Swaragini (A Unique Love story) Episode 2

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Swara: Actually…
She is cut by Ragini.
Ragini: Actually ma I said Swara to do.
Sumi:wat did u ask her to do?
FB starts
Ragini and Swara goes to Rajshri’s house.
Swara: Wat i hav to do?
Ragini: Go to Rajshri Auntys garden and pluck some Mangoes and come
Swara: No baba. She ill kill me.
Ragini: Dont worry.. wen Ragini is here Y to fear.
Swara: Enuf of ua filmy dialogues.
Ragini: Now go fast.
Swara goes to pluck the mangoes but the mangoes fell down to the kitchen and all her food fell down. Swara comes down and says sorry…it fell down.
Ragini: Without me u cant to do any work.
Ragini again goes to pluck the mangoes but the leaves and branches fell down and Whole Rajshris Kitchen became mess.
Swaragini runs from there.
Fb ends.
Ragini: Sorry Maa…
Sumi: Dont ask forgiveness from me …ask from fogiveness from Aunty and even u also Swara.
Both swaragini says Sorry Aunty.
Rajshri: I will forgive if u come and clean my kitchen.
Swaragini luks at each oder.
Sumi: Go wat r u seeing each oder.
Swaragini nodes and goes to her kitchen.

Rajshris Kitchen:
Swara: This is happening bcz of u Ragini.
Ragini: afterwards u scold me..
Swaragini cleans her kitchen.
Rajshri comes and says Very nice…next tym u ill do this??
Swaragini: No Aunty.
Rajshri asks them to go. Swaragini goes.

Gadodia House:
Dadi: i said u to handle u daughters now itself.
Sumi: Let they come once.
Swaragini comes.
Swaragini: Sorry Maa..
Sumi makes a angry face and goes from there.
Ragini: Papa ask her to listen to her plzzz papa.
Shekhar: par beta.
Swaragini makes a cute baby face and says plzz..
Shekhar: ok beta.
Swaragini bcmz happy.
Shekhar goes to Sumi and says plz forgive them.
Sumi: If i forgive them they will do mistakes again and again..and it is parents responsibilty to make their childrean realise their mistakes.
Ragini holding her ears: Sorry Maa i will never do this mistakes again.plz maa maa
Sumi smiles and says: till how much tym parents ill b angry with their childrens and hugs Swaragini.
Shekhar: Enuf of ua hugging dont u have to go to college today?
Ragini: Ufff i forgot..
Swara: Okay lets go fast.
Sumi ask them to eat their breakfast and then go.
Swaragini nodes and goes.

Precap: Swaragini enters the college. Sanlak entry.

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