SWARAGINI – Undekha mod epi 8


hii guys let’s start with the episode
scene 1
Maheswari mansion
every one are gathered in the hall n raglak take blessing from elders n move towards swara to take blessing but she hugs them n both raglak hug uttara…..
Gadodia’s n ragini take their leave from Mm
everyone are in there respective rooms……swara ragini laksh uttara ….
swara takes her mangalsutra n speaks to it as she is speaking to sanskaar. ….
swara : see sanskaar both have grown up n i fulfilled ur wish of getting them married.
u nly helped them naa n goes in to flashback all others laksh n rags n uttara also think about that moment

laksh : bhai i nred ur help
sans : dont ask any help in proposing ur girl
laksh : how do u know
sans : u r blushing sooo much while asking help so i guessed
laksh : bhai please help me na i dont know to propose any girl n u have already proposed bhabhi n married her also
sans : oye y r u dragging my matter u should think of proposing ragini….
laksh : ha ha i will ……..wait wait how u know iam going to propose ragini ….
sans : arry buddhu iam ur bro i will know about u
laks : acchha now tell me something
sans : tells his plan which is muted
laksh : bhai u r the best bhai in the world
sans : stop buttering me n go n execute the plan
laksh : haa kk byeee n calls someone n moves from there
sans : kabhi nahi badega iska dimag
swara : haaa par muje pata nahi tha mera pati itna romantic hai
sans : tum kab aayi….
swara : pata nahi….
sans : swara lets surprise them by being there n recoding their proposal. …
swara : oh sanskaar itna romantic mood unka hoga how cab we recod it ….
sans : let us not say to them ….he hugs swara from back n places a kiss on her shoulder to which she clutches sanskaar hand tightly
swara : sanskaar koi deklega toh
sans : np iam romancing with my wife
utts : haaa no problem poori duniya dekegi toh
sans : suddenly leaves swara
both swara n Uttara laugh loudly n give hifi

sans : wen did u cum my darling…
utts : with my bhabhi i was here nly u guys came n discussed everything here nly n started ur favourite romance with bhabhi
swara : Uttara tum bhi naa
utts : haa bhabhi mai bhi naaa bhai ko disturb kar diya kya runs from there
Sans : Uttara ki bacchi i wont spare u know n runs behind her n swara : both r like carbon copies of each other. ….
laksh : ragini i want u to accompany me to out of the city
rags : kk but y
laksh : i want u to meet someone special
rags : exited who laksh tell na
laksh : no its a surprise
rags : please laksh tell na or else i wont come
laks : achha baba u r going to meet my better half

rags : kya betterhalf ahhh . a tear escapes from her eye she quickly wipes it n says ohhh then y r u showing her to me
laksh : (watches her tears n days sorry i want u to surprise….)u r my best friend na n u know my taste n i though u could judge my like
rags : kk
they reach their destination its a hill top area where the way to reach there was decorated woth red roses n red n pure white curtains its fully filled with white n red baloons n rags eyes r filled with tears seeing her love life going to propose some one ….laksh takes her hand n drags her little more nearer to the place where mirror is placed
laksh : rags see my life n better half n points towards the mirror rags : see their n is shocked she is unable to utter a word seeing herself in the mirror tears roll down from her eyes
(he takes her to the edge if hill where whole city can be seen )see whole city is seeing that laksh Maheswari is proposing Ragini Gadodia to become Ragini Laksh Maheswari

laksh : u r shocked naaya i wanted to shock u n shouts I LOVE YOU WILL U MARRY ME ….
i dont know y i loved u how i loved u i just love u more than myself. i want to spend my life with u …cry with u laugh with u cry for u laugh for u do u love me ….kya tum mujhe tumhari zindagi ka hissa banogi
rags couldn’t control her emotions hugs laksh n says tumhe zindagi ka hissa nahi banaoungi tum meri zindagi ho i want to live for u n i want to die for u ….
laksh : please dont speak like that n places a soft yet passionate kiss on raginis lips …ragini clutches his shirt they release their kiss

rags : hits laksh head n saus u could have proposed me by giving a simple rose y these much decoration y u distributed sanskaar jiju ahhh he helped u na in all these things its his idea..
swasan n uttara who r present there behind a tree by doing the video of the poposal is shocked
swara : u said her ahhh
sans : baba even i dont know
utts : bhabhi u said ahhh
laksh : tume kaisa pata
rags : tumhare dumbo brain me itna romantic idea nahi ayega
laksh : ragini n makes a puppy face
ragini : hugs him n says i kniw u more than urself naa soo
servant knocks the door n swara comes out of her flashback
Next morning
Ak : did that karan call swara in these 6 months …

akash : no sir he is busy with his whole investment project n today is raglak engagement n he will go there as his father is shekar sir’s friend n he is being invited.
Ak : blo*dy hell i dont want him around swara …. plan something
akash : sorry sir we cant as his whole family is going to be present there n i think swara mam wont give him a chance to be around her …n sir one good news is uttara madam has taken over sanskaar sirs company n swara madam is also helping her n even laksh sir is also with them n with dp sir
Ak : its a good news . i just want that Karan to be far from swara
akash : sir what to do with this karan
Ak : blo*dy idiot he is he was one of my friend he thought that i dont kniw swara n sanskaar n he shared his plan of killing sanskaar with me
karan : yaar aryan i just want tgat swara by hook or crook
Ak : shocked n tensed which swara n y
karan : she is a big doctor n business men n wife of big business man Swara Sanskaar Maheswari wife of Sanskaar Maheswari

Ak : shocked n teary eyed n he is burning with fire n anger
karan : swara was my dad’s friend’s daughter n i saw her in a party n wanted to get married to her n asked her hand from her father n she rejected me for that stupid sanskaar. ….now u i want her . i just now planned to kill that sanskaar by plane crash which will be seen like accident ….
Ak : u r doing wrong karan
karan : i dont bother i want tgat swara
Ak : ( monologue u want my sister u idiot if it was not of sanskaar life i would have killed u know )
he cuts karan call n calls sanskaar but in vain sanskaar dint receive my call when i reached there he already executed his plan ….. we dont neef to do anything just sanskaar should get up he will teach that blo*dy bastard a lesson to respect a girl

Precap : sanskaar gains consciousness . he is out of coma but……. 3 years leap….

Credit to: Nethra

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