swaragini (wajah tum ho) Part-2


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At girl’s house she’s continuously crying a handsome young man enters girl was crying her pain as she saw him she ran and hugged him tight it could be clearly seen how much pain she was going through as she as hurted someone or got hurted by her beloved once that guy understood the sutiuation he was trying to clam her but her emotions the pain she was going through was un bearable by her he placed his hand on her head caringly he was trying to assure her as if nothing happened
Guy: ragou what is this
Yes the girl who was crying was ragini
Ragini: bhai she narrates him about the recent happenings she knew how his reaction was going to be but then to with great courage she said that after listening to his sister his anger was almost reached beyond all limits he clenched his fist in ager he was trying to calm himself she was his sister he can’t be angry in her because their was no fault of her but then whose his mind and heart were battleing he finally chose his heart and in cold and warm voice he spoke up
“ how can u do this rago have u forgotten for what we came here”
Ragini was guilty for that she knew that she should never fall for him but then too she started to feel for him how can she do that she knew her bhai after listening all this she knew about his reaction also but then too he was trying to handle everything calmly he didn’t wished to hurt his sister the fact that she hided form her brother that guilt was quenching her form in how can she , she hurted her brother whom she loves more than anything in this world their was no one for her except him hoew can but she has to clear her point if she didn’t she knew how can the consequences could be she in clam voice spoke to him “sory bhai but I love him I can’t hurt him more plsz bhai”

Guy that listening what his sister said those words’I love him bhai I can’t hurt him’ these words were making him more anger how can his sister do that to him he didn’t understand how to respond because he could have hurted her by his word in ager and that he never wished to do in dreams also but what should he do these thoughts were continuously running in his mind
Ragini knew about his bhai’s anger but what can she do she was know loving him but his bhai she was here to take revenge and she would take it for sure and she was almost succeded in that but what happened has changed many things she was feeling bad for her love she can’t see him pain he was trying to justify him or her she only didn’t knew but she wanted to take him out of pain keep him away from all those pain of love
“ bhai plsz understand whatever happened with us their was no sanskar fault in all this why should he be punished already he has gone to many our revenge is from shehkar gadodia not form sanskar”
Her bhai’s anger crossed all limits hearing to those words he was know unable to control himself he knew the fact that sanskar was innocent but then too he never wished to back off know in ager he banged the door hard
Ragini tried to calm him” bhai……….” this one word made him know to remove all his frustration she was his sister how can she
“just shut up ragini how can u forgot how much we faced our mom our family everything how can u do this”
Ragini wanted to clarify but was unable to before she could speak he cutted
“ I can’t take risk so many years hard work so I can’t let it go waste no no” he almost screamed his voice from that it was clear that he wanted to take revenge at any cost
Ragini “bhai we will take our revenge I promise but plsz clam down”
Guy was calming down “ promise me that u’ll never say him this u never let hi know that u love him remember we have to take our revenge “ he was saying his holding her shoulder
Ragini knew how furious he was about this revenge “ bhai u know nothing is more important to me than u and this revege we will take it don’t worry I promise I am sory for all that”
He hugged her

Sumi called shehkar she didn’t know what was happening and why but the only one thing runnig in her mind was her daughter and her condition the fear occupied her brain what if she done something to herself she has locked herself in her room those breaking sounds of things her crying sound was making her weak no parents wish to see their children like that but she was going through that pain
As Shehkar came in she runned to him “ shehkar do something shone has locked herself” she was crying Shekhar didn’t knew what was happening but he ran to swara’s room he was trying to speak to her but no response so in anger he broke the door as he entered he was shattred so his daughter she was lying unconscious in pool of blood she had cutted her wrist nerve she was injured too because of glass peices her room everything was messed up she broke many things
Shehkar being father was unable to stand stiff he ran towards her he tried to talk to her she was not responding he picked her up and they ran to hospital he was driving the car but all roads were blocked and jammed because of rain he came out and tried to clear it he was crying pleading to all it was raining heavily with great difficulties they reached hospital their he was screaming like hell he wanted to save his daughter she was taken to OT he was restless sumi was continosuly crying the doc came out he rushed to him
Doc” see mr.gadodia she’s in critical stage because of blood loss we may be unable to save her” hearing this he holded doc’s collar “ do anything save her”
Doc “ we r trying our beat but”
Shehkar: but what do anything get the best treatment for her don’t worry about money do anything
Doc: their’s a way to save her
Shehkar: then for what u r waiting for
Doc: mr.gadodia a doc has come to Kolkata today he can save her he’s a specialist and a well known doc of uk
Shehkar: call him then
Doc: yeah
Doc dialled a number

All r worried
Laksh gets a call
Laksh: who’s that
Doc: this is dr.viya form city hospital Kolkata dr we need ur help
Laksh: me ok how can I help u
Doc informs him about swara condition laksh decides to help them
Doc: mr.gadodia he agreed
Laksh:badi ma I have to go their’s a urgent case in city hospital
Ap: suer beta
At city hospital
Laksh comes their he immediately goes to dr.vijay’s cabin they move towards OT laksh has coverd his mouth with mask when they were entering shehkar was crying holding his face down laksh was unable to see him he entered OT
When he saw the patient he was shocked “Swara”

Precap: ragsan meet……………………………

Ok let me tell u something
In my ff swara and ragini r not sisters ragini and his brother atharav r their to take their revenge form shehkar gadodai and after what swara did they r successful also but only half ragini loves sanskar and sanskar too but know sanskar hate her he wants to take his revenge his revenge from her sanskar is eldest of maheswari brothers adarsh is next he’s married to parineeta nd have a daughter named avni 2 years old laksh and uttra r children of sujitha nd rp sujitha rp uttra laksh were in uk laksh returned to Kolkata when adarsh informed him about what had happened laksh and sanskar share a close bondAdarsh is son of ap and dp Sanskar has a elder sister radhika ap is not their mother dp is no more………………….
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Credit to: poonam jangid

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