SWARAGINI – Undekha mod (Introduction )

Hi guys iam new to the ff of swaragini but I am a silent reader I read all ur fanfictions regardless of the pairs . I was impressed by the writers of the ff . So I selected to write a ff.

All the characters are same as in original plot only one thing is that Uttara is not the same sa in the plot . She is changed .

Let’s stop my blah blah n let’s come to introduction part .

Maheswari’s family a very rich family in kolkatta they own a number of factories companies n industries on their family name MAHESWARI pvt Ltd .

Durgaprasad Maheswari ( dp )
Annapurna Maheswari ( ap ) wife of dp loves her family a lot she loves elder son of Maheswari’s family a lot

Ramprasad Maheswari ( rp ) younger brother of dp . Takes care of business with dp

Sujatha Maheswari wife of rp loves her children n family a lot . Especially Uttara is her life

Sanskaar Maheswari elder son of Maheswari’s. Son of rp n sujatha. He calls dp n ap as maa n papa . Rp n sujathaas mom n dad. Loves his sister Uttara a lot. 2 years elder to Uttara. Both Uttara n sanskaar are secret diaries of each other. Both doesn’t hide even a little bit of information from each other. Anything for his family n loves his brother laksh also a lot . He has his own company named KARMA pvt Ltd.

Uttara Maheswari elder daughter of dp n ap. Calls rp n sujatha as mom n dad n dp n ap as maa n papa. Uttara n sanskaar share a beautiful bond. 2 years elder than laksh . She loves laksh her younger brother also but not more than sanskaar. Always anything to sanskaar. She has completed her graduation.

Laksh Maheswari son of dp n ap calls them maa n papa. Rp n sujatha as mom n dad . Loves both his sister Uttara n sanskaar a lot he is too caring towards Uttara n sanskaar. He has completed graduation n has joined their company n works with his dad he is 2 years younger than Uttara

Gadodia family they are also a rich family in kolkatta they own a number of factories companies n industries on their granddaughters name SWARAGINI pvt Ltd.

Deendayal Gadodia dadaji. loves his family a lot.

Parvathi Gadodia dadi. loves both her granddaughters a lot. Both are her life.

Shekar Gadodia son of dadaji. His daughters are his life. A small scratch on them takes his life. loves then a lot he is the owner of swaragini pvt Ltd after dadaji

Sharmistha Gadodia wife of shekar. mother of two princesses love them a lot more than her life . she is a doctor by profession. she owns a multi speciality hospital on the family name GADODIA’S MULTI SPECIALITY HOSPITAL.

Swara Gadodia. elder daughter of shekar. loves her sister ragini a lot . 2 years elder to ragini. she is a business women as well as doctor. Apple of the family. works with Dad’s company n mom’s hospital.

Ragini Gadodia younger daughter of Gadodia’s. lovely bubbly naughty chirpy loves swara a lot. completed graduation. works in their own company with her dad

guys please suggest character of Uttara she is bubbly but turns in to bold n independent. I hop u guys like my ff. n don’t guess the pairs . I have pairs in my mind . Please paradon me for hurting u .

Credit to: Nethra


  1. abi

    uttara-nisha f nisha aur uske cousins….my choice….she would b suitable in dat bcoz in nauc serial also she was bubly independant only so that only…..nd i request u too reveal d pairs before itself….pls pls….

    • nethra

      Thank u soo much dr for ur comment n for ur suggestions ya in My 2nd episode I will reveal the pairs I won’t take too much of time to reveal the pairs … Love u thank u

  2. Devika

    its so nice yaar . and for uttara kanchi singh or monica sehgal from manmarziyan may be good . and ya its really a nice intro. just loved it.

  3. Shagun

    Make kabir the bro of swaragini and his character will be played by mishkat verma and for utyara i will suggest aneri aka nisha of nauc

  4. nethra

    Thank u guys for all ur comments n thank u for suggestions for Uttara character n I will reveal the pairs in my 2 nd episode . I am always there for ur response…. Thank u sooo much for encouraging me

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.