swaragini valentines special

swara comes to the mandap and unties the gathbandhan sanskar removes kavita’s pallu leading to the proof she has kept hidden. he shows it to all and swara’s proved innocent . it’s kaveri kavita’s mother who helped her do all this and yea our deary uvrashi maasi is finally dead and kavkav mother daughter jodi land into the place they deserve the jail.

finally when we fans thought all would be a happy beginning for the sisters is when laksh’s ex enter’s the scene well i donno it’s true or not but laksh’s behaviour recently has lead to the doubts that the bride swapping is gonna happen leadingg to a hell life for ragini for all those saying she deserves it, peoples just as swara said in the interview (ek mukka meri taraf se ragini badal gayi hai she’s genuine now) so guy’s would you like it if raglak separate why cant the writer’s just see us haappy first they changed ragini then they made her truly a vamp then swasan happened but then this kavita and uvrashi then when swaragini united swara goes to jail then now as swasan unite raglak is in danger zone please writers baksh do humme please!!!!

well guy’s i know valentines long gone but i was just thinking to write a special romantic epi would like your guys opinion as to which couple you would love to see in the epi it’s just a belated valentine credit too our swaragini here are the options swasan raglak ragsan swalak soo do vote guy’s i would write the one with most votes and hope you’ll like it 😉

so here are the credits to my other ff’s as to what’s gonna happen in them
sisters forever : the weekend party :swaragini and as roshya are looking beautiful in gowns when sanlak and tammy enter together looking dapper
ragsan share a romantic daance while swalak have a fight leading to their first kiss ! rosh is all annoyed with tanmay and his oneliner flirty nature with other girls as jiya taunts her asking whether she’s jealous 😉 sheena gets talli and creates a havoc but, avsid meet for the first time sid unknown of her real identity feels attraction towards her but is all shocked to see a sobbing ragini running out of the venue towards road ! will ragini meet with an accident???

swaragini meant to be together : ragsan love confession and all forgive sanskar for his deeds. wedding bells for our ragsan .valentine special swalak consumate their marriage sanskar takes ragini on a date! one question should i bring kavita’s entry before marriage or let our ragsan and swalak have some peaceful romantic moments first 😉

swaragini the beginning : uday piyali and swalak kiss the triwizard conquest begins!

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  1. Dont bring kavitha
    People once die cant come naa
    Anyway no kavitha

  2. plsss only swasan and raglak

    and make kavithas entry after some romantic moments of ragsan(if possible no need to make kavithas entry i am already fed up with her in the serial)

  3. First let ragsan enjoy their moments

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