanskar…
Swara is crying in her room alone… Swa: sanskar I knw i did a mistake by hiding you this matter… but ur punishment is very bigger than my mistake… I’m really sorry… cant you forgive ur love… she cries bitterly holding his photo and remembers all thr lovely moments…


One cute 7yr lil boy was riding cycle… he winks at one 6yr lil girl… girl turn her face… he stops his cycle near that girl and kissed her cheek… girl started to cry… Ragini notices this… she angrily goes to that boy and twist his ear… Boy started to shout…
Rags: is this the age of doing all this…?
Boy: Mumma pls leave me… I didn’t do nothing this girl cheek only kissed my lips… trust me…

Ragini rolled her eyes at her son explanation… “Ragini trust me urs cheek oly kissed my lips..” Lucky words echoed in her ears…
Rags: Sanskrit stop giving silly explanation lyk ur papa… she shouts angrily…

Laksh enters home with pale face… “Ragini I never ever forgive you for what u did with me… none cant stop me from taking revenge from you today” he smirks…

His thoughts were interrupted by the word “Papa ji” laksh knows who is it..he lower his gaze… one cute lil boy was standing with aarti plate in right hand and holding bell in left hand… thilak in his forehead and one lil flower in his left ear… he blinks his eye… he looks too adorable in that getup… laksh Smiles wide… he sits on his knees and takes aarti… boy smiles and sign him to take prasad…
Lak: Thank you beta ji…
Boy: papa ji don’t call me beta ji… Boy pouts…
Lak: thn beta ji you too don’t call me papa ji… he pulls boy nose… Boy turn his face angrily…

Laksh remembers his nok-jhoks with Ragini for Ji…

“Swayam Beta U come to Mmy” swara comes thr and extends her arms…
Swayam keeps aarthi plate and bell aside and jumps into swara embrace… swara twirls him happily…

Lak: hey school girl don’t u knw u r nt allowed to lift weight at this time…
Swa: ohho lucky my son isn’t it wait for me… understood…


Tadda… How is my shock..??? ?? U guys will get late update only… so lemme knw how many of u want me to continue this…??

Thank you all..??

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  1. Scooby

    Omg omg… i fainted.. lying betwn the clouds.. i can see my ancestors and gods discussing and many playing.. may b this place is recognised as heaven..no way…
    olz i wanna go back to earth… with heavy breath my soul is back to my body… sethoo,yaz,kakali, shan or mica plz pinch me.. ouchhh…. im on 9th sky jumping jingala… dandanakka nakka nakka….
    enaku choco venum… venum..
    happy hug kiss teddy propose all day 😀
    Loved it so much dr…… biggest surprise and gift……..
    im talking like stupid.. no way seasan and raglak cn b separate…. may b small mu.. u wud patch them in ur way.. so im excited to core…
    sethuuuuuu waiting for u.. our dream has come alive 😀 😀 😀

    1. Abirsha

      Ha ha navi true…. This is really a surprise for us…. Nan nenaikavey illa ni second season eluduvanu…. Aduvum ipdi oru twist a???? Swasan pirinjutanga??? Hope ni sekiram sethuvachuruvanu namburen….????


        ha ha ha.. shan na swasan scene mattum tha separate eh kamichean.. ?? Happy Valentine’s day dr..??❤??

      2. Scooby

        Ama shanz.. nammaku periya surprise.. hifi 😀 😀

      3. SNY

        Ama akka …naanum idha ethir pakkala ????


      nalla thana irundha… ??? shock ku kudutha seri agum ana ivaluku mattum pidichuduchu??? happy Valentine’s day dr..??❤??

      1. Scooby

        Indha narasima va thotta current ku shock adikumada – captain style :p
        Nee enaku shock kudukalam nenaicha.. but see my reaction 😀 😀 😀
        Happu valentine day ♥♡♥♡♥♡


      Iruvarkkum enadhu nandrigal??

    4. SNY

      Thala ???idhu nammakku periya
      surprise?????…….naanum senthukiren….dandanakka naakkka nakka??????hi-fi

      1. Scooby

        Ama yaz nammaku jolie dhan.. va adalam 😀

    5. Anjali30

      TAMIL GANG HEREEE… And no one called me 🙁 🙁

      Navi 🙂 🙂 niive :* :*

      This was so amazzingggg…. i can’t wait for a rocking season 2 <3 <3 <3

      1. Scooby

        Oh anjali… its not like dat.. even i was surprised… btwn hw ru???


        anju u here… we’ re surprised… rocking eh… lol…?? thank you dr.. ☺☺

    6. Sethooty

      Navi…did you remember what we said before…season 2..? …its just happened Am very happy

    7. Sethooty

      Yes navi…even I was surprised… Its became true…
      Navi and nive you two girls are twins….everyone got confused asked me about this you know
      In wattpad someone asked me sethu could u plz tell me ‘Nive’ Is the same navi who wrote’ The way you are ‘ fan fiction…
      Haha …..now navi and nive both fan fiction got mixed like noodles…
      Swayam exactly like rag haha …loved his attire…..
      Waiting for the dhamakka epi of naughty kids …..

      1. Scooby

        Yipeee sethu.. i do remembr our talks.. and coming to promo dnt wrry she is like dat…
        And confusion.. yea evryone is getting confused due to our naughtyness… 😀


        ha ha ha… ??? everyone getting confuse.. lol..
        about swayam u’ll knw it in first epi.. ??

  2. Hai nive akka.how are you.anyway I read the first season more than 2 times.buy this promo is more confusing than my maths question paper .plz update soon otherwise by thinking my hairs will fall. This is a humble request from my side


      Omg you’re getting confusion in maths paper… that was my favourite subject.. if u have any doubts in maths thn ask me? nd I’m pretty fine dr…☺ wat abt u..?? Im glad u liked season-1… thank you so much dr.. ☺☺will try to post soon don’t get confuse…


        Happy Valentine’s day dr..???

  3. Continue its really interesting


      Thank you dr…☺☺


      Happy Valentine’s day dr ❤??

  4. A.xx

    Amazing and plz will u gove the link of the first season and the part after that xx


      Link for season 1- http://www.tellyupdates.com/?s=swaraginithe-way-are
      Link for Os- http://www.tellyupdates.com/delivery-os/
      don’t think me mad after reading that?? he he he.. Thank you dr.. ☺☺


      Happy Valentine’s day dr.. ? ? ?

  5. Interesting


      Thank you dr..☺☺ Happy Valentine’s day..??

  6. Rabia0032

    Yaar what is this u seprated my swasan no wayyyy how can u I mean yaar???????????????????????u are very bad…
    Mommyyyy pappapa????my sister plzzz scold her she is sooo bad?????ahnnnnnn???????


      he he he… Yeah.. I’m too bad? look even I tk ur hanky from ur hand..? Happy Valentine’s day dr..❤??

      1. Rabia0032

        Happy valentine’s❤❤❤

  7. Post it soon my dr


      Will try to post dr… ☺☺ thank u… happy Valentine’s day❤??

  8. Tejasvi

    Thank you thank you for writing second season i know how much I love your first season it is still in my heart watever the story is i won’t stop commenting it i knows you will rock second season also and hope that it should happen


      Aww thank you so much dr… ☺☺ nw I’m literally scared dnt knw this ff will be upto urs expectation… Happy Valentine’s day ❤ ? ?

      1. Tejasvi

        Don’t be afraid be confident


      ha ha ha… ok dr…??

  9. IQRA222

    Awesome and intresting


      Thank you dr..☺☺ Happy Valentine’s day..❤?

  10. Simi

    Season 2 thank u so much..
    But Swasan n raglak separated.. ??
    Really excited..


      He he he… Simi dr I showed separate scene only? thank you☺☺ Happy Valentine’s day ❤ ? ?

      1. Simi

        Happy valentine’s day ??

  11. Tamil

    Superb interesting.. but Swasan separated??


      Thank you… ☺☺ Happy Valentine’s day dr..❤??

      1. Tamil

        Happy Valentine’s day dr?

  12. awesome…


      Thanks dr..☺☺ Happy Valentine’s day..❤??

  13. Lovely7

    Raglak scenes are nice


      Thank you…☺☺ happy Valentine’s day dr ❤ ? ?

  14. Seebu_s

    yippee….my favourite ff….i love crazy swasan..still remembered sanskar thinking swara is pregnant just for a kiss and his dream(*rofling*) but now u seperated my swasan(*crying*)i want to see my crazy swasan bring them back…and thank u for season2 and swasan and haya fb pg is deleted or what..?


      ha ha ha… ??? its just a promo dr.. dont wry… thank you … ☺☺ Happy Valentine’s day ❤??

  15. Arshaanya

    Its vry intrstng…
    Continue soon


      thank you dr.. ☺☺ Happy Valentine’s day ❤ ? ?

  16. nice..continue soon..


      Thanks dr.. ☺☺ Happy Valentine’s day ❤ ? ?

  17. SNY

    Superb nive……
    Unmaiya shock-a irukku idhu namma nive dhananu….eppadi oru promo-va naa ethirpakkala ….semma??????


      ha ha ha.. yaz yedhuku Indha shock… na nive eh tha? nandrigal ☺☺ Happy Valentine’s day dr ❤ ? ?

  18. oh my god!!!!!!!!!!
    sach me navi der is back…….
    i am just jumping like mad…
    u r back with da way u r ….
    plzźzz post asap plzzzzzz awsm one


      Yep…? Thank you dr..☺☺ Happy Valentine’s Day ❤ ? ?

  19. Gayathri.visu

    Hai, Navi. I loved ur delivery OS & The Way You Are ff. But I didn’t comment no them. Now I will comment regularly. I didn’t expect this shocking separation….!! Please don’t separate them….unite soon..! Waiting for next one.


      aww.. thank you so much dr.. ☺☺ Separation.? dnt wry about that.. 😀 happy Valentine’s day ❤ ? ?

  20. Sethooty

    Omg…I didn’t expect this dear….awesome promo …raglak and swasan separated …oh no…..update soon…


      this was my shock treatment to u and navi?he he he… thank you sethu..☺☺ Happy Valentine’s day dr ❤ ? ?

  21. AnuAnn

    Interesting dear


      Thanks dr.. ☺☺ Happy Valentine’s day ❤ ? ?

  22. Vyshu10

    Aww…i missed this ff very much. S1 is one of my favs…..but what is all this kichdi???very scary

  23. Shreeyu

    Awesome dear… But I didn’t read that Os and first season … Wat to do… Tell some way na?

  24. You should continue
    Its really good
    I mean swara with laksh
    N ragini with sanskar
    Too much suspense….
    U should actually continue..
    Eagerly waiting for it????

  25. Hadi

    hey wait wait is this real or am i dreaming someone plz pinch me wait i will pinch myself ouchhhhh ! no no its not my dream its real yahooooooooooooo nive what a back with a block buster propmo ufffffffffffffffffff so so balke damn damn interesting bs ab jaldi se post krdo not understanding now bt surely u cant seprate our love birds 4 long time so so so waiting waiting n wanting wanting so what r u waiting 4 post sooooooooooooonnnnnnn dear love u alot 4 this :-* :-*

  26. Fairy

    It’s damnnnn interestnggg dr…plz plz post sooon…omgg!!raglak story is sooooooo amaznggggggg!!!can’t wait to read more…keeep rockng n stay blesssed sweety????????

  27. Shifa96

    I read season 1 after it was completed and I just loved it..
    Nice promo..waiting for the first part of season 2.

  28. Someone…punch me to come out of this promo shock…!!! It’s sooo interesting…!!! loved it…!!! Post first episode soon…!!

  29. Simin

    What a shock
    How can u separate them haa

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