swaragini (wajah tum ho) Part-1


Gues this is my another ff I write everything is fair in love and war and this is another one hope u like it and plsz comment

Its a cold and stormy night its raining heavily highway of the city is blocked it was even declared in news that a storm was going to come their complete silence on roads as its raining no one is their suddenly we could see a car coming in full speed the person driving the car is in full anger he’s drving the car harshly all of a sudden he puts the break he comes out of the car the place he stopped was a garden it was beautifully decorated with flowers but everything seems to be shattered because of storm he breaks down on ground crying continuously
“Why this happened to me what was my fault why she did this to me why…………………. I loved her truly but what I got in return hatred ……………… why she came in my life why she changed me when she had to leave me why ………. why she made me belive in love why I fell for her he cries removing all his frustration “

On the other side
A big mansion is shown “ gadodia mansion”
A girl is throwing all things of her room crying vigorously……………………….. thinking about what had happened
Why destiny played a worse game with me what was my fault in all this I loved him truelly but what he did he loves someone else the person whom I loved the most has no value of me in his life
She moves she is standing in front of a big mirror
“ what’s their in that girl that I don’t have I am more beautiful than her then why he loves her not me “ she sees that girls face and in anger she picks the vase and breaks the mirror
The isolated place where the same boy
He stands up
“ I want answers to all my questions……….. she used me for her motives she palyed with my emotions u have to pay for this be ready to face worse of worse u have till know seen by good side know be ready to see my worst one “
He drives his car to some big mansion
The mansion s very big it has name plate” Maheswari mansion”
A lady is shown she’s worried walking here and their a guy enters
Guy:ma don’t worry bhai will be fine
Lady: how can u know his anger he can do anything and still he didn’t return
Guy: ma clam down plsz he’ll come soon
Lady: how can I the boy makes her sit on sofa he kneels down to her and picks her hand to assure her
Guy: I know u r worried for him
Lady: I was happy for my son because of her he changed he forgot all his pain and sorrow and know
Guy: and know he become the old one
Lady: or more worse than what he was…………….
Guy: ma nothing would happen like that
Lady: I really worried today a storm came in our life and it destroyed everything she has tears in her eyes
The boy to become emotional seeing his mother like that
Lady: I am not understanding what’s happening
The same guy who was driving the car enters
He rushes in

Lady: sanskar……………..
Yes the boy who was crying was sanskar
He doesn’t stop he heads upstairs
Another boy follows him
Boy: bhai plsz atleast listen to us
Sanskar: I don’t want to hear anything
Boy: bhai plsz
Sanskar enters his room the boy follows him
boy: bhai plsz let me clear
sanskar: just leave
Guy : bhai plsz
Sanskar in loud and anger tone” I said just leave” he pushes the biy out of his room
The screen shifts to a house
A girl is seen continuously crying
“why heart fell for u why I don’t understand afer what and all happened I still love him”

A handsome guy enters he sees that lady crying
Guy: badi ma what happened
Guy: I understand plsz don’t cry
He hugs her
Guy: ma he needs us he needs hi family we should support him u should him if u cry then who will handle him u have to be strong
Lady wipes her tears
Lady: u r right laksh I have to be strong for my sanskar I have to be strong
Laksh: that’s like my sweet heart ap
Yes the lady is ap
A boy comes running down
Ap: adarsh what happened
yes the other guy is adarsh who was trying to speak to sanskar
laksh: adarsh bhai
they both hug
ap: adarsh did u speak to him
adarsh: no ma he’s not listening to me he has locked himself in room
ap: what to do
laksh: badi ma don’t worry everything would sort out soon
ap: don’t know laksh

precap: heroine’s entry………………..

gues I know it may be confusing all ur confusion will be cleared in next part many things r their to be known many secrets r to be unlocked be reading and plsz comment whether u liked or not plsz plsz comment ………………… suggestion and criticisms r most welcomed…………………..
thank u…………..

Credit to: poonam jangid

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