Swaragini- village girl (OS) part 2


Man : smiles..ya..here all no how to use mobile..even touch mobile.. Also..its all taught us by shona and laddo..saying this he left..
San : they r something.. Which we can’t understand..
Lak : ya..we only thing about us..
Kavi : but they think about others goodness..
They reach home..shocked and surprised to see shona and laddo there..talking to everyone.. Smilingly..
Sharmishta : look they r came..come beta..sit here..

Sanlak ,kavi : take sites..smiles..
Dadi : shona..laddo..they r dp sons..and she is their cousin..
Swarag : hi..
Sanlak ,kavi : hi..
San : my name sanskar..he is laksh..and she is kavitha..
Kavi : we all hear about u both..its good to see u both..
Dadaji : comes there..
Swa : stop right there..dadaji..
All : get shocked..
Dadaji : what I’m done..

Rag : what u done..seriously.. Dadaji..do u take it tablets on time today..
Dadaji : ya..of course..
Swa : don’t lie..dadaji..if have it..then u came to know that ur tablets r going finished today..
Rag : how can u be so careless dadaji..
Dadaji : with puppy face..sorry..here after I’ll take care it..
Swarag : no we can’t..
Dadaji : shona..laddo..I’m u sweet dadaji..na..then how can u both do this to me..u r bad..
Swarag : what we..
Sharmishta : ma..I think we r gone..
Dadi : ya..
Sanlak ,kavi : looking at them..u r getting fear ur own daughters..
Shekar : swaragini leave him..I’ll take care of him..
Sanlak ,kavi : hearing swaragini name they get shocked.. Looks at each other..cause they didn’t expect it..that swaragini are this two..
Swarag : runs hugs shekar..papa..
Dadaji : I’m also here..with pout face..
Swarag : k..we forgave u..but not next time..saying this hug him..
Dadaji : hugs them..and assure them that he will take care..
Shekar : shona..laddo..come here..
Swarag : goes to him..
Shekar : pointing sanlak..they r ur grooms..
Swarag : what..shockingly..
Sanlak : also get shocked to see their reaction..
Shekar : s..they r only..and ur engagements also got fixed.. Day after tomorrow.. So be ready..
Swarag : nods..left..without saying anything..
Sanlak..kavi..also left..
Guest room
San : how this happen..shock
Kavi : what..
Lak : shona /laddo r swaragini only..surprisingly…
San : mm…
Kavi : but u both only want that na..marriage with shona and laddo..then what happen now..
San : wo..
Lak : we didn’t expected it..
Kavi : guys listen to me..u both r started to love them..but u both did not realized it..try to realized it..she left from there..
Sanlak in shock state..what kavitha just said to them..
Lak : bhai..what is it..
San : really we love them..
Lak : don’t know.. But we like them..
San : whatever we hear about them..we have respect for them..
Lak : mm..bhai I wanna say something.. I have some feelings towards laddo..that I didn’t have it with any other girl..
San : i think u love her..lacky..and..I’m also have feelings towards
shona..whenever I see her..I m feeling good..I
like her presence..
Lak : u r also loving shona..bhai..hugs him happily..
San : but what their decision..
Lak : don’t know.. But we will convince them..

San : mm..let’s try..but can’t force them..
Lak : mm..
They goes to sleep..
Swarag room
After fresh up
Swa : laddo what u think about them..
Rag : they r looking good..dadi ma..says about
them us..so they r good..and laksh is
Swa : sees it..and thought rag likes him..
Rag : and u..
Swa : ya..they r told that they r hearied
about us..so they will give respect.. I’m also
likes them..
Rag : that means u like sanskar..ha..
Swa : ya..im don’t have any problem with this
Rag : I’m also..we not loving them..now..but we will..
Swa : mm..
They hears a knock..turns and sees kavi
standing there..smiles at her..
Swa : arey..come in kavi..why r u knocking door like this..
Kavi : smiles..enters..but its urs room na..
Rag : ya..but ur also our friend..and also our dad
friend daughter..so u r also like our sister..no need its all..
feel free…
Kavi : u both r seriously good..and
Swa : for what..
Rag : in our friendship.. No sorry no thanks..k..
Kavi : k..oh..I hears both u talks..
Swarag : what..shockingly..
Kavi : don’t be shock..k..I hear it by mistake.. I
came here to tell u that.. Sanlak loves u both..
Swarag : what..but how..we r don’t know each
other..properly.. Then..
Kavi : we all saw u first day only..but don’t know its u r swaragini..we
only know u both that u r shona and laddo..
Swa : mm..k.
Rag : so they loves us..wow its super..hugs swa
and kavi..
Swa and kavi also hugs her..

Its all seen by sharmishta.. She want ask that
they r happy r not..but hears it..she gets happy..
Sharmishta : y my daughters r didn’t sleep..
Swarag : ma..u here..at this time..anything u
Kavi : we r talking na..so we forget it..
Sharmishta : y not I came here..I saw ur room
lights r on..so came to see..
Swarag : k..ma..we wanna hear ur song..plz sang na..for us..
Kavi : aunty..I’m also want to hear it..plz..
Sharmishta : k..for my daughters..I can do it..
Kavi : then me..poutingly..
Sharmishta : ur also my daughter.. Kavi..
Kavi : really with happy tears..
Sharmishta : smiles nods..and hugs her..kavi
also hugs back.. With affectionately..

Swarag : also joins them..so we r sisters now on..
Kavi : ya..
Then sharmishta sings..swaragkav..sleeps there
in one room..sharmishta puts blanket on
them..kisses their head…and goes afters turn off
Swarag sings and does arathi..gives prashad to
everyone.. Sanlak lost in their beautiful
voice..and memorized to see them..
Swarag sees it and smiles shyly..
Sanlak tries to talk to them..but can’t..
Swarag feels bad for them..but didn’t show
it..they also like their attention.. Kavi looks at
all..smiles..and helps sharmishta.. For
engagement preparation..
All r having snacks.. That time two mans come
and hugs swaragini tightly..leaving sanlak and
kavi shocked..
Swarag : arjun..and anuj..

Arjun : how can u both always.. Find us..ha..
Swarag : smiles..
Anuj : I’m already..told to u..they will find..and i
said we can surprise them by other method..but
Arjun : mm..u r right..
Swarag : stop ur talks..where is our gifts..
Anuj : here take it..and chocolates also here..
Swarag : sees it…And jumbs on them..and hugs
them tightly..
Seeing it sanlak gets jealous.. But can’t see their
Shekar : we r also here..sons..at least have
some love for us..
Arjun and anuj turn and get shocked to see
sanlak..kavi..same happen with sanlak and
kavi..they r also equally get shocked..
Arjun and anuj : sanskar..laksh..kavitha..
Sanlak : arjun..
kavi : anuj..
Dadaji : u all know each other before..
Arjun : ya..dadaji..they r our partners..
Anuj : and our friends also..but what they r doing
Shekar : oh..is it..its good..they r only my friend
sons and daughter..
Arjun and anuj : what ???? really..surprisingly..
Shekar :s..and beta they r my son arjun and my
another son anuj..
Sanlak ,kavi : what.. But they live in Mumbai..

Arjun : ya..that for business.. Family is here
only..whenever I get free I’ll come here to see my
Anuj : I’m also..I’m his friend..but after come
here..I got another family.. Like them..and my
sweet sisters..hugs swarag..
Swarag : don’t talk to us..
Anuj : y..
Swa : u didn’t come here to see us..
Rag : and also not talk to us now a days..
Anuj : oh..sorry na..sisos…
Swarag : we don’t want ur sorry..turns their
All r seeing it..smilingly..
Anuj : looks at arjun..
Arjun : don’t stare me..
Anuj : makes face..and looks at family
Shekar : shona and laddo..forgive him this
time..he won’t do it again..
Swarag : k..
Anuj : really u both forgave me..
Swarag : smiles..nods..hugs him..

After that all r busy with each others..during this
kavi and anuj looks at each other.. Without
noticed by anyone.. But swarag sees it..smiles
at each other..
Swa : anuj bhai..we wanna talk to u come with
Arjun : y only him..
Rag : k..u can also come..
They left to room…close the door..
Swa : what is happening here..
Arjun : what..
Rag : anuj bhai..
Anuj : looks at them..what r u both talking..
Swa : k..I’m asking about kavitha..
Anuj : what shockingly..
Rag : don’t be shock..we saw it..
Anuj arjun looks at each other..takes a breath..
Anuj : actually kavi is my gf..and lover also..
Arjun : he wanna say it before to but..in work
tension he forget it..don’t get angry on him..
Swarag : smiles..we r happy for u bhai..
Arjun ,anuj : u r not angry..
Swarag : no..y should we..k..come all r waiting..
Ap /dp arrives..and talks for some time..
Sanlak : mom and dad..u both r best..hugs them..
Ap : reason for swaragini only na…winks at them..
Dp : ha..but some one asked us how it happen..but seems like they r clean bold..
Sanlak : looks at each other..
Shekar : what r u both talking..
Dp : u can’t..
Shekar : y..
Dp : nothing..just for fun..
Shekar : always.. Do like this..when r u going to change..
Dp : stares at him angrily..
Shekar : don’t stare me..like this..I’m not afraid of u..
Dp : makes faces..
Others are enjoying this..
Day passed like this..

Priya also arrived..there..swarag priya kavitha
are one room chatting with each other..
Sanlak arjun anuj r one room..
Sanlak room
Arjun : now also I can’t believe it..that u both r
my brother in laws..
Anuj : but we happy..cause u both r never give
any attention to any girls..but what about
San : they r good..
Lak : simple..and sweet also..
San : we like them..
Arjun : like r love bro..
Sanlak : looks at each other..
Anuj : don’t look at each other..we know that u
both love our sisters..
Sanlak : what..shocked..
Arjun : kavitha told about it..
San : we don’t know about swaragini feelings..
Anuj : they likes u..
Arjun : but they loves u both..
Lak : is it true..
Arjun anuj : ya..its true..but they didn’t realized it..seeing u both their eyes have some sparks..
Sanlak ..hugs arjun and anuj…
Sanlak : waiting for swaragini..
Swarag comes down with priya and kavitha..four
r looking stunning..
Sanlak arjun and anuj..lost and mermarized to
seeing them..
Girls sees this smiles shingly..
Boys smiles seeing it..san goes towards swara..
And lak to ragini..swaragini getting nervous..
San : kneels down..swara..i don’t know when I
started to falling for u…I thought village girl
can’t face city life..but u changed my
thoughts..u r thing about others happiness..
That’s attracted me more..and always take of
everyone.. I love u..will u marry be..being with
me forever..till my last breath I’m with u to
protect u..take care of u..will u agree for
it..forwards his hand to swara..
Swa : have happy tears.. goes on her knees..I
love u too Sanskar maheswari..holdhis
hand..and hug him..he also hugs her..
Lak : also kneels down..laddo..I can call u by this
na..(ragini nods )..thank u..I love ur name
first..don’t know y..may I hear ur laddo name
first..hahaha..and I liked u when I saw u
first..and lines ur childish act..and the way u
loves ur sister is awesome.. We both brothers
can’t come between u both..u always support

swara…I’m also want same support from u for
me..I want u have to care for me..simply..I love
u laddo..will u marry me..will grow up old with
Rag : nods happily.. make him stand..I love u
laksh..hugs him..he also Hus her..
All gets happy..seeing it..parents r proud of
them..and blesses them to live happily for
this..and engagement get finished..
After one month they got married.. And… arjun-
priya ..anuj -kavitha also got married.. And lives
in Mumbai..happily.. That all meet once a
week..but girls r meeting everyday..
They all lives happily ..
Guys its all my imagine..so don’t get angry
Plz guys command me..sorry for grammatical mistake….


  1. Anurta


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    Amazing dr …….
    Loved it….πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
    Plzzzzz….plz….. can u write another os for me

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    Really it was tooooooo gud.πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–it m.really cute story same like the cute couples swasan n raglak. ….

  3. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Wow,they are so modern,all credit goes to swaragini😘😘…Swasan and raglak scenes are cute and sweet..Proposal part also nice..Their bro-sis moments are too cute..Keep writing like this dear..
    Take care
    Keep smilingπŸ˜€

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    Irs excellent πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€soooo awesome story. …..beautiful 😚😚😚😚😚😚

  5. Yashi Bhatnagar

    It’s awesome & superb os. I want u to plz continue this if possible not much bt just 5 – 6 episodes related to there married life & some sweet,cute ,Nok – jokh & romantic moments of the couple. It’s a req or u can say new yr gift plz if possible continue this .

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    It was awesome superb fantastic dear loved it …………….
    keep writing…………..
    😘 😘 😘

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