Swaragini….once upon a time (royal) Episode 1

A melodious bhajan is heard (oh paalanhaare…nirgun oh nyare…) jaipur city is shown and then a temple where a lady is singing the same bhajan doing arti (tumre bin humra kauno naahi…)…a young girl joins her (humri uljhan suljhao bhagwan…tumre bin humra kauno nahi)….pandit gives prasad to the lady and the girl….another pandit comes and bids his greetings to them saying ”Maharani Janki aur Rajkumari Swara ko mera pranam” [i greet queen Janki and princess Swara]

A lady is shown picking flowers…she is about to pick rose but an arrow comes and the flower gets detached…the lady turns and sees a boy and says ”Karshik!!”. Karshik says ” Sumi maa, apke hath m kanta chubh jata” [Sumi maa, the thorn would have hurt ur hand] Sumi smiles and thanks him…

A man is shown reading letters…a girl comes and puts a ladoo in his mouth…the man says ” Parineeta!” pari asks how is it. He says gud. Pari says ”pitaji achhe kaise nahi honge, akhir Maharaj Shekhar Singh Gadodia ki putri n bnae h” [dad, how won’t it be good, after all King Shekhar Singh Gadodia’s daughter has made them.

A girl is writing a letter…she completes it, folds it, attaches it to a pegion’s leg and makes the pegion fly…swara’s voice is heard ”Ragini didi!” Ragini replies m coming and goes..

Precap: Intro to maheshwaris

thanq Nilani, Anjali, suhana, Lila, Rey, Kittuu, inu, rakhi, JWALOO, chandhini, Nandy, Lahari, Hayathi, preethi, angel, khusubu for ur support

sorry Roja and Kiran but i won’t change the pairs

Credit to: dia


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