swaragini( wajah tum ho)


Hello everyone first of all a big sory to all for this dealy actually I was some what busy with my projects assignments and all thank u for ur comments sory to all in advance because many of u wanted swasan and raglak but let me clear one thing about the pairs actually speaking truth i have not yet decided about it sanskar loved ragini ragini too loved him but swara loves sanskar so it may be swasan u’ll come to know soon about laksh he has just returned form UK he no idea about what’s going on exactly swara is bet frnd of sanlak and why she decided to end her life their is another reason behind that u’ll soon get to know everything their’s lot of mystery sanskar’s past…………. ragini and athrav why they want revenge and how will sanskar react after knowing ragini’s motive and radhika his elder sis their is something related to her and athrav swalak how will be their bonding during all this so plsz enjoy the story don’t worry about the pairs u’ll get to see swalak, swasan, ragsan bonding also ………………….. plsz pfrgive me if I hurted anyone of u thank u to all for reading it
Scenes start form hospital
Laksh was awestruck to know that the girl was swara he was sweating he didn’t knew how to react the only thing running in his mind was why did she do this he came out of thoughts when dr.vijay called him “ dr r u alright”
Laksh cleaned his sweat and strated to operate her it was really difficult for him to do this but he wanted to save his best fnrd so he had to and he was successful in that to
Out side OT
Shehkar all were tensed dr came out of OT
he informed about swara condition shehkar was happy that his daughter was fine but why did she do this what is the reason he wanted all his answers
After some time laksh came out by the time their was no one their except shehkar he had send everyone home
When laksh came out he was some what shocked but then he came forward and thanked him they both hugged laksh wanted his answer but he knew this was not the right time so he returned to MM
By the time he returned it was 6am in morning
All were resting in their respective rooms he to went straight to his room
He was not able to sit idle for even a minute he was disturbed by the thoughts of what swara did and about sanskar was their any connection but what can it be
About swara
what’s wrong with her she’s a fun loving girl he can never commit such stupidity if she did their must be big reason she’s very strong girl even in tough situation she fights with all her strength then this she can never do this he was not getting answer to any of his question
Ok coming about bhai
He hated badi ma radhika di is the only one whom he loved and cared for more than anything then it was me uttra nd adarsh he hates bade papa shehkar gadodia leading business men about him I don’t no more bhai started his separate business radhika di took over bade papa’s business bhai can do anything for her but from the time after her accident she’s in coma and bhai he became heartless so harsh and rude after that…………….
Their some common enemy of both but whom it can be
Scenes shift to sanskar’s room
He was sleeping on couch sunrays disturbed his sleep he woke up he was feeling pain in his head there were many empty bottles of wine around his room everything was shattered here and their he stood up and headed towards wash room he opened the shover the every water drop reminded him about the betrayal that he got the only thing flashing in his mind was ragini


Scenes shift to badi
Ragini woke up as usual she got ready she came down atharav her brother seemd to be happy
Ragini just asked him” athrav bhai what happened”
Athrav was happy so he immediately replied back” swara gadodia committed sucide “
Ragini was shocked “ what”
Arhrav “ ha its true but know she’s fine”
Ragini was shocked as how much she came to know about swara she was strong gril then if she did this their must be something big she quickly came and sat near her bro “ but why did she do this I mean what had happened”
Athrav assumed her this question “ I don’t know but ftom shekahar gadodia must be completely broken”
Ragini” ha bhai but one thing is troubling me”
Athrav knew that it was about sanskar he guesed that from her recation and behaviour “ don’t worry that sanskat will do nothing”
Ragini was shocked but then she wanted to clarify her doubts “ but how can u say that he knows that I am here for some revenge he wants to take revenge form me for that betrayal but the truth u know that I didn’t betray him he’ll do anything know to torture me “
Athrav laughed “ so u r scared of him ha”
Ragini “ bhai I am not joking I am serious he’ll try to find about us and from whom we want revenge and if he gets to know about revenge from shehkar gadodia he’ll do anything to save him as he’s his mentor and swara dad”
Athrav “point according to u by ur this step u have woken a sleeping lion he wants to hunt u know”
Ragini “ yes”
Athrav “ nothing will happen my sis he loves u na then he will nevr hurt u”
Ragini was confused what he meant by that
Athrav in mind “ its really very difficult to make her understand sory ragini I am lying to u I am just using u but I have no other option if I tell u truth u’ll never let me do that so I have to and about shehkar he has to pay for what he did with my mom he has know how its painful”
Ragini “ bhai I am going to office”
Athrav came out of his thoughts “ r u sure I mean sanskar will be their”
(ragini works in sanskar’s office )
Ragini knew about his worries “ don;t worry bhai I’ll handle it for me nothing is more important than u even my love so don’t worry and I have to go their if not how we will complete our revenge we have to go according to our planning whatever may happen”
Athrav was happy and proud of sis he hugged her” thank u for helping me u r really an god send angel to me”
Ragini to became emotional “ enough of maska I have to leave know take care”
All were distrubed by recent happenings

Sanskar got ready and came down he hurriedly left for his office
At karma industries office
Ragini arrived she was nervous how to face sanskar
Sanskar came all greeted him his eyes fell on ragini was silently standing bowing her head down seeing her their he clenched his fist in anger he entered his cabin he called his PA and shouted at her he was really very angry seeing her their he showed his rage on his worker ragini eyes became teary seeing him his anger it was justified but was on wrong person’s she was unable to see him like that tears rolled form her eyes before anyone could see she wiped her tears but sanskar saw her wiping tears his all anger melted seeing her like that he was unable to see tears in her eyes he clamed himself and called her in his cabin he closed his eyes remembering how they met for first time
FB starts
Swara was best frnd of laksh and sanskar laksh was going to UK so they decided to go for some holidays with their’s frnds swara and laksh tried hard to convice sanskar when radhika requested him he agreed it was before her accident
They all were enjoying in goa
Ragini came to goa with her frnds for some singing competition representing her CLG
Swara: sanskar will u come with us or not
Sanskar: no I am not coming
Swara: plsz yaar
Sanskar: u know every well I don’t belive in god then also u r forcing me to come to church
Swara: plsz don’t start u r atheist drama plsz yaar for atleast for me for us
Sanskar: I didn’t stop u ,u’ll can go
Swara: can’t u do this much for u r best fnrd(making a pout face) this shows I am not important for u
Sanskar:seriously u r such a dramebaz
She starts to make faces
Sanskar: know stop making weired faces I’ll not come he start to move
swara thinks something
swara: tumhe radhika di ki kasam
sanskar stopped listening to her words he turned around he was giving her deadly look
swara: see I gave u radhika di’s kasam know u have to come if u love her
sanskar: come
swara in excitement hugs him and kisses on his cheeks
swara: thank u know come
she holds his hand they all go for church
ragini and her fnrds to decide to go church
all of them go to same church swara laksh sanskar came first they pray their
ragini comes out with her frnds she saw a board their she writes something their she goes with frnds in
sanskar and swara came out they didnlt notice each other

precap: fb continous their first meet
ragsan moments

Credit to: poonam

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