Swaragini-Vivah (Episode 1)


scene start from swalak marriege…pandit declaired swalak marriege…after that they take blessing from all

Rag:sanky i lost everthng…iam very
selfish.i never see my sister
pain.. i want to apoligise to her
sanky: i know rag…u cant never become too selfish…now iam happy that u should also change

then ragini hug sanky and start craying.then sanky going to mm and ask dp permisdion to marrying rag..all are shocked..no one can ready to believe ragini…but swara hug ragini and say we are swaragini(swaragini plays)atlast everyone forgive ragini and accept them and they can marry each other

swara:sanky…iam really happy to get back my old rag

sanky:iam lucky shona…to have a partner like ragini…i know she is very kind…but she did it by a mistake

laksh:bhai..now we are get two sister and look at them

after that ap and suju ask pari to bring them to their room

pari: iam very happy now


Swara waiting for laksh

then laksh came without knowing swara and he hugged her frim back…and she feeled his touch

laksh.:shona…can i ask u one thing


laksh:can u give me a kiss

swara:(with ackward)no laksh.. i cant do that
then laksh slowly hugged her and put her in bed…and slowly he traying to unhook her lahenga…then he kissed her lip and they share a passionate kiss and he kissed her wholebody and they conssumate their marriege


RAG;SAN what for u marry me..

SAN;Rag ..iam always i love u..but that tym we only prefered for our revenge

Rag;tnx sanky…i know now iam ur wife…but give me some tym to our relation

san;its ok rag….then u go and change ur dress

ragini in bath room…he cant unhook her lahenga and she call sanky

rag;sanky can u help me

san;ofcourse..tell me

rag;pls call shona…i cant unhook my lehanga

sanky.;what are u tell rag…today their first night.how can i call them?

rag; ha…thsn what should i do?can u help me

sanky *(with smile)of couse

then sanky slowly unhook her lahenga and rag feel ackward…thn sanky suddenly go from there.after that rag sleep in sofa and sanky in bed…

pre cap…ragsan and swalak romatntic moments..and dp offered a honeymoon tickets to both

frnds…i know it not too much gd…sry frnd..if u cant like it …pls tell mee

Credit to: minnu

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