Swaragini (A Unique Love story) Episode 1

Hey guyzzz….i am here with new ff on swaragini….I am not happy with the current track so i want mant to make a new. I am not a writer plz spare me if i did any mistakes…. The characters are same.

A beautiful scenes of Kolkata is shown. A girl is shown trying to climb the mountains. Before she reaches the peak she is interuppeted by another girl. She is Swara. Swara ask her her to come down. The girls in a beautiful voice says today i will reach the peak. The girl says to herself she will reach her destination . The girl reaches the peak. Her face is shown. She is our Ragini. She is wearing a yellow top and purple patiala pant. She says atlast i have reached my destination. She sees the beautiful scenes from the peak. She jumps in exitement.
Swara(from down says): Be careful Ragini. Dont jump u ill fall.
Ragini: Dont worry Swara am Ragini.
Swara: Ah ok now please come down.
Ragini: For u I will come down but u have do wat I say.
Swara: Okkk.

While coming down Raginis leg slips.
Swara shouts: Raginiiii….
Ragini however handles the situation and comes down.
Swara: Y u do this much difficult things?
Ragini: Actually Arun and i had bet that if i climb the mountain i will get watevea i ask. And now u also do wateva i ask. Right?
Swara: Who said u i will do watever u ask.
Maybe u didnot heard properly.
Ragini says My ears are sharp. So dont try to fool me.
Swara: Ok baba Wat i.have to do.
Ragini smiles.

Gadodia House:
A woman is doing pooja. She is sumi. She gives prasad to her family.
Dadi: Where is ur daughters Sumi?
Sumi: In the morning only they went out.
Dadi: Sumi handles ua daughters otherwise they will make u fool everytym.
A voice comes from outside.
Ragini: Dont worry Dadi. No one will make my mom fool.
Swara: She is even my mom.
Shekhar: Both of u want u mom not me.
Ragini goes and hugs him.
Ragini: U r best dad in the world. I love u dad.
Shekar says: i love u too my beta.
Suddenly Swara comes and hugs him.

Dadi: If u finish ua drama then come lets have a breakfast.
Swaragini: Ok Dadi. Another woman comes and shouts and says Where is Ragini and Swara.( She is their neighbour Rajshri)
Sumi: Wat happened Rajshri ji?
Rajshri: Ask ur daughters Wat happened.
Everyone sees at Swaragini. The screen freezes on the faces of Swaragini.

How is my 1st chapter???..

Plz do comments…and share ua view either bad or good…

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  1. Itz really good as it title… But who r the pairs???

    1. Thanks u Aishu…nd the pairs will b revealed soon….till then keep reading and commenting….

    2. Thanks…and the will b revealed soon….keep reading and supporting..

  2. gud keep writng

  3. Nice one….lyk it..contne with next part dear

    1. Thank u Rakhi….keep reading and commenting..

  4. anusha reddy

    ntbd…. but keep swara more beautiful and highlight in the story… .

  5. anusha reddy

    keep swasan… keep triangle love story between swara, sanskar, laksh

  6. what did swaragini do ??????????? ………….interesting

  7. Nice start…

  8. Veryyyyy niceeeeee

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