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hi guys sorry everyone i was too busy so i was unable to post yesterday

lets start with todays episode

Maheswari mansion
It was decorated royally for the engagement of laksh Maheswari n Ragini Gadodia. ..
whole mansion was fully decorated with many types of flowers sparkling lights n guests wer being welcomed n many guests wer already present there in the mansion ….Gadodia’s come with Ragini she is soo cute n beautiful in the half saree of cream n maroon in colour. ….Laksh is wearing Maroon sherwani matching ragini…..he is awestruck to see ragini ….rags sees this n is blushing. … uttara n swara come there n started to pull their legs …
swara : uttara deko koyi itna blush kyun kar rahi hai
utts : bhabhi lagta hai someone is too naughty n she catches laksh ear
lak : dii my ear is paining please chodo naaa
utts : achha then u have to pay for it dont forget

lak : acchha meri maa i will but now lev me
all three burst out laughing seeing raginis cheek turning into red she is blushing soooo muchhh
In the mean time Khuranna family enters the mansion….
shekar n misthi goes to welcome them listening khuranna family name a unknown tension occupied the face of swara …. she was really disturbed which was completely noticed by three of them that is utts laksh n ragini … utts know the reason as sanskar shared it with utts ….
utts : bhabhi come here n she stands beside her like shielding her
laksh : to change the mood bhabhi see ur sister has stopped blushing. after 3 days she will not only be ur sister but also devrani

rags : laksh chup bhi karo na
swara : haa laksh ab se hi shuru kar rahi hai tume toh vo P.T master ki tarah doudayegi
they laugh n rags is still blushing…. laksh asks swara to stay with him he doesn’t leave her for a min both laksh n utts are with her
here starts the party ….
laksh makes ragini wear a beautiful heart shaped platinum ring ..
now ragini makes laksh wear a ring … everyone clap for the engaged couple ….
but laksh n ragini r continuously thinking about swara n how will she be comfortable standing as that karan us staring swara all the time even swara n utts notice this …
swara : achha now u guys r engaged n u both should promise me that u both will always be together no matter in any situation u both wont leave each othets side …
raglak : union Promise n hugs her n utts join them all the elders present there have tears of happiness seeing their bond …

swara to change the emotional mood she asks ragini n laksh to perform on the song …
the song is played from dilwale…. they both enjoy the performance eith each other n the song ends n they r soo happy ….but though miss sanskaar. …..
engagement ends n from tomorrow marriage preparations will start …..so all the guests taje their leave from the engagement n karan wanted to talk to swara ….. this was noticed by some person in the hall present n he calls to Aryan n informs tgat karan is behind swara madam . Aryan fumes in anger
Ak : wat the blo*dy f****** he is behind her i need to stop him n suddenly an idea flashes n he takes his mobile n calls karan
Ak : hi karan how r u
karan : irritated fine n u call at this time
Ak : ya ya i wanted to know about the details of some project
(in the time swara leaves the hall n goes to her room )
karan : anger as he saw that swara is not present n says ya y not i will give u the proojeect details he stresses it
Ak : understands the situation n says ya ya of course n ….
karab : i will go to office n mail u the details.

Ak : ha kk byeee
karan : bye irritated
khuranna family , Gadodia’s family and Maheswari family are present in the hall of mm
Prakask khuranna : (karans dad)
shekar i want to speak something personal but let us talk after Raginis marriage
Shwetha khuranna: ( karans mom)haa shekar bhaisa let us talk after marriage n now we will take our leave .. n karab took shekar n alk other elders blessing (idiot thinking to impress them )n they leave mm . Gadodia’s also take their leave from mm rags waves bye to laksh he makes puppy face n she takes eldets blessing n now swara comes down she hugs swara n bids bye to mf

next day is mehendi n sangeet of ragini n laksh Gadodia mansion is fully decorated for the mehendi of their daughter. …Maheswari family is welcomed n other guests r also present khuranna family is also there but karan is missing as Aryan kapoor wantedly gave him some office detailed work so he can skip the mehendi n sangeet of ragini
Ragini is beautiful wearing white n baby pink lehenga . swara is wearing a full green lehenga n utts beep blue lehenga
Mehendi is being applied to ragini n ragini is blushing hard …. mehendi girl asks the grooms name
rags : shy laaksssh Maheswari
everyone present threre r laughing hard by listening to ragini n watching her shy face
they call laksh to fund his name in raginis hand n he with in a second found his name n everyone were spell bound to see him finding soo fast
laksh b ragini r made to sit together n now sangeet ceremony starts n all dance n ebjoy the sangeet of Laksh Maheswari n Ragini Gadodia. ….
swara n Uttara also perform on a song n everyone r happy to see thek dancing n episode ends on the dancing posture of swara n Uttara. …

precap : raglak marriage n bidaii n…… shockkkk

sorru guys i am a south Indian n i dont know tooo much about the rituals so i wrote it the way i know

Credit to: Nethra

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  1. nice u said sanskar gets out of coma rt???

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  4. I think karans parents maybe wanted to ask for swaras hand for karan because they think tht sanskar is dead….??

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