Swaragini the unsaid truth chapter 3


Guys laksh has made ragini sign both property and divorce papers but did not throw her , he was waiting 4 swasan marriage to happen.

Inside the car
swara got a message that the pics match to kolkata’s old jungles caves interior.
Swara:kavitha we have to go to kolkata’s old caves which is inside the jungle , i have noted the number.
Kavitha:swara we should inform someone before going or else if something happens to us,atleast anyone will know .
Swara:kavitha whom to inform? I do not care about myself, i just want ragini free out of this majboori and that blackmailer dead.
Kavitha :cool down lets go.
Swara and kavitha reaches the jungle ,searches all the jungle’s caves at last reaches last cave but before their enter,their see guards there.
Swara:how to go?
Kavitha:i hope i found a ghost in this jungle to divert their attention.

Swara noticed kavitha’s dress is white and smiles little.
Swara:kavitha do u remember, when we completed assignment late and not saddo sir did not accept it what u ,ragini and i need.
Kavitha:i dressed white saree and scared that sir that much he spilled water on all assigments through which he asked the students to do the project again, as we completed the project already now he had to accept it,now what is use of this ghost drama.
Swara:because the ghost is here.

Kavitha sees allround and sees her dress which is white and understands it.
Swara: kavitha u divert this guards attention , i will help bhai and bhabhi.
Kavitha:swara ur crazy ideas no one can match it so we will give a try.
Swara:kavitha wait not now ur looking like a angel in this white saree i will make u ghost looking.swara takes and spreads kavitha’s kajal and takes tomato ketchup and gaves to kavitha.
Swara:it will help u a lot, go all the best, ghost bhana dost.
Kavitha:swara it was not for ragini and bhai bhabhi, i could show u
what a ghost can do and gives fake angry glares to swara who is gigling.
Kavitha goes and diverts the guards attention who runs away. Swara goes inside the cave sees khushi .
Swara:bhabhi where is bhai?
Khushi :swara u came, ur bhai is given unconicous injection after every 2 hours because u know na ur bhai knows karate,so u empower him the guards gives this to him, even in flight we were given something we became unconicous, we taught to give u and ragini a suprise but see what happened?.
Swara:its okay bhabhi let bhai wake up.now no one will come to give unconscious injection as the guards ran away.
Khushi is speaking with swara when she saw kavitha in ghostly attaire and started running screaming ghost.
Arnav wakes up yelling khushi without shutting ur mouth cannot be,we are kidnapped without thinking to escape ur screaming and as always starts to ramayana even the guards slatue me for bearing u sometimes and calls u headache and gets conscious and sees kavitha there, arnav identities her because he have seen her like this before.
Arnav:kavitha ur alive thank god and not left pranking whom u scared now.
Khushi: kavitha then we came to heaven but even in heaven why are we in this cave, maybe i came to hell,god i know i did mistake marrying this laad governor please take me to heaven i want meet so many people there and if can take me to earth i want to see sultan movie of salman khan,but kavitha and swara why are u in hell? I understand my mistake what is urs.

Kavitha and swara starts laughing like any thing.
Arnav angrily:khushi my mistake to marry u without brain,we are not in hell we are alive by my good luck,come lets go out before guards come back.
Khushi:arnavji we are alive because god wants me to meet salman khan before dying.not because of ur so called luck,oh god kavitha is alive and hugs kavitha and also swara.
Arnav:lets go swara where is our drama queen ragini?
Swara:bhai lets go i will tell about her.

On the road
ragini feels a hand touching her and turns shocked to see and whispers aakash and tear drops from her eyes.

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