Swaragini- village girl (OS) part 1


hi friends..im happy with ur comments..ADVANCE HAPPY NEW YEAR..celebrate it with all..its os..i hope u all will like it..

A boy is getting ready..and another boy was sleeping like a kid by covers his face with blanket..
Boy 1 : bachu get up..its already late..☺
Boy 2 : bhai..plz 5 minutes..?
Boy 1 : Noway..I know ur 5 became.. 30 minutes.. Come on get up now..?
Boy 2 : bhai..plz..plz..plzzz..?
Boy 1 : lacky..we have meeting..r u forget that..( s its laksh and another sanskar ) ?
Hears it..another boy..gets up in hurry.. Runs to washroom..seeing it other boy laughs loudly..
Laksh : inside the washroom.. Don’t laugh bhai…?

Sanskar : k..k..come soon..I’ll do another work..?
Lak : comes after greeting fresh up..bhai do u check that file..
Sanskar : hmm..its perfect..u do it well..
Lak : without ur help..I can’t do anything..u know it very well..
Sankar : i just give u a suggestion.. But u only made it..na..
Lak : mm..ya..but..
Sanskar : k..come let’s go for down..
Lak : k..
They left from there..
They comes..and hugs a couple..
Sanlak : good morning mom and dad..☺☺☺
Dp /ap : smiles..hugs them..good morning.. Sons..☺☺☺☺
Ap : come..have prashad..(I don’t now what is it..if it wrong..plz forgive me )..?
Sanlak : have it..mom and dad..we have important meeting today..
Ap : oh..k..come have breakfast..
Dp : all the best sons..
Sanlak : k..mom..thanks dad..
After breakfast.. They left to office..that time one of there relative comes there..to meet them..
A lady : good morning.. Bhaisa and bhabi…?
Dp /ap : good morning sujatha..come..why r u standing there…??
Sujatha : haha..how r u all..where is sanlak..
Ap : we all r fine..they left to office..

Sujatha : oh..k..
Dp : r u came here all of sudden…any good news..
Sujatha : y..bhaisa..I can’t come here..without any reason.. (Fake angrily)..
Ap : y r asking like this..?
Dp : nothing like that..whenever u came..u will come with any reason.. That’s y I’m asking..?..
Sujatha : ur right bhaisa..I came here to give a good news only..☺
Ap /dp : what is it..?
Sujatha : uttra marriage got fixed..that’s y I came here to invite u all..☺
Ap : its really..good news..sujatha..congrates..☺
Dp : ya..I’m really..happy for uttra..tell her that we both wishes her..☺
Sujatha : k..bhaisa..I came here to tell u..I have go..and do to many work..
Ap : very soon..just now u came na..
Sujatha : bhabi..u know about all this..
Dp : its k..we will meet u on mandap..
Then sujatha left..but ap r sad..cause their sons didn’t get married..
Dp : what happen ap..?
Ap : nothing..?
Dp : then y ur face r sad..tell me..what..
Ap : sanlak also in marriage age..but they didn’t give any attention to marriages talk..?
Dp : is that so..then I have a solution..
Ap : what was that..?
Dp : for that u have to do something..?
Ap : I’ll do anything..just tell me..?
Dp : k..u know my friend shekar na..
(Dp and shekar r childhood friends)
Ap : ya..I remember him..his wife sharmishta also my friend..
Dp : he has daughters.. Let’s talk to him..about this..
Ap : really..then k..?
Dp : calls shekar..
Other side
Shekar : sees callr I’d..smile broadly.. Attends it..hello dp..☺
Dp : hello shekar..how r u all..?
Shekar : here all r fine..and what about u..and all..?
Dp : all r fine shekar..☺
Shekar : what my champs r doing…?
Dp : to talk about them only..I called u..
Shekar : concernly..what happened to them..?
Dp : they r fine..went to office..
Shekar : then y u said like it..idiot..I’m became nervous..
Dp : stop scolding me..listen to me first..
Shekar : ha..k..tell..what is the matter..
Dp : I want ur daughters hands for my sons..??
Shekar : becames happy..☺☺☺☺
Dp : hello shekar..r u there..

Shekar : ya..im here only..I’m just happy..thats y I didn’t speak..???
Dp : it means u r happy with it..na..????
Shekar : ya..I’m extreme.. Happy..hahaha?
Dp : then I’m the luckiest person in the world to get my friend daughters.. As my daughter in laws..they r also my daughters..????
Shekar : I’m also happy..that my champs r going to be my son in laws..???
Dp : first we will do sansar and swara..marriage.. Later laksh and ragini marriage..are u k..with it..?
Shekar : ya..I’m fine with it..☺
Dp : what about others decision..?
Shekar : they will get happy..after hearing it..☺
Dp : k..talk to u later..
Shekar : m..k..
After cutting call..
Ap : what happen..?
Dp : after seeing my smile also..u r asking like this..ha..☺
Ap : will u plz tell me..I’m already in tension.. What he told to u..but here u r making fun of me..hu..?
Dp : k..k..relax..he said k..?
Ap : what..r u serious..??
Dp : han..ap..its true.. Now its all ur hand..
Ap : k..but what I have to do..?
Dp : just blackmail them emotionally..?
Ap : will they agreed..?
Dp : 100% sure..they will..
Ap : k..let’s try..☺☺
They smiles..and thinks for some plan to trap sanlak..
In village
After cutting call..shekar turns..and saw 2 ladies..and a man….smiles happily..
Man : what happen shekar..why r u smiling like this.like u got a world..?
Shekar : still..smiles..☺
Two ladies : tell na shekar..we r also smile na..
Shekar : if I’m says this u all..u r also smile same like me..☺
All : k..then let us na..
Shekar : dp called me..
Man : what he did not talk to me..let him come..I’ll show him..what I’m..?
Shekar : papa..is it really important.. I wanna say good news..but here u r getting angry..for useless matter..
Lady one : its nothing to u..but for us..its more..he is also like our son..then how can we react after hear it..ha..?
Shekar : k..k..ma..I’m sorry..r u all going to listen me r not..
All : k..tell
Shekar : smiles..he asked our swaragini hands for..his sons..☺
All : what..its true..r u not joking na..?
Shekar : y will I jok that to in this matter..?
Dadaji : k..what u said to him..
Shekar : I said I’m happy with this alliance..
Sharmishta : seriously u..said yes..without our permissions..?
Shekar : I know u all will say same what I said..that’s y I said it before.. Y r u all..not happy with it..
Dadi : no..nothing like that..we r more happy..
Shekar : then we have to ready for our daughters marriage..
Dadaji : sadly..they will leave as na..
Dadi : oneday they have to go their in laws home na..
Sharmishta : ya..they have to go..we have to be strong..if they see us like this..they won’t agree marriage..
Shekar : ya..mishti..was right..and we have another happiness na..
All : what..
Shekar : swaragini r going to stay together.. After marriage also na..they can’t leave each other for a second.. Also..
Sharmishta : ya…for this..we have to be happy..
Shekar : but where r they..I didn’t see them..
Dadi : then went to temple..
All : k..
Two girls r praying.. Then opened their eyes..they r looking beautiful.. And wears a anarkali suit..smiles seeing each other..and hugs each other..release the hug..and goes to give the prashad to peoples in temple..
Man : thank u betiyas..god gives u both all happiness….
Two girls : thank u kaka..take blessing from..him..?
Lady : u two example of..sisters bonds and good girls..
Girls : thank u mami..takes blessings from her..
One little boy : shona di..laddo di..
(S 1 girl swara and 2 girl ragini)
Swara : what happen..chotu..

Ragini : and why r u came running..like this..ha..
Chotu :di..its already..u both r forget today..
Rag : what..ha..today we have to come and sing a song for u all na..
Chotu : see u both forget it..angrily..?
Swa : we didn’tforget it..chotu..don’t be angry..come..where r others..
Chotu : all r waiting for u both..on near our friend neem tree..
Rag : k..come..
Swarag left with chotu..and reaches there sees everyone.. And gives prashad..
All : come on di’s..let’s sing a song for us..we r waiting to hear u voice..( all r small children’s )
Swarag : smiles..started to sing..

All : hears their melodious voice..smiles..
Hearing their singing village people also does their work happily..some of them gather..there..
After song get finished..they hears..the clapping sound..and opens there eyes..sees around..they stopped their eyes seeing one person..they get happy..runs towards that person direction..and hugs that person tightly..
Swarag : u came..☺
Person : how can I live without my princesses..?
Swa : release the hug..but u only left us na..pouts..?
Rag : not we r..pouts..?
Person : pulls there checks.. Acha baba its..me only..if u two r not? happy..that I came here..then k..I’ll go now..
Swa : don’t dare..?
Rag : else u have to see our other side..smiles evilly..?
Person : looks at the evil smile on their face..gulps..no I’ll won’t go anywhere.. R u both happy..?
Swarag : s..arjun bhai..☺
Arjun : k..come on guys..let’s go home..I’m really hungry..?
Swarag :..k..come..
They three bids everyone..and left from there..
Sanlak comes home..evening..sees that no one in hall..
San : what happen..no one here..
Lak : don’t know bhai..?
That time one servant come there..
San : where is mom and dad..
Servant : sir..mam is not well..so sir also with her..
Lak : what..what happen to mom..?
They both runs to dp /ap room..
Dp /ap sees this from door…and runs..dp lies on bed..ap hits him..
Dp : why r u hitting me..?
Ap : I’m the one who not well only..but u r good..?
Dp : ya..I’m forgotten it..seeing them..?
Ap : its k..get up fast..they will reach any time..?
Dp : ha..he gets up..ap lies on bed..
Dp : r u ready..
Ap : nods nervously..??
Dp : nothing happen..
That time sanlak reach..there.. Hears it..shout..
Sanlak : what happen..mom..???
Hearing this ap /dp get shocked.. If they sees all r not..sanlak comes sat beside her..holds her hand..
San : what happen..dad..when how this happened..
Dp : afternoon.. She does kitchen.. Work..then suddenly faint there..one of servant sees this..and shouts..then I go there and saw faint ap lieing on floor..lifelessly.. Then help of servants I took her our room..and called doctor..?
Lak : but u didn’t informed us..anything.. With moist eyes..?
Dp : seeing her like..my world stops..and thinking also..sadly says..(actually acting )..
Ap : smiles..hear it..without anyone notice..cause sanlak hearing it face on dp..???
San : its k..dad..what doctor said..
Dp : give her rest..its her age to take rest..but she is working..na that’s y she get stressed..
Lak : mom who said to work..ha..here so many servants na..they will do works..?
San : ha..y r u stressing ur self..ha..we r here na..we will take care of..it..and one more thing..take full bed rest..don’t dare to get off from bed..k..?
Ap : I’m fine..if u both agreed for marriage.. Then it should not happened..?
San : y r u connecting it..on this matter..?
Ap : I’m dont connected it..if u got married.. Then my dil will do work..without any tension I’ll take rest..but u both r not carrying about me..??
Lak : mom y r talking like..this..ha..we both r care for u..?
Ap : then y r not agreed for marriage..tell na..?
San : what was use of it..servant do all our works na..like cooking..maintains home..
Ap : not only..that..cook for others so mach love and care..and take care of all concernly..does work with whole heart..and servants can does this all..tell me..and more over..if u both have to go out of station.. Then what about our situation..
Sanlak : r speechless..they r think in this point of views..bows their head..??
Ap / dp : felt bad for them..but they have not other option without this..
Sanlak : we r ready for marriage..?
Ap / dp :what…are both serious..☺
Sanlak : smiles..nodes..?
Ap : gets up in excitement..???
Dp : shocked by this..not what will happen..???
Sanlak : mom u r not well..na..then how..??
Ap : realized.. It..and says..in excitement.. I’m does this..?
San : u have to take rest..
Ap : now I’m fine..u both give me a extreme happy..that i can’t sit here..I wanna jumb..and shout..move I have to made sweet..and feed u both by my own hands..???
Sanlak /dp : smiles..seeing this much..happy from ap face..☺☺
Lak : mom..i will go..get sweet..for us..u sit here and take rest..
Ap : I’m fine..
San : not word..sit properly.. K..we come after fresh up..take care dad..?
Ap : makes face..?
Dp : smiles at her condition.. And nods to sanlak..☺☺☺
After sanlak left..
Ap : why r u smiling..?
Dp : no nothing..☺
Ap : seeing my condition..ur laughing.. Is it..?
Dp : hahahaha..I can’t control my laugh.. Seeing all this..for our plan..I’m hardly controls it..hahahaha..???
Ap : anyways ur plan..worked..if it fails..they ur condition will be worst..I’ll make it for sure..?
Dp : my plans always get success..k..don’t think much..
Ap : oh..really..then tell me about all ur plans..na..?
Dp : no no I can’t..let it be..
San : what r u both talking..
Lak : ha..dad..mom here ur sweet..u can do whatever u want..
Ap : gets up..to take a sweet from him..
San : mom..what r u doing..sit there..we r coming na..
Ap : arey..first stop treating me like a patient.. I’m fine..?
Lak : we r saw that…just few hours..?
Ap : angrily looks at dp..who r controlling his laugh..seeing all this..???
San : k..mom..u wanna makes us eat na..then go ahead..
Ap : smiles..and feeds them both sweet by her hand..and also she has..???
Dp : then what about me..with pout face..?
Ap /sanlak : looking at his face..
Sanlak : we r here na..they make him..eat sweet..they had a good family time..??
Ap : r u talk to them..that when we r going to do engagement..
Sanlak : r shocked.. Soon..???
Ap : ha..if u changed ur decision.. I can’t take risk..??
San : u saw girls for us..?
Dp : s..my son..?
Lak : but how…dad we r only just now agreed na..?
Ap : looks at dp..
Dp : I’m already fixed ur marriage with them..so its not a big deal..
San : k..where r they r..we know them..?
Dp : no..u both know them..they r also don’t know u both..
Lak : what..but how can we talk to them..
Ap : y..u r going to say them that u both don’t wanna marry them..that u both r doing this for our mom’s happiness.. Then they will reject u..ha..
Sanlak : looks at each other..because what they thought..as same as ap said..??
Dp : don’t look at each other..we r ur parents..so we know u both well..do u get that..????
Sanlak : nods..??
San :mmm..where they r living..
Dp : xyz village..
Sanlak : what village..how do u know them..??
Dp : they r my..sorry…our friends daughters..
Lak : dad..u can also search girls here..na..?
San : y..village..they can’t mingle..in city life style..?
Dp : for ur kind information..we both r born in village…u both also born there…if we can then y can’t they..ha..

Sanlak : what..?
San : but in my knowledge we r here only..na..
Ap : ya..but we r also lived in village..some years..cause of his business.. We r shifted here..that time u both r small..so u can’t remember it..
Lak : oh..k..
San : what’s there name..
Dp : swaragini..☺
Lak : one girl..then another girl..
Dp : no..its two name..its merged by god grossly.. Swara and ragini..in together..they r swaragini..
Sanlak : smiles..hears their names..feels some thing special..☺
Dp : and one more thing..first Sankar and swara marriage.. Then laksh and ragini marriage..
Sanlak : nods..and left..

They came to their room..
Lak : bhai..village girl.. Seriously.. Y they r not understanding..?
San : I’m also thinking the same..u have time..but me..I have no time..?
Lak : felt bad for him..we will think some thing bhai..don’t worry..
They falls a sleep..thinking about how to stop the marriage..???
In mean time
Swarag..arjun..comes home..arjun goes hugs everyone…
Arjun : dad..our company got another project.. Its really super…☺
Shekar : well done my son…☺
Arjun : not only by me..without my princesses..it can’t..?
Dadaji : what u say..
Arjun : oh..without staffs..hard work..it could not happened..
And sees swarag who r looking at him..angrily.. Makes puppy ? face..they smiles..
Sharmishta : come eat something.. U must be hungry..
Dadi : ya..go..get fresh up..come soon..
Swarag : this is not fair..whenever bhai comes u all forget us..Hu…how mean..fake angrily..?
All : whose says like this..come all had a group hug..and left for fresh up..
On the way..
Swarag : bhai..u know very well that..then y u said..like this..
Arjun : by mistake.. It happen..sorry..
Swarag : its..k..but next time careful k..?
Arjun : k..madams..can I leave now..I’m really hungry.. Plz show some mercy..☺
Swarag : k..go..come fast..we r waiting..
Arjun : nods..leaves..
Then all had dinner..and leaves to respective room..
Shekar : arjun..I wanna talk something important..come to study room..
Arjun : k..dad..come..
They left along with others.. Except swarag..
Arjun : what happened..dad..why r u all looking at each other like this..any problem..?
Shekar : no..nothing like that..
Arjun : then what..
Dadaji : what we r going to say..for that plz don’t get angry..
Arjun : plz..tell me..what..
Sharmishta : wo..actually..
Arjun : what..mom..
Dadi : we r fixed swaragini marriage..
Arjun : shockingly.. What..?
Others : looks at dadi..like u have guts..?
Arjun : who they r..
Shekar : they are my and ur mom..friends sons..
Arjun : how this all happened..
Sharmishta : morning bhaisa..called us..and talk about it..so we agreed..
Arjun : how can u all agreed like this..u were not saw them then..how..can..more than that swarag r little..?
Shekar : they r my friend sons..so I’m sure that they r good..for ur kind information they r grown up in marriage age..u only thought them small..?
Sharmishta : I’m also angree with shekar..?
Dadaji /dadi : we r also sure about it..and he is also like my another son..☺
Arjun : alright.. U all r this much confidence.. Then I don’t have any problem.. If they do anything..wrong with my princesses.. Then don’t blame me..k..
All :k..
They left ..and sleeps..
Sanlak : r in..ap room..with dp..mom how r u feeling..now..
Ap : much better..
Lak : oh..k..
Servant : may I come in..
Dp : s..
San : ya..come..did u came with na.. whatever..we said..
Servant : yes..sir..
Lak : good.. K..u can leave now..
Servant left..
San : mom come..and have breakfast..
Ap : k..give it to me..I’ll have it..
Lak : no..u have to drink it in front of us..
Dp : u both have to go for office..na..u two go..I’ll make her..eat..
San : we will leave after this..
Ap : but I can’t drink soup.. (sorry I don’t now that..)..???
Lak : mom..but it healthy for u na..plz have it..na..
San : u have to..come on..drink it fast..
Ap : makes faces..and looks at dp..for help..
Dp : gives her a look..I can’t do anything.. Now..bows his head..
Lak : mom..y r u looking at dad face..I know he is still good..stop staring him..k..??
San : r u wanna say that..he have to eat it also ..☺
Ap : nods..?
Dp : why me..she is only not well..not me..k..?
San : can’t u do this for ur lovely wife.. ?
Dp : I can do anything…but not this soup.. ?
Lak : y..dad..
Dp : k..let’s do one thing..if u all agree for it..
All : k..
Dp : then u can’t back off..k..let’s drink all..
Sanlak : no..how can we.. ???
Dp : u two have..r elso I won’t..
San : this is not fair..
Lak : y..are dragging us..dad..
Ap : k..I’m not going to drink..this..
Sanlak : Noway…wait..
San : k..Im ready..
Lak : if bhai ready..then I’m also ready to drink..this..
All : make a faces..and drunk that..??????
San : k..mom..take care..we r going to office..we will come afternoon..
Ap : don’t think about me..do ur work..well..
Lak : k..mom..plz take care of..ur self..bye dad..
Dp : k..bye..
Sanlak left to office..
Ap : lost in thoughts..
Dp : what r thinking.. Ap..
Ap : nothing..y can’t we send sanlak to village..they will able to started to like swaragini..na.. ?
Dp : mm..but do u think..they will..go there..
Ap : let try..na..
Dp : as ur wish..
Dp calls shekar..and informs about this..shekar also agreed it..dp tells it to ap..they r gets happy..
In village **
After the call..shekar informs about it to family members.. They r happy with it..
Swa : comes down..what happen guys..u r looking super happy..
Dadaji : s..we r really happy..
Rag : is that..then tell us..na we r also gets happy..na..tell me..
Arjun : I’m also wanna know..that..
Shekar : my friend sons are coming here..and they r going to stay here for one week..
Arjun : what ..
Swarag : really.. Dad..its ur best friend durgu uncles..sons..na..
Sharmishta : s..they r only..
Arjun : dad I wanna..talk u..right now..?
Shekar : k..come..
They left to study room..
Shekar : now tell me..what u want ask..
Arjun : dad..we r in village.. How can u allow them to our house..that before marriage..?
Shekar : they r also like my son..u know it very well..
Arjun : I knew it dad..but they r lives in city..
Shekar : I’ll take of it..k..
Arjun : k..but..who they r..

Shekar : wo…
Swa : dad..bhai..come have breakfast…na..then u can talk full day..
Shekar : k..shona..
During breakfast
Shekar : shona…laddo..I want to ask u something..
Swarag : s..dad..
Shekar : we r going to do ur marriage..
Swarag : what..shocked..??
Sharmishta : s..
Swa : but..y all of sudden..sadly..?
Dadi : we r did any wrong dears..
Rag : nothing like that..whatever u all do..it’s only for our happiness.. But we still have time na..thats y..sadly..?
Dadaji : we all r proud of u both..
Shekar : we r not going to compel u guys..so think about it..and tell us..
Swa : laddo was right..dad..u all first think about our happiness..then urs..in this case all so same na..we r ready..but..?
Sharmishta : what..
Rag : not so soon..we r not able to live without u all..mainly..bhai..??
Swarag : runs..hugs arjun..who r hearing all…this..
All gets emotional..?
Shekar : who says that..u r going to miss ur bhai..boys family stays in Mumbai only..so whenever u both want to ur bhai..u can..?
Swarag : really then we have no problem..☺☺☺
Dadi : see..they both only..miss their bhai only..poutingly..
Swarag : oh no..dadi ma..we both loves u all a lot..
All shares a family hug..and good family time also..
Sanlak comes home..and sees ap in kitchen..
Lak : mom what r doing here..
San : we r told u na..don’t do any work..then y r not listening us..angrily..
Ap : smiles..I’m fine..
Sanlak : but..
Dp : comes there..ap I arranged everything for them..
San : what arrangement..dad..about what r u both talking..
Ap : u both r going to stay in village.. For one week..
Sanlak : shocked.. What..???
Dp : s..my dear..sons..go pack ur bag..guys…
San : y..
Lak : that to one week..and what about office work..
Dp : I’m here na..I’ll take of it..
San : but..
Lak : k..we will go there..but one condition..
San : looks at him angrily..???
Dp /ap : what..
Lak : we will go there with kavitha..r u k..with it..( kavitha is sanlak cousin)..
Dp : mm..k..
Ap : we don’t have any problem..
Dp : but y kavitha..
Lak : just for fun..more than that they r not like us..na..so we also want a company..
San : its important.. Project..how can we leave..
Dp : I’m ur father.. So I know what I have to do..u both go and get ready..and inform to Kavitha..
Lak : k..
Sanlak left to room
Lak : bhai..relax..?
San : relax my foot..lacky..u r also there na..then how can I relax..?
Lak : feels bad for him..bhai..first listen to me..?
San : but..
Lak : just once..
San : nods..
Lak : bhai..I called kavitha..she will be here..after two hours..
San : why r dragging kavitha in this matter..
Lak : bhai..listen first..
San : nods..
Lak : bhai..kavitha and u both act like lovers..seeing that the will end this marriage matter..because no one give their daughter like this type of boy..
San : really.. Immediately hugs lak in excitement.. But stops..
San : but they will think about dad wrong..more over kavitha will agree for this..
Lak : bhai..I only get this idea..about kavitha we have to convince her..
San : let’s try..
After 2 hours
Kavi : good evening uncle and aunty.. ☺☺☺
Ap /dp : good evening kavitha..come ..??
Kavi : how r u both..and aunty.. How r u feeling now..sanlak informed me that u r not well..
Ap : we r fine..I’m perfectly all right..
Dp : how r u..and now only u got time na..come here..u forget us..ha..fake angrily..??
Kavi : sorry..uncle don’t get angry..plz.. ??
Ap : stop u acting..he is just joking..☺
Kavi :..mm..k..but where is sanlak..
Dp : in their room..I think they r waiting for u..
Kavi : cause of them..I came..here for one..call..can’t they invite me properly..?
Ap : haha..go and teach them a good lesson..
Kavi : sure..aunty..
Ap : hmm..I’ll send some snackes..for u..
Kavi : nods..and left to sanlak room..
Sanlak room**
Kavi : hello guys..how r u..hugs them..
Sanlak : we r fine..what about u..
Kavi : I’m awesome..tell me..y u called me here..any problem..
San : ya..andcwe want a favour from u..
Kavi : ya..sure..
Lak : tells every thing to kavi..its now ur choice..u wanna help us r not..
Kavi : but how can u both playing with girls..that to village girls..?
San : what can we will do..they decide it..without our knowledge..
U only..think about them..but not
Lak : u think other side also kavi..if we married them..in parties how they will behave..
Kavi : thinks..what lak says..and k..I’ll help u..but when we r leaving from here..
Sanlak : really..
Kavi : s..sanlak hugs kavi..happily..
San: tomorrow..morning.. After few hours we will be there..
Kavi : what..tomorrow.. How can do my work..and packing..
Lak : I’m already..set everything for u ..u have to pack ur things only..if u want any help..then all us..
Kavi : its k..I’ll manage..and i have to tell this trip to my bf..k..bye..I’ll leave now..( I will tell later about her bf )
Ap : comes there with snacks..where r u going..u didn’t have anything..
Kavi : sorry..I have to pack..things..sorry..
Ap : k..
Kavi left..sanlak does there work..ap also left after helping them to pack their things..
Sanlak sleeps..thinking about marriage will get broken..
In village
Arjun : dad…Im going back..to Mumbai…
Hears it all get shocked.. And swaragini gets tears in their eyes..
Shekar : y..u only came here..before 2 days..na..then..?
Arjun : ya..dad..but our partner have some personal work..so they took one week leave..for that I have go..there..
Sharmishta : ur staff..and workers also..there na..to take care of..that..and ur pa also there…
Arjun : its major project..if one partner is not there..then another one have to take care of that t…its rules..
Dadi : then tell them..u r here..u can’t come..
Arjun : its not like that..they only tell me to go home..cause I’m missing u all..they r my friends also..I no them very well..they can’t take leave unusually..
Swarag : u only give importance to ur work..not us..u r coming here..hardly..now..saying this they runs from there..????
Arjun : get tears in his eyes..seeing them..
Dadaji : k..arjun u can go..I know its important for u..otherwise u can’t to do this..before that u have to make them understand and also makes them smile..otherwise u can’t….
Arjun : nods..left to swaragini room..but others also in sad..
Swarag room
Arjun : oh..my princesses r angry with me..
Swarag : y should we..and who r we to get angry on u..turns other side their face..angrily..???
Arjun : y r u both talking like this..u both know that..u r everything for me..then also..
Swa : then y r u leaving..
Rag : don’t go..
Arjun : I’m also don’t wanna go..but its really important for us..with tear eyes..
Swarag : sees this..and hugs him tightly.. He also hugs them..
Swa : k..u can go this time..but next time.. u cant ..make sure it..
Rag : and come soon..else u have bear the punishment..
Arjun : hahaha..k..come have dinner and then sleep..
Swarag : k..come..
When they r going to leave.. Arjun ph..rings..seeing caller id three of them smiles..looking at each other..arjun attend the call..puts it on speaker..
UK : hello..
Arjun : hello priya..
Swarag : hello priya..bhabi…(she is priya..arjun’s lover..swaragini know that..not only them family members also know about this..)
Priya : hello dolls..how r u..and family..
Swa : we r fine..
Rag : and here family members also fine…how r u..
Priya : ya..I’m fine..r u both have dinner..
Swa : no..after the call..we will..
Priya : k..arjun when u r returning.. Just now I got information through anuj..( anuj and arjun r friends..he also like elder brother for swarag)
Rag : don’t take his name in front of us..?
Priya : y..r u all fight with each other..
Swa : for that he has to talk to us na..he did not call us..?
Rag : let him come here..we will show him who we r..angrily..???
Priya : oh..k..he is busy with his work..
Swa : don’t get his side..
Rag : k..k..u both talk..we r leaving..
Swa : don’t wanna disturb..love birds..saying this runs from there..with rag..??????
Arjun : hahaha..u both will never change..mm..priya..I’ll be there in morning..????
Priya : k..
Arjun : y ur both sir r leave..any problem..
Priya : don’t no about it..but its really important for them..that’s y they took one week leave..otherwise.. U no them..
Arjun : ya..
They talk some time..
Arjun : k..bye..
Priya : bye..love u..
Arjun : love too..
After that all have dinner..and sleeps..
Arjun left to mumbai..
Sanlak kavi starts their journey..
After some hours..they reach village..they get shocked to see the village view..its really beautiful..
San : wow..?
Kavi : its super..☺
Lak : yes guys..bhai do u see the roads r fine..?
San : ya..lacky..we r underestimate it..
Kavi : ya..
San : but where is uncle home..here all street r looks same..
Lak : mm..wait..I will ask anyone.. Gets out from car..
One man passes there..
Lak : excuse me uncle..
Man : yes..beta..
Lak : uncle..where is shekar Bose home..
Man : but who r u beta..
Lak : we r (points to car ) his friends sons..we came to stay..here..
Man :..k..good..his home root is..go straight.. Take left..and again take right.. Then after 10 house u can see a bungalow.. That’s his house..
Lak : oh..k..thanks uncle..
Man : its k..
Lak goes to car..tells san about root..they start car..after few minutes.. They sees children’s crowd..
San : what is it..?
Lak : don’t know..?
Kavi : come..we will see..?
They all get out of car..goes near crowd..and sees two girls..in anarkali suit..they can’t see their face.. They two faceing their backside towards them..
Children’s : come on shona di..u can do this..laddo di tell her na..
Rag : shona go na..atleast for me..
Swa : k..for u..and also u guys..I’ll
Sanlak kavi looks at them clueless..
San : what is happening here..?
Lak : mm..but what about they all talking..
Kavi : first see there..?
They turns and shocked ?? to see the one of the girl and boy r getting ready for horse riding..
Looks at each other..confusingly..
Then sees what is going to happen..next..
Boy : shona..think once again… U can do this..
Swa : m..k..ram..
Ram : oh..k..then get ready for ur lose..
Swa : not me..u prepare ur self..for it..I’m the winner..u no na what to do after that..
Ram : we will see..who r going to do that..
Swa : better luck..next time..
They starts their ride..swa is winner..
Children’s rag : shouts..runs towards her..
Rag : hugs her tightly…wow..shona u did it..?
Swa : hugs her.. Smiles..
Children’s : also hugs her..she also hugs them happily..??
Ram : u won shona..u always do this..no one here over come u..including boys..also..
Rag : cause my shona is best..don’t judge anyone through out side view..k..☺☺☺☺
Swa : and ..don’t think girls can’t do anything..also don’t underestimate them..k..
Ram : m..k..now what..
Swa : I think u know..
Ram : ya..here is ur chocolates.. And bachus come..I’ll give u..
Swarag : takes chocolates.. And hugs him..
Ram : also smiles..hugs them..and gives chocolates to bachus parties.. And left..
Its all saw and heared by..sanlak and kavi..they r in extreme shock..sanlak wanna see the girls face..
Swarag : turns..sanlak lost in their beauties..
Swa : guys come..we have to go..
Rag : ha..its already late..come..
They all leaves..sanlak lost now also..kavi sees them..
Kavi : smiles..teasingly.. Waves hand in front of them..hello..come to on earth guys..they both left long before.. But u both r staring.. Now also..u both like them na..
Sanlak : embarrassed..???
San : shut up..I think how can a girl win over a boy..that to village girl..its really impossible..?
Kavi : I think..just few more minutes u ur self saw it na..then..
Lak : yes..bhai..we can’t judge any one like that..k..come we have also go..?
They left..and reaches..their destination.. They again get shock..seeing a wonderful bungalow..no looks like palace..for them..that to in village.. They three sees it with open mouth..???
San :wow..
Lak : its really super…
Kavi : beautiful..
San : lacky..its like palace..that to in village..
Lak : ha..bhai..whatever we thought about in village..is absolutely wrong bhai..
Kavi : ya..me also..
Hearing noise..sharmishta comes there..
Sharmishta : who r u all beta…do u all want anything..
San : hello aunty..I’m sanskar..he is laksh..my brother..and she is kavitha..our cousin..we r dp sons..
Lak ,kavi : hello aunty..
Sharmishta : oh..sorry..come in beta..I didn’t saw u na..that’s y…
Sanlak ,kavi and sharmishta.. Comes in..
Shekar : saw them..mishti where r u..
Sharmishta : shekar..wo…comes near him..
Shekar : mishti..u know na..I can’t go out without seeing ur face..then how can u do this..
Sharmishta : tries to say..something..
Shekar : don’t give any useless..reason..that ur in kitchen does in work..and etc..
Sharmishta : first see there..
Shekar : where..and what..
Sharmishta : makes him turns..
Shekar : sees them..and looks at sharmishta questioningly..
Sharmishta : smiles..they r dp sons..and she is their cousin..
Shekar : surprisingly.. Really..come on champs..goes to them..and hugs them happily..
Sanlak : looks at him amazingly.. Uncle u about us..hugs back..
Shekar: ya..why should not I..I know about u from ur born..u r also my sons na..but didn’t saw u..sorry for that…
Sanlak : happily..smiles..and take blessing from him and sharmishta.. Don’t be sorry uncle..now we r here na..
Sharmishta : ya..
Kavi : also takes blessing from both..
They all hears a noise..turns..sees dadaji and dadi come there doing with fight..
Dadaji : parvathi..listen I’ll come soon..
Dadi : no means..no..
Dadaji : how mean..parvathi..
Dadi : what…
Dadaji : I’m asking permission..but u r ordering me..
Dadi : whatever..u can’t go out..
Dadaji : hey old lady..
Dadi : u r not in young.. That u r calling me old..u r also so old na..don’t dare to say it again..angrily..
Dadji : no I’m not old..I’m still young.. Do u get that..
Dadi : only..talking nothing else..
Dadaji : I’m going out..that’s it..with attitude..
Dadi : don’t show attitude.. It will not suit u..
Shekar : ma..papa..what happen now..
They sees all r staring at them..
Dadaji : she didn’t allow me to go out..
Sharmishta : y..ma..
Dadi : u know.. Na..if he goes out then come late..he unable to take medicine.. On time..
Shekar : ma also right na..papa..
Dadaji : promise..I’ll come soon..
Sanlak , kavi smiles..seeding there cute fight..
Sharmishta : ma..leave him na..swaragini also not here..if they here then won’t leave him..
Dadi : k…
Dadaji : thanks..beta..bye old lady..
Dadi : u won’t change..
Sanlak ..kavi laughs loudly.. Hears dadaji last word..
Dadaji and dadi..looks at each other..
Dadaji : shekar who they all..
Shekar : oh..sorry..seeing ur fight forget to inform about their arrival..they r dp sons..and ur beloved grandsons.. she is their cousin..
Dadaji : happily goes near them..and hugs them..welcome..guys..
Sanlak : hugs..and takes blessing..
Dadi : after so many year..I’m seeing u..how r u..hugs them..
Sanlak : hugs..and take blessing.. We r fine..dadi..and u..
Dadi : I’m fine..
Kavi : also takes blessing with dadaji and dadi..
Dadaji : beta..what is ur dad name..
Kavi : karan..
Shekar : ur karan daughter.. He is also our friend.. During college days..how is he..dad..I told about him..to u na..we three always together..
Dadaji :mm..I’m still remember it..
Kavi : oh..its u uncle..nice to meet u..dad tells about u many things..
Shekar : oh..he still remember me..but he did not call me for once..
Kavi : sorry for behalf of him..
Shekar : its k..
Sharmishta : stop ur questions..they r going to stay here..u ask..whatever u want..after that..
Shekar : k..madam..bows his head…
Dadi : let them take rest..they must be tired..u all go..kamala..take them guest rooms..
They three left..shekar and dadaji also left..dadi and sharmishta goes to kitchen..to prepare lunch..
Guest room
After fresh up..they informed about it ap..
San : lakcy..they all loves us..so mach..
Lak : s..bhai..and dadaji ,dadi r impossible..i think they r always fighting with each other..
Kavi : u both can’t understand it..they may be fighting with each other.. But they loves each other.. In their fight also show that..
San : whatever..
Kavi : guys..do u see the this house infrastructure.. Its marvelous..
Lak : ya…but how can it happen bhai..they r lives here..but looking it all..they all r living city life..but different is no traffic..no noise..
San : ya..lacky..u r right..but whatever we thought about village..here nothing like that..we r wrong..
Kavi : ya..but for ur stupid idea..I’m also enjoying.. Here..thanks for that..
Sanlak :mm..
Sharmishta calls them they all comes down to have lunch..
San :aunty..u r hand have some magic..its really nice..
Lak : and tasty..
Kavi : s..its super..if u don’t mind..can u teach me how to make it..im love it..
Sharmishta : smiles..their compliments..sure beta..y not..
Dadi : I’m also make food..but only sharmishta get commands..says..poutingly..
All smiles for this..
Sharmishta : ma..
San : is that so… where is it dadi..
Lak : mm..give us..after that we compliment u..
Kavi : mm..come on dadi..
Dadi : smiles..here it is..taste it..
San : dadi its also good.. Side hugs her..
Lak : ya dadi ma..kisses his cheeks..
Kavi : super dadi ma..
All have lunch..
San : aunty..we r going to out..
Lak : we will be here..evening..
Dadi : u all don’t no anything about here..then how..
Kavi : we will take of it..dadi..
Sharmishta : wait..chotu..chotu..come here beta..
Chotu : comes there..what bm..
Sanlak ,kavi : bm..????
Chotu : ha..bm means badi ma..in short bm..
Sharmishta : chotu..show them our village..
Chotu : k..bm..come baiyas and di…
They left..chotu shows them..river sides.. And lake side..they sees how ducks are playing in water..and small park..playing ground..seeing its all..sanlak..kavi..stunned to see it..
Chotu : sees swaragini runs towards them..
Sanlak..kavi..followed him..y he is running..
Chotu : shona di…laddo di..
Swa : chotu what is this..
Rag : how many times told u don’t come by running..cleans dust from his face..
Swa : u won’t listen to us na..makes his hair style correct..
Chotu : pouts..don’t talk u me..
Swarag : for what..
Chotu : u both both don’t know..
Swarag : nods no..cutely..
Chotu : oh..so u two forget it..right..
Swa : laddo do u know..what he is talking..
Rag : no..shona..I’m also clueless..
Chotu : what u both r talking..
Swarag : nothing..plz tell na..chotu..sweetu..
Chotu : don’t..use ice..words..it can’t work..u both promised me..that u will give chocolates.. To me na..then..whetevit is..
Swarag : get relief sign..is that..here take it..
Chotu : gets happy seeing chocolate..gives kisses their cheeks..love u di…
Swarag : smiles..love to too..they to his him..k..bye chotu..
Chotu : bye..
Its all seen by sanlak..kavi..
Sanlak lost once again in swaragini..
Kavi : looks at them..they started to feel for them..but didn’t realized it..smiles..
Sanlak : come to sense..
Chotu comes to them..
After that they moves from their..
San : y I’m feeling happy..seeing her…
Lak : something with that girl..thats y I’m attracts towards her..what is her name..laddo..its also sweet..but wait..y I’m thing all this..
Kavi : sanlak..I’m tired..I wanna go home..now..
Sanlak :..k..
Chotu : k..come..
They reach home..and goes to their room..to take rest..
Swarag : comes home..ma..dadi..
Dadi : come butterflies..
Swarag : goes hugs her..
Shekar : swara..how many times told u don’t do horse riding..then..
Rag : papa..how do u know..
Sharmishta : so its true..na ragini..
Dadi : leave..them..
Shekar : ur always doing the same ma..
Swa : dad sorry..
Rag : I’m only said to her..do that..so I’m the one who ask sorry..sorry dad..leave shona..
Shekar : its k..but don’t do it again..k..if u get hurt..we can’t see it..that’s y..I’m saying..its not just a game..it will take life also..
Swarag : k..dad we will never do this..
Sharmishta : k..go get fresh up..and come have something..
Swarag : no ma..we r going to sleep..we r tired..
Sharmishta : but..
Shekar :u both go..sleep..
Then all take dinner..and sleeps..
Swarag : comes down..ma..
Sharmishta : u both r get ready soon..
Swa : ha ma..we have some work..so we r leaving..now..
Rag : we will come soon..bye..
Sharmishta : k..come soon..
Swarag leaves the home..
After 2 hours..
Sanlak..kavi comes down..
Sanlak ,kavi: good morning everyone..
All : good morning..
Shekar : come sit down..
Sanlak..kavi takes a site..
Dadaji : sharmishta where is swaragini..
Sharmishta : they both went out early..morning..they told that have some work..
Shekar : hmm..k..
Dadi : how can they leave.. Without informing me..at a time shekar ph rings..
Shekar : sees it and smiles..attend the call..puts it on speaker..hello..
Swarag : hello..and good morning everyone..
All : good morning..guys..except sanlak..kavi..cause they don’t know.. How to react..
Swa : we know..that u all must be angry.. For without inform u we came went out..
Rag : for that we r sorry..and we will come soon..
Shekar : k..come soon..
Dadi : did u both have breakfast..
Swa : ya we had it..
Sharmishta : but..when..I did not prepare anything..na..when u both went.. then..
Rag : haha..ma do u thing like that..we know that we have to go early..so di made breakfast for everyone..that to leaving me..she do it alone..
Dadaji : what..its true..
Swa : hits rag head..
Rag : ooch..
Dadaji : don’t beat her..I’m asking u some thing..
Swa : oh..s sweetu..
Dadaji : then u have prepared for sweet also na…
Swa : what..then u r not angry with me na..
Dadaji : why me..
Swa : hahah..hearing ur tone I thought it..
Rag : dadu plz don’t act..here I got beat..ahh..
All: hahah..u both won’t change..
Swarag : y should we..if anyone want then..they r the one who have to change..not us..
All : k..
Swa : dad..when ur dugu sons r coming..
Shekar : they came here..yesterday only..
Rag : what..but u all didn’t tell us..
Sharmishta : we r forget it..
Swa : its k..ma..take care of them..bye..
They cuts call..and looks at sanlak,kavi..who r staring at them..
Dadi : what..
San : who they r..
Dadaji : they r our butterflies.. Where they want to go will fly..there…
Shekar : and our princesses.. We all loves them a lot..
Sharmishta : but swara loves ragini lot more than us..ragini also does same with swara..
Dadi : they both r our world… for swaragini we all their world..and this village..they both like this village very much..
Lak : oh..thats great..uncle I wanna ask u some thing..
Shekar : ya..y not..I’m also ur father..u can ask anything from me..
Lak : thanks uncle..ur house.. Infrastructure.. Is..awesome..whose idea this..I mean in village..but looks like city house..thats y..
Dadaji : its all done by swara..we r proud of her..
Shekar : hahaha..ya u r right..many people thinks..that compare to city..village is Nothing..to change the thought swara does it everything..
San : hears it..gets interest on swara..
Kavi : we wanna sees them..
Sharmishta : when they both come here..I’ll tell u all..
Lak : k….
Shekar : k..let’s go for breakfast..
All have breakfast..
Sanlak , kavi likes the food very much..
San : aunty..its good we three love it..thanks for it..
Lak : ya..ur daughter also good cook..
Kavi : they said right aunty..
Shekar : ya..she is best..
They all had breakfast..
San : uncle..we r going to out..
Shekar : take care beta..
They three left..they r crossing the school.. Thought to visit it..
San : lacky..come..visit to that school..
Lak,kavi :k..
They went inside..sees childrens are playing in ground..like cricket.. Football…basketball.. chotu sees them..goes to them..
Chotu : hi..bhaiya..di…
Sanlak,kavi : hello chotu..
Chotu : what r u all doing here..
San : we came here to see ur school..
Lak : can u show us..it..
Chotu : of course..
Kavi : k..come..hold his hand..he also holds back..u all playing cricket.. Football…basketball..how u all now about it..
Chotu : we all dont know about it before its all..shona di…and laddo di only..reason for it…they give us good education..and teach us sports..how to behave..and aware of the girls
education..everything..but for that shona di..only took a step..then laddo di joined to her..they loves each other..they can’t live without each other..hahaha..
Sanlak,kavi : hears it smilingly..
San : they r great..
Lak : ya..bhai..handoff them..
Kavi : being a girl..I’m proud to say a girl..
Sanlak ,kavi : smiles..sees a cute girl..sitting alone..
Kavi : hello..what is ur name..y r u sitting here alone..
Girl : sees them..but didn’t replay..it..
San : how can she know..english..
Girl : hears it..gets angry..oh..hello brother i know English..and my name is riya..I’m sitting here..because that donkey snatched chocolate..that’s y..sadly..
They get shocked..hearing one village talking English without error and stammering..
Chotu : is that..riya..hear take my chocolate..
Riya : woww..hocolate..thank..bhai..u r also good..like Di’s.. Love u..takes it..and runs to class..
Chotu : don’t be shock..here we all know English.. Cause Di’s only teach us..
They reach a class..and again shocked to see it..
San : what was that..guys..
Lak : smart class..
Kavi : that to in village..and computers..
Chotu : laughs seeing their reactions.. Bhaiya..here all r updated like city..its all done by my Di’s…
Sanlak ,kavi : here everything..
Chotu : k..bhaiyas and di..I have to go for class bye..see u 3 later..runs from there..
They also left from school..
San : they both r to good..
Lak : s..bhai..compared to them..we r nothing..
Kavi : mm..they both doing and did many things..but we r nothing..seriously..
San : I’m now regret my view about village girl..they can do anything..
Lak : s..
Kavi : then u both r going to marry them..I’m happy..
Sanlak : but i like shona/laddo..looks at each other..
Kavi : what..
Sanlak : s..
Man : beta..do u have ph..I want make a call..if have..then plz help me..
Kavi : ya..uncle.. Take it..
Man : thanks..
Lak : but its tough Mobile.. Na then how can he use it alone..go help..him..
Kavi : ya u r ri..they hears that man talking to someone in ph…after cutting call..that man gave it to kavi..
Man : thanks beta..
San : but uncle how could u use it.. Its touch mobile na..

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