SWARAGINI – Undekha mod episode 38

Hi guys iam back n continuing my old ff..sorry for all n I would wait for ur comments that should I complete it or no..
Last episode : http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-undekha-mod-epi-37/

Next morning
Swasan wer sleeping…
Sun rays wer entering in to our heavenly couple room..swara woke up n saw Sanskaar her life sleeping peacefully beside her tears flowed from swaras eyes after remembering the accident she moved Sanskaar hand from her n sat next to him staring her life… His bandages n blood stains on it she moved her fingers across his hairs on head which woken Sanskaar swara dint notice that Sanskaar was awake … Sanskaar was watching her every act by sleeping… Swara was lost in thoughts of that phone call…
(Sanskaar just touched swaras face to wich she reacted very badly n shocking… Sanskaar was shocked to see her reaction )
Sans: swara n touches her
Swa: shouts..ahhh

Sanskaar being shocked gets up n sits with swara leaning to the headboard n now swara came in to her senses by Sanky’s touch n she puts her head on his shoulder sanky puts his hand on her shoulder
Sans: swara wat happened to u again thinking about that accident
Swara takes her head from his shoulder n hugs him tightly being unable to answer him..he hugs her back n breaks the hug n cups swaras face wer tears are flowing he wipes her tears
San: swara it was just a accident n u being a doctor n my swara can’t be so weak n she can’t break down so easily u r strong swara u should fight with it
Swara nodes her head with determined look in her eyes to find out the caller.
Swara n Sanskaar as usual take bath n go downstairs for Pooja n take their breakfast with their family…
After breakfast
Sans: maa papa mom dad I will go to office today I have a meeting to attend
All together: no need for this Sanskaar yesterday only u wer hurt n now u want to go…
Utts: bhai pls not today ?
Swa: ?Sanskaar…

Sanskaar was defeated by his family members concern n agrees to be in home
Swa: bye everyone I will return soon from hospital
Sans: it’s k swara u take care

Precap : swara gets a call…

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  1. Phoniex

    Hey welcome back dear

  2. Sus

    omg dear after long time
    really missed but thought might be u left this ff
    but plzz now dont dissapear
    lovly chappy

    1. Nethra

      Tq n I won’t dissaper dr I was just busy in completing my last year ug

  3. Finally u decided to continue ur tory… really love this stoey alot… and am happy that u decided to continue it… anyways the update was awesome… and eagerly waiting for next update… pls post next update soon…

    1. Nethra

      Tq so much dr

  4. Nice….. finally u come back…plz don’t disappear again

    1. Nethra

      Nope dr I won’t n tq

  5. Shiksha

    Good to see you again.. Continue writing.. N post soon

  6. Wow!!!! After long…. time you are back.I missed your ff so much and waiting for next part post soon.

    1. Nethra

      Sorry n tq

  7. AnuAnn

    Good to see you back dear.. Missed your ff ..but short

    1. Nethra

      Ya a bit short n wanted to know ur opinion about continuing it or not

  8. Arshaanya

    Hey welcme bck…
    Wud luv to read..
    Continue soon

  9. Abirsha

    Finally u posted!!! Huh missed ur ff much!!! Its good u continued

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